Create a multilingual WordPress website with Wordpress

Create a multilingual WordPress website - Language is the bridge to the heart of customers. But is English really an internet user language? According to statistics from W3Techs, 55% of websites in the internet are in English.

However, it is reported that only a quarter of web surfers use English as their common language. Therefore, you need to make your website multilingual management to reach more users.

The obstacles of multilingual websites

In the following paragraph, you will learn about many WordPress plugins that help make multilingual websites. But first, we will talk briefly about the problem that many webmasters overlook when displaying content in multiple languages.

Lay out the basics

Before implementing a multilingual website in WordPress, you must keep in mind all the techniques. Shannon Smith, an expert in developing multilingual WordPress website, mentioned the following guide for website administration:

Use drop cookies, so users don't have to choose the language multiple times.

Decide on the default home language.

Make your website SEO friendly


A multilingual website means you display the same content but in multiple languages. This is why you need to follow the multilingual guidelines from Google, so that it is easy to crawl your website when you don't label duplicate content. Part of these instructions include:

  • Only use linguistic content on the page. Avoid translations on the side.

  • Only translate boilerplate text while preserving content in the same language.

  • txt must be used to prevent search engines from collecting translated data automatically.

  • You should have the language conversion option on all the pages you manage.

  • Use subdomains or subdirectories for each language separately. For example: fr. or

Plugin for making multilingual websites in WordPress

The warning before you start making multilingual websites. Although, there is no known major problem if you are using a commercial translation plugin, but everything is likely to get complicated. Keep a website backup to ensure you continue to have data even if something goes wrong.

Make sure you have completed a special internal test if you have an ecommerce website at WordPress or Magento integration for this purpose. Once you have dealt with this kink, you can use any of the following actions to make your WordPress website multilingual.



The oldest, most popular plugin to make a website Multilingual in WordPress. It's a very affordable solution starting at $ 29, although there's no free trial. By default, WPML agrees to let you create pages in 40 languages ​​with webmasters who can easily manage translators through the control panel.



This WordPress plugin has received very positive reviews from the community. Although the interface in it is not streamlined as WPML, but this free plugin is worth a try.



qTranslate is another great plugin that has been downloaded more than 1 million times. Users have the option of choosing a professional translation service where they are provided with the selected website translation version at short intervals of 2 hours. They are claimed to be performed by professional translators.

Multilingual Press


This plugin has both paid version and paid version. Plugin create multilingual WordPress website by using the WordPress multi-site feature. Each language is provided with its own version of WordPress and then they are integrated with each other Create website multi language.


Multilingualism is a solution that is beneficial for businesses that are either localized or try regional based marketing testing. An important aspect that webmasters should consider is multilingual website performance. They must ensure the website loads the fastest content.

CDN (Content Distribution Network) is an effective way to this.

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