Best plugin for installing WooCommerce PDF invoices


Best plugin for installing WooCommerce PDF invoices - Do you need WooCommerce PDF Receipt & Packaging solution? Of course the answer is YES.

You have an online WooCommerce website, you know the value of maintaining a smooth website-level process. An important aspect of maintaining website-level performance is to quickly generate invoices for all customers.

In addition to being an important legal requirement for business, invoices provide a parallel route to track customer transactions and then set up a comprehensive website-level audit process. Generating PDF invoices is the most common website management situation that needs help from a plugin to effectively manage the process.

Here, I will show you how you use the Woo PDF invoice and how you maintain your invoice online.

Best WooCommerce invoice plugin

This is a list of WooCommerce invoicing plugins that help you automatically generate invoices in PDF format.

  • WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Form

  • WooCommerce PDF invoice

  • Shipping list, invoice YITH PDF

  • Invoice PDF (Premium)

  • Woo Invoice (PDF Invoice, Packing slip)

Let's discuss each of these WooCommerce plugins and see what they offer, so you understand which one is good.

1. WooCommerce PDF invoice


This plugin agrees that you quickly create a PDF invoice automatically, attach it to the WooCommerce email template of your choice and then send the PDF invoice to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Egnyte customers.

Plugin features

  • Attach custom PDF WooCommerce email invoices

  • Fully customizable email template

  • Available in multiple languages ​​like English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian and Japanese, etc.

  • Customize shipping & payment address format to include additional custom fields and font size, etc.

  • Download the PDF invoice from the order management page

  • Provide custom titles, filenames for PDF documents

This is also a freemium plugin, so if you choose the premium version, get additional features including:

  • Bulk PDF invoices

  • Download and export PDF invoices in bulk

  • Change the style of a PDF invoice template, such as fonts, additional PDFs, etc.

2 . Invoice PDF (Premium)

PDF Invoice is a premium plugin of WooCommerce, attaching a completely customized PDF invoice at the completed order or email processing.

Plugin features

  • Attach new PDF email Order Email for administrator

  • Include your company logo on the PDF invoice

  • Customize date format, invoice number format

  • Set invoice number, download invoice in order list

  1. Woo invoice (PDF invoice and packing slip)


Woo Invoice is a premium plugin that agrees to customize your email on demand. This plugin is easy to customize. Woo Invoice automatically creates an invoice as soon as the order is created.

Plugin features

  • Customize PDF invoice slips as required

  • Preview before printing the invoice

  • Fully compatible with WooCommerce, WPML registration

  • Customize invoice number format

This is a great plugin that works equally well, extending the functionality of the WooCommerce website.

To illustrate the process of using the PDF invoice generator, I will use this WooCommerce invoice plugin because it's free, easy to use.

Now move on to the installation process!

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Install the plugin

To download and install the plugin, navigate to the WooCommerce Dashboard → Plugin → Add new → search for the ‘WooCommerce PDF Invoice & Packaging slip '. When found, click the Install now button and activate the plugin.


Once installed, a new tab will appear in the WordPress dashboard. To view this, navigate to WooCommerce and then click on PDF Invoice. Will see:

In this section, you see the following tab:

  • General settings

  • Documents

  • Status

Please discuss these tabs.

General settings

In this section, you see a variety of different options. You download PDF directly or control how documents are opened. You can also set the print size, diary full contact information for your website.



Here, you select the email you want to attach the PDF document. To illustrate this point, I chose the option to attach PDF invoices to all new emails sent as administrator emails. This is a great option to set up and simplify the website invoicing process.

You also get other settings like showing shipping address, phone address and email address, etc.



On this tab, you set the settings including the old mode, calculate the number of documents, turn on the output of debugging and automatic cleaning, etc.


Create an invoice

To create an invoice, visit WooCommerce> Order.


Click the order and then you see the invoice in the right part of the screen.


In the Create PDF section, you see the option to create PDF invoices & packing slip. Once created, attach the invoice to the customer-focused email.


Now whenever a customer completes an order on the website, an invoice email will be generated and sent directly to the customer. Here is a sample email with an invoice:


Premium extension

If the bill volume at the website is high, select the premium version that provides features and additional features such as:

Premium PDF invoice package

  • Use this plugin at WPML multilingual installation

  • Create advanced custom templates including factors like prices, taxes, thumbnails, etc.

  • Customize payment format, shipping like font size, font weight, etc.

Payment reminder for your customers

  • Automatically send payment reminders to customers

  • Great text editor for email text, including placeholders for data from orders (name, order total, etc.)

  • Fully compatible with WPML Emails are automatically sent in the language the order was placed in.

  • Perfect integration with the Invoice & Packaging PDF plugin

Submit new order or packing slip

Automatically send new orders / packing slips to the attached printer. You also see the WooCommerce Automatic Order Print extension.

Summarize it up!

By integrating the WooCommerce PDF Invoice, you can easily create and send professional looking invoices to customers. There is a free version available for users who want to create an invoice without paying any costs. For users who want to access advanced features, premium extensions will unlock features and additional options.

If you need to ask questions about the plugin installation or integration, please ask in the comments.