Bitcoin news today (April 10): Fall into the swamp

More than half weakened

Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies have failed to hold onto their momentum, falling into a weak decline over the past few hours.

Price Bitcoin The last few hours have turned down but still have enough power to sustain over 7,000 USD.

“However, staying here for too long has a lot of potential to fall back to the $ 6,000 region, so Bitcoin needs to get out of this swamp and quickly look for momentum. The current security level is above 7,500 USD, ”according to famous twitter analyst Christopher Christopher.

Bitcoin price movement over the past 24 hours

In the past 24 hours without much adjustment, the lowest price recorded at 7,125 USD and the highest was 7,390 USD.

Bitcoin price today (April 10) recorded at 9h05 at $ 7,275, down 0.23% from the previous 24 hours.

Bitcoin exchange rate

The market capitalization of bitcoin increased to 133.16 billion USD, the market dominance rate (market share) of bitcoin increased to 64% - according to BTA's bitcoin exchange rate.

On the market, there are 66/100 cryptocurrencies at market value discount compared to the previous 24 hours.

Overview of the cryptocurrency market

In particular, the highest decline of the market belonged to Synthetix Network Token with the rate of 8.06% reduction.

On the top 10, only 4 currencies appreciated compared to the previous 24 hours and the increase was not significant.

Top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization

The total market capitalization of the digital currency recorded at 9:05 at 208.34 billion USD, down 2 billion USD from the previous 24 hours.

Total market capitalization

The market's 24-hour trading volume continued to decline to $ 120.55 billion, down $ 17 billion from April 9.

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Roger Ver has stopped exploiting BCH

One of the fathers of Bitcoin Cash almost stopped mining BCH, the network situation of this cryptocurrency is in an alarming state.

The Bitcoin Cash hashrate has dropped significantly since the Halving event took place on April 8. However, this is only the first Halving time for BCH but - one of the main Bitcoin Cash mining groups operated by Roger Ver (one of the BCH's founders) - has abandoned mining. this coin. Data show that BCH hashrate has dropped by over 92% in the last 24 hours.

According to data from CoinWarz, the hashrate on the Bitcoin Cash network has dropped from 4 EH / s on April 8 to 1 EH / s on April 9. Some believe that the only reason why the BCH hashrate did not drop more than furthermore, several mining groups are operating at a loss to maintain the network.

Over the past 30 days, BCH's hashrate has dropped by 30% from its peak of 3.44 EH / s in 2020 and 55% from its all-time high. The network's "health" is currently in an extremely weak state after cutting its block rewards.

And given the current health situation, hackers only need to pay around $ 7,329 (~ 1 BTC) to be able to perform a 51% attack - or the cost of a single Bitcoin at today's price. For comparison, the Bitcoin network (currently worth $ 133 billion) needs to cost $ 500,000 if it wants to perform a similar attack.

Mining company Canaan reported a loss of $ 148 million in 2019

Bitcoin mining equipment manufacturer listed on Nasdaq, Canaan, has reported a total loss of $ 148 million in 2019, according to the latest financial report with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The unaudited Q4 / 2019 financial statements from the Chinese-based company said total net sales in 2019 reached US $ 204.3 million. This is only about half of 2018's $ 384 million.

In 2020, the first challenge the company will face is the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic. Canaan is affected by limited trading activity, including operations on the cryptocurrency market.

Facebook sued users for using ads for fake COVID-19 news and digital currency scams

Facebook and Instagram have filed lawsuits against users for providing fraudulent ad-hiding services to bypass advertising censorship on both platforms.

In a civil complaint with a federal court in San Francisco on April 9, social media giants accused Bassant Gaijar of operating LeakCloak, the software that creates cloaked advertisements.

Facebook said: “Gaijar's concealment service is used to promote deceptive weight-loss drugs and drugs, fraudulent investments in digital currencies, and even misinformation about the economic impact of the pandemic. COVID-19 ”.