Crypto News: April 10: Bitcoin is on track to reach ATH in 2020 with Ethereum, Ripple, TRON, Gemini, Felidity, BlockFi, NEM, Chainlink news

From the perspective that Bitcoin will still reach $ 20,000 in 2020, NEM has announced a large-scale restructuring plan. Here are some highlights from the crypto market.


Bitcoin news

According to BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes, Bitcoin's price is still on track to reach an all-time high of $ 20,000 by 2020.

In the new ‘Crypto Trader Digest’ newsletter announced by the exchange on April 9, Hayes stated that it was still his year-end goal despite the historic March price cut that seemed to disrupt all forecasts of price increases.

Previously, Hayes stated that BTC would not be able to return to $ 3,000 and reiterate that the leading cryptocurrency could reach $ 20,000 after reaching the $ 10,000 mark.

However, he made predictions at a time that could not have been worse if, just before the BTC price fell 48% in 24 hours, to a bottom of $ 3,800, coinciding with BitMEX offline due to 'an attack. DDoS '.

Currently, Hayes does not exclude that BTC can still return to the $ 3,000 mark if the US stock market "collapses" again.

Bitcoin Foundation is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange

A closed fund aims to provide investors with exposure to Bitcoin listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

3iQ's chief investment officer said the Bitcoin Fund started trading on TSX on Thursday. The Fund works in conjunction with ETP products: investors buy shares in the fund and receive notices of changes in the underlying asset prices over time. It tracks Bitcoin prices using the feed of MV Index Solutions (MVIS), a subsidiary of VanEck Europe and cryptocurrency market data provider CryptoCompare.

The fund is divided into two types of shares, Type A, aimed at all investors and Type F for institutional investors with a total value of Class A shares of approximately US $ 14 million.

Whale moves Bitcoin

The total number of Bitcoin whales is increasing at a rapid rate despite the recent declining cryptocurrency market.
According to new analysis from crypto data firm Glassnode, the number of Bitcoin whales with 1,000 BTC or more, worth more than $ 7 million, has reached an unprecedented level since 2017.

Glassnode said Bitcoin transaction volume also increased by 23% from the previous week. Meanwhile, the largest BTC holders have been active in the past 24 hours.

Whale Alert has detected 12 transactions with a total value of 25,684 BTC (about 186 million USD). Of these, 06 transfers from unknown wallets to the exchange, where it can be sold on the open market. 05 of the transactions moved from an exchange to an unknown wallet and one of them transferred BTC from one exchange to another.

  • 3,746 BTC $ 27.3 million was sent from Bitmex to an unknown wallet

  • 3,500 BTC $ 25.4 million worth was sent from OKEx to an unknown wallet

  • 1,500 BTC $ 10.8 million worth was sent from OKEx to an unknown wallet

  • 1,500 BTC $ 10.9 million worth was sent from unknown wallet to Binance

  • 2,000 BTC $ 14.5 million was sent from Bitstamp to an unknown wallet

  • 5,000 BTC $ 36.2 million was sent from unknown wallet to OKEx

  • 1,000 BTC $ 7.2 million worth was sent from unknown wallet to Binance

  • 2,010 BTC $ 14.8 million worth was sent from unknown wallet to Bitfinex

  • 1,336 BTC $ 9.8 million worth of money sent from unknown wallet to Bitstamp

  • 1,061 BTC $ 7.7 million worth was sent from unknown wallet to Binance

  • 2,000 BTC $ 14.6 million was sent from OKEx to an unknown wallet

  • 1,031 BTC $ 7.5 million worth was sent from OKEx to Binance

Ethereum News

The bears pushed the price below the Fib 23.6% retracement of the move from $ 138 to a high of $ 175. However, the area of ​​$ 160 to $ 161 acts as a strong support.

It seems the Fib 38.2% retracement of the upside from $ 138 to a high of $ 175 is also a support. Currently, Ethereum is trading near the 100-hour SMA. Additionally it has formed a triangle pattern with resistance near $ 172 on the hourly chart.


ETH price chart | Source: TradingView

The triangle pattern and the 100-hour SMA are important barriers for the bears. If it succeeds in pushing the price below the 100-hour SMA, the price may even drop below the $ 160 support level. The next major support level can be seen near the $ 152. Any additional loss is also possible. could bring the price to the support of $ 144.

On the upside, strong resistance is being formed near the $ 172 and $ 175 levels. If overcome, the ETH price can move towards $ 175.

The next resistance level is near the $ 180 level, above which the bulls are likely to aim to test the $ 188 level with the ultimate target of $ 200 in the near term.

  • The hourly MACD is slowly increasing in the bearish zone.

  • The hourly RSI is now below 50.

  • Major support levels: $ 160, $ 152

  • Major resistance: $ 175

Ripple news

All three XRP indicators (XRP / PHP, XRP / AUD and XRP / MXN) have recently reached new daily highs.

Their trading volume has nearly doubled in the past month due to the growth in the use of Ripple's on-demand Liquidity (ODL) solution for cross-border payments.


TRX, which was one of the market's leading cryptocurrencies before the token fell to 16th place on the cryptocurrency charts. At the time of writing, TRX is valued at $ 0.012 with 24-hour trading volume hitting $ 972 million, recording growth of just over 12% in the past 5 days.


TRX price chart | Source: TradingView

TRX price is likely to be stable at the moment due to a signal from the Bollinger Bands. However, this does not reduce the possibility of price volatility in the market, as the MACD indicator shows.

Gemini News

Starting on Friday, the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange will support three new digital currencies: Chainlink, Orchid and Dai stablecoin.

Gemini has provided transaction and depository support for Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Zcash. The Dai addition represents the first stablecoin on the exchange.

Earlier this week, the exchange was announced Brave's browser BAT token plan to put it on its platform. Users will be able to deposit BAT into their accounts starting April 24, with trading support coming shortly thereafter.

Felidity News

Fidelity Digital Asset (FDA) has signed up as a member of ErisX clearing house, taking advantage of the central limit order book to provide better liquidity for buy and sell orders.

The FDA announced the move on Thursday, saying it has partnered with ErisX to provide spot markets for customers. ErisX is the first exchange that the FDA participates in.

Terrence Dempsey, FDA product manager, believes that compliance with ErisX's regulations makes the platform appealing to the company's customers.

News BlockFi

BlockFi executives said the lending platform was extending credit to miners at the time their operations were showing signs of stalling due to the corona virus crisis.

Prince Zac said: "This is the first time we have begun to establish relationships with the miners." Two months ago, many lenders accepted mining equipment as collateral, and this is no longer the case. Currently, the level of risk tolerance in the market has decreased.

Like other lenders in this market, BlockFi lends fiat money mortgaged with cryptocurrency and vice versa. Two other crypto lenders, Celsius and Nexo, say they do not accept specialized mining equipment, called ASICs, as collateral, but they still lend to other mining companies. Genesis Capital, did not respond to this issue, but CEO Michael Moro said They have suspended credit extension for miners.

NEM news

NEM Foundation has announced on April 8 for a large-scale restructuring plan of project activities. That includes plans to pull three separate operating entities together. Accordingly, NEM Ventures, NEM Trading and NEM Software will now be overseen by the newly established NEM Group.

The announcement also revealed that NEM Foundation President Alexandra Tinsman plans to take paid vacation for six months:

“At this time, we would like to announce that Alexandra Tinsman, President of the NEM Foundation, has decided to withdraw from the position of operational leader. She will receive 6 months paid vacation time after running the NEM Foundation ”.

News Chainlink

Contentos, public blockchains will partner with Chainlink, decentralized oracle network. Chainlink will be Contentos's official oracle network, providing high quality data to the blockchain through safe and reliable oracles to increase the content value for the advertising industry.

Chainlink allows Contentos to access accurate and high-performance metrics from a variety of content spread across different platforms, all of which can be stored as immutable records on the Contentos blockchain. Data can be aggregated and compared to better calculate the present and future value of content creators.

News Nym

The Swiss-based blockchain startup has been working on the mixnet network, providing enhanced security infrastructure for internet users and is now offering testnet to all users.

Nym Technologies has invited users to run mix nodes on their mixnet network to together solve the privacy crisis in the world.

The company said it launched the testnet at a critical moment in terms of privacy, because of increased government oversight due to the corona virus pandemic.

Mixnet Nymftime will allow security service users to integrate into the network with minimal changes to their code, similar to the way Tor works. Testnet is currently in the first phase, is open to all participants. The second phase will see the mixnet being decentralized through validators, while the third and final phase will introduce rewards to the network.

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