Bitcoin Cash will undergo halving in the next few hours, Bitcoin SV also followed launches Bitcoin Cash Investment Fund $ 200 million

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will undergo a halving event in less than 24 hours, followed by the controversial Bitcoin SV (BSV).

One of Bitcoin's well-known fork networks is that Bitcoin Cash will officially halving in 16 hours, reducing the reward reward from 12.5 BCH to 6.25 BCH for a block.

The first halving of Bitcoin Cash

As a result of conflicts in the community, Bitcoin had to split the chain in 2017, forming two types of assets: BTC and BCH. BCH also has the maximum supply and rewards similar to the mechanism of the host system is BTC.

After Halving, the BCH network will pay miners 6.25 BCH instead of the current 12.5 BCH.

BSV will also have halving

Within 2 days, another Bitcoin fork, Bitcoin SV, will also have a halving event. BSV's award will be reduced to 6.25 BSV, taking into account the above milestones will be approximately 2 days and 9 hours.

Accordingly, the conflicts in the BCH community led the system to turn off the chain into BCH and BSV and the fierce battle between Roger Ver and Craig Wright.


BCH on April 1 increased to 213 USD and is now 257 USD at the time of writing. Meanwhile BSV jumped from 160 to 188 USD in the same time frame. Besides, Bitcoin has also increased sharply from 6,180 to 7,290 USD.

In another development, there has been a report that 6 million BCHs have not been moved since the event of being separated from the BTC network.

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