Create Coming Soon landing page in WordPress with Plugin


Create Coming Soon landing page in WordPress with Plugin - The 'coming soon' page is a perfect statement of intent before your WordPress website is up and running. It provides visitors with key information about your website and then tells them when it will work. Plus, you'll start the lead generation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Moreover, it is easy to set up if you use the right tool. There are countless ways you implement landing pages coming soon at WordPress website. However, the simplest, most flexible method to date is to use the plugin, for example: WordPress Coming soon Page & Maintenance Mode.

In this article, I will say why you should consider creating a WordPress site coming soon for a new website. Start!

What is coming soon page?


The coming soon page is a placeholder that appears on the page when it is being developed. It usually consists of a single page, notifying visitors to non-existent websites. Of course, the functionality from the site coming soon will vary depending on the purpose and brand of each website.

For example, you use it to display additional website information, provide relevant links, even including email registration. There are countless benefits of using WordPress that is about to have a landing page with an unreleased WordPress website. You are:

  • Create website forecasts. The page coming soon agrees that you present a great first impression, as opposed to the website you're creating.

  • Provide information to visitors. You use the page to explain what your website is, when it is expected to launch.

  • Start collecting email addresses. If you add an email collection form to your site, you start collecting leads and email addresses right away.

It is also worth noting that when a landing page is about to function as a placeholder that obscures the actual website, skip it if you need to. For example, if you want your customers or developers to see the actual website, you give them the option to ignore the access.

How to create a WordPress site coming soon

Now, I will show you how to create a landing page coming soon for your website. I am using Cloud Platform, which is managed by the WordPress hosting service provider. If you haven't already, you'll want to sign up for an account first. Next, you move on to the first step!

Step 1: Disable Varnish and other caching solutions

Before you create WordPress site coming soon, you will need to make sure your Varnish website and other caching are disabled. This will avoid problems if the landing page coming soon is cached.

Disable Varnish from a personal application

You turn off Varnish caching for individual apps from the Manage applications page:

Go to Application manager → Application settings, Turn off varnish from here.


Disable Varnish from the server

Disabling Varnish in Cloudways is very easy. Log in to Cloudways Control Panel and select the server / Application you want to add WordPress to have the plugin soon. Now click on Manage Services, where you see Varnish at the bottom:


Click Disable to turn off Varnish Caching on the server.


When disabled, you also need to purge from the server. Otherwise, the created buffer will remain there. Once you've done that, you're ready to start creating the Coming soon page.

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Step 2: Select and install Plugin coming soon for WordPress

The first thing you need is the plugin, such as Page coming soon & Maintenance mode:


This plugin is very simple to use making the page creation process coming soon intuitive. Some key features from this freemium plugin include:

  • Responsive, compatible with every WordPress interface

  • Easy to configure, customize

  • Added support for HTML, custom CSS

  • Support for multiple WordPress sites

  • Only visible to non-logged in users

  • Translation is ready, Support i18n

  • BuddyPress support is available

  • Optional full wallpaper browser

  • Use WordPress best practices

  • It works with any WordPress interface

  • Fully responsive design, ready samples with mobile devices

  • Social profiles & Social share buttons available

  • Integrated Gravity Forms to collect information from visitors

  • Custom footer brand, custom Favicon, Custom CSS support

  • Import / Export settings for backup or reuse purposes

  • Provide extended Pro version, adding more features

Step 3: Install WordPress Coming soon Plugin

Go to WordPress Dashboard → Plugin → Add new → search Page coming soon & Maintenance mode with SeedProd → click Install now and activate the plugin.


You have activated the plugin, you are taken directly to the settings page, where you will create a WordPress site coming soon,

Step 4: Customize your new page coming soon

Now you start creating a WordPress site coming soon. There are countless options available, divided into multiple tabs.

Content tab

The most important part is Content, Design. On the Content tab, choose what the page will contain:


You upload images, add titles, add content with a text editor that is nearly identical to the standard WordPress editor. If you scroll down, you'll see the option to add SEO titles with meta descriptions, upload avatars, upload the Google Analytics code you want:


Design tab

Next, you switch to the Design tab, where you customize the look of the page coming soon:


Here you choose the background color or download wallpaper. You choose the type to use for text or even add custom CSS:



This is a premium option from SeedProd. If you want to access this option, you have to go with this premium version of this plugin and start collecting emails.


Advanced tab

This is the advanced options tab. Here you enter any custom script: like JavaScript, HTML or CSS.


Live preview tab

You can view the live preview when all the settings are completed.

Choose to enable coming soon

Once you've added your content and custom designs, you're ready to activate the ‘coming soon’ page. You do this from the Content tab, by selecting Enable Mode Coming soon:


This will agree to the upcoming landing page. When someone who is not logged into the website tries to access it, they will see the page you just created:


You have now successfully created a WordPress site coming soon at Cloudways! Experiment with content, tailor it, to make it look great, then add additional functionality.

The last word!

Creating a WordPress site coming soon for your website is a way to make predictions and generate leads even before your website goes live. By adding your website, you provide users with information and then start optimizing SEO rankings soon. In this article, I talked about how you create it in the Cloud Platform using the Coming soon Page & Maintenance mode plugin. Let's quickly run through the next step again:

  • Disable Varnish with other caching solutions

  • Select, install the plugin coming soon for WordPress

  • New page customization coming soon

Please ask me related issues if any questions are difficult to resolve.