Anthony Pompliano revealed his investment strategy in times of crisis

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In an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph, Anthony Pompliano - or more commonly known as "Pomp," an influential figure in the cryptocurrency space, explained why Bitcoin was Best property to preserve future value.

Pompliano reaffirmed his optimism towards Bitcoin, revealing that he bought more right after the market's latest collapse, the time when most investors sought refuge. US dollars.

When asked if there are other cryptocurrencies worth investing in the market, Pomp pointed out that “money is a belief system, and so far I believe Bitcoin is worth more than anything. other."

Halving has not yet impacted prices

Discussing the possible impact of the upcoming Bitcoin halving on prices, Pompliano said the event has yet to impact prices, as Bitcoin holders do not have a 100% consensus on the meaning of this event and the impact. Its impact on the value of Bitcoin. In addition, he said, there will be new entrants into the market before and after the halving time, who are not even aware of the event. That's why he thinks that "within 18 months after halving, we will see Bitcoin price explode."

"The end of the fiat test" and why Bitcoin is better than gold

Pompliano explains that the dollar-based system will eventually fail because most other currencies have failed in the past. On the other hand, Bitcoin has properties that are superior to fiat currencies, saying that BTC has some common characteristics with Bitcoin - things that have existed for thousands of years.

According to Pompliano, both Bitcoin and gold will work well in the near future. However, Bitcoin is still a better investment in terms of the potential for price increases and supply transparency.

"How much gold in the world? You may not know (...) No one in the world can answer this question. I will not put my property there. ”

The best investment strategy in times of crisis

Despite his long-term bullish view on Bitcoin, Pompliano acknowledges that people should now hold on to cash to survive the economic crisis caused by COVID-19 and pay for their needs. necessary before his eyes. Investors should prepare for the upcoming hyperinflation by buying other assets only when the ongoing storm is over.

"You can wrap a bandana around your eyes and choose any property, it will probably increase in price at some point."

For his part, he primarily builds his own portfolio on three types of assets:

"I have cash, I have some real estate, and then I put my money in Bitcoin to protect my wealth."

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