has laid off 50% of its staff before halving Bitcoin Cash laid off 50% of its staff before halving

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to rage, nearly all businesses across the globe face difficulties and the cryptocurrency sector is no exception. Just a few days before Bitcoin Cash (BCH) halving, its main supporter,, was supposed to fire half of its employees. halved its resignation

There are many bad effects that could happen if the price of Bitcoin does not have a positive effect from the upcoming halving. In fact, the bloody sell-off in the beginning of last month has made the sentiment of the whole market a lot negative, the Bitcoin network has adjusted the difficulty of mining from 16.55TN to 13.91TN. March 26.

Technology company Candor has compiled a list of companies that are freezing the process of hiring new employees or actively firing employees due to coronavirus effects. According to the findings from the above document, not only froze the recruitment but also actually gave half of its team a job.

A hard time for CEO of $ BCH, @rogerkver.

The CEO of has left, they will be "leaner" but according to reports from they have fired up to 50% of employees.

Let's hope that he is forced to sell the bitcoin domain name he is using to cheat people soon.

Crypto business between the Covid pandemic 19

It should be noted that is not the only company in the cryptocurrency sector to cut costs. Bitfury clearly also allows employees to leave and Ripple is currently freezing recruitment activities.

Hard times will require difficult measures. However, the sudden and sharp reduction of personnel will likely only worsen the situation and bring negative effects to the company's business process. Bitcoin Cash may be bigger than and bigger than Roger Ver. But with miners gradually turning their backs on the system and the bad news that has been flocking in recent times, the future of BCH seems uncertain.

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