5 Great WordPress Plugins For Testing A B


5 great WordPress plugins for A B testing - We all know of countless researches related to marketing philosophy when the company was founded. The testing process continues throughout the final product release. Now to the world of technology. Incredible changes keep the IT company struggling. Think about the situation where your company is preparing a website at WordPress. However, you are not sure about the design. What will happen? You trust your intuition then follow the planned design (bad idea!) Or test what works best for your customers with A / B split testing.

Why do A / B testing?

It's a good idea to launch the website in different versions, version A or version B with different customer groups. Because you need to know what attracts customers.

Therefore, periodic split testing is always the key to website success. However, no one wants to participate in the testing process because it sounds very picky.

WordPress AB testing plugin

Here, we will introduce you to some of the most useful WordPress plugins that facilitate the separation of A / B testing with your website.

Check the page is simple


The checking process often requires us to make changes to the website code. What happens if you want to test your website split without changing the code? Do not worry! We have very good plugin with you.

It is the Simple Page Tester plugin. After installation, you do not have to worry about the code. The most important advantage of the Simple Page Tester plugin is that it fully supports Google Analytics. This gives you the freedom to monitor test results.

With this plugin, you can easily analyze website testing through a step-by-step process without damaging other program resources or code. By using this plugin, you can easily decide which website version or landing page you will display to customers. That means when the test is complete, you have the ability to automatically turn the desired page into the main page.

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Google content testing plugin


Through Google Analytics, you have the ability to deploy A / B testing at your website. However, WordPress users sometimes get stuck. By using the Google Content Experiment plugin, you can easily do it at the WordPress website.

Be sure to read the installation guide to understand the interface that supports plugin functionality. Moreover, this plugin only works in WordPress 3.4 and above. Especially it's free!



Do you want to improve WordPress website performance? If so, then you should configure your website to use Optimizely. This WordPress plugin-based service facilitates website A / B split testing. By using this plugin, you have the ability to create an interactive interface to connect with potential customers without any hassle.

It means you can easily see the website conversion model. You can easily test different aspects from WordPress design without having to worry much about code. When you receive results from A / B testing, you are successfully placing the variation on all users until it is encrypted on the last iteration of the website. For this plugin to work, you need to register for the Optimizely.com service.

Split Test Dynamo


While the plugin is free after sharing on social networks, other services have the potential to cost you once or monthly. The best thing about Split Test Dynamo is that it agrees on both split testing and sample testing. This means you have the option to change the page content or use the whole different layout. You also have the ability to get immediate user feedback when you analyze your website.

Nelio A / B testing


Like many other tools, Nelio A / B tests is a WordPress plugin that comes with a paid service. However, it does provide a great track record of A / B testing in the WordPress dashboard. It agrees for you to test different factors at the WordPress website.


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