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WordPress Permalinks structure plays an important role in Search Engine Optimization. For better SEO, you need to keep your link structure easy to read, concise and meaningful.

In today's article, let's explore WordPress permalinks. As a webmaster or SEO expert, you need to create SEO friendly permalinks.

This article helps you know about WordPress Permalinks, how to change, test and use them to improve your SEO SEO site.

Unlike static websites that contain immutable links, WordPress offers changes to the topology of your site.

You can change your website topology from the WordPress Dashboard settings.

There are 6 types of permalink in WordPress. In the WordPress Dashboard, by clicking on Permalinks in the Settings menu, you can see the WordPress Permalink page.

By default, WordPress uses the Plain permalink type. However, you can choose what you like and click Save Changes at the end.

If you choose the default type, the permalink structure of your website may look like Database sites that contain values ​​from the database. On the other hand, most Content Management Systems keep their content in directory format, by date and time, month or post title.

This is the default permalink structure in WordPress. If you prefer the default, links on your site contain numbers and special characters.

2. Date and Name

Along with the title of the post, this structure contains the exact date the post was published.

3. Month and Name

Like the previous type, this structure outlines the month and the post name. By looking at the Date and type of name, one can see the exact date of the content to be published, in which the Monthly Structure and the Name provide the month of published posts.

4. Numbers (Nummeric)

Unlike Plain format, this structure does not have special characters in the format. In Numeric, the word archive is placed after root, along with the number of posts.

5. Post name (Post Name)

In this format, you can see the post title at the end of the link. The words in the title are separated by dashes showing the meaning of the post content.

6. Custom structure

Customization is the favorite structure of bloggers and SEO experts. Along with the name of the post, it provides an arrangement of content according to different categories. Category / postname /

Favorite search engine hyperlinks make sense. In sense, I mean the one that explains the content of a page.

In WordPress, you can use two types of permalink, Post Name and Custom Structure. These two contain page titles Words in structure and name of category for SEO signals for Search Engines.

Moreover, let's explore the facts affecting SEO related to Permalink structure.

  • Go for the short URL. When creating slugs in WordPress, you can include the keyword focus in the link. Consider instead of
  • Prefers easier readable URLs. Like humans, Google also likes readable, meaningful and sweet URL structures. For example: instead of
  • Include keywords in the URLs. This not only helps SEO but also keeps your site content in relevant categories. For the purpose, if you create Keyword Research content, your link will contain the phrase. For example:
  • Use Hyphens instead of Underscores. Use instead of
  • Don cage keep your content under some directories. It can affect the content structure, SEO and the way Google reads your site structure. For purposes, consider using instead of hot / sample-post /

After you create Categories, you can assign them to posts when creating New Posts.

On the Permalinks page, you can change the link structure for your site.

Step 1

In the WordPress Dashboard, point to Settings and select Permalinks. The next page shows the Permalink types in WordPress. You can change its structure by clicking on the Radio button and Save Changes at the end.

Step 2

After you change the structure, you can browse to the published content and view the changes. For example, if your site has no content, you can proceed to create a new post by pointing to Posts on the left panel and selecting Add new from the menu.

Step 3

On the next page, enter a title for the new article. When you start typing body text, you may see slugs or hyperlinks for new posts.

This way, you can quickly check your permalink types after making the necessary changes.

To get the most out of WordPress permalinks and their SEO complications, consider the following best practices:

  • Before you move or rebuild your site, always back up your site.
  • Choose and perfect your permalink structure right after building your WordPress site.
  • If you decide to rename or redirect a link on your site, make sure to use Redirects in wordpress.
  • Create relevant categories and choose Custom structure for permalinks. It will help you to organize your website content according to the relevant categories. It also helps increase your SEO in the eyes of search engines.
  • Always include focus keywords in WordPress URLs. For the same purpose, you can install the Yoast SEO plugin to improve search engine optimization.

What is WordPress permalinks?

WordPress Permalinks refers to permanent hyperlinks in WordPress. When you create content in your WordPress site, it will automatically create permalinks.

How to change WordPress permalinks?

By selecting Permalinks from the Settings menu on the left panel, you can change WordPress Permalinks.

Which permalink style should you choose for SEO?

For better SEO, you can go to Custom Structure. It contains a post name with a category to provide true SEO signals to search engines.

Does permalink structure affect SEO?

Yes. The more you make your link structure more meaningful, the more you improve your website's SEO.

Can you change your permalink structure over time?
Yes. But it should not be. In case you need to change your topology over time, be sure to back up your WordPress site.

In WordPress, you can change the structure of your website hyperlinks.

After you create your WordPress site, you can change your Permalink structure and proceed with content creation. However, once you set the link type, don't change it after you create the content for SEO.

Most importantly, you should choose Custom Structure to improve SEO. Make sure you create relevant categories and proceed to use the Custom type when creating new Posts in WordPress.

Let us know your thoughts on WordPress Permalinks and ways you can use Permalinks to improve the improved Search Engine.

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