Author 'Rich Dad, Poor Father': Bitcoin is a 'way out' of government control


Robert Kiyosaki - a millionaire businessman and author of the book "Rich Dad, Poor Father", mentioned Bitcoin (BTC) repeatedly in an interview. podcast With Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony Pompliano, he sees digital assets as a "way out".

"I endorse Bitcoin for a damned reason - you are not part of the system," Kiyosaki said. "It's a separation between government and my money," he laughed and added, while quoting the opinion that Pompliano had shown many times before that people would choose currencies that governments do not. can control.

Unstable times can spur "flights to a safe place"

During the interview, Kiyosaki talked about many concepts through the lens of someone enlightened to what he called a manipulated system.

Kiyosaki has contrasted the current US economic wars in parallel with government solutions, such as a trillion-dollar bailout package.

“The Fed is not a bank, it is one cartel owned by the richest people on the planet, something we will never see, ”he said, referring to a book called The Island Monster Jekyll, and Grunch of Giants. "Those who own the Fed are controlling the world," Kiyosaki added.

"The pandemic is probably real," Kiyosaki said of the corona virus. "But then you become desperate, you get money," he adds - referring to US government efforts, such as stimulating economic stimulus for citizens.

"That is communism."

Places that hold the best value for Kiyosaki

Kiyosaki pointed out that gold, silver and Bitcoin are ways to get rid of inflation and the controlled system that is currently struggling.

"The reason is, you're out of the central banking system - you're outside the system," he said.

"That's why I say gold and silver are God's money, and Bitcoin is people's open source money."

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