3 ways to help B2C businesses increase sales in online stores

"Vietnamese people are catching up very fast with the trend of buying - selling online (online) but actually 80% of retail sales in Asia - Pacific are still concentrated in the store." This is the affirmation of Ms. Rebecca Pearson - Deputy Director in charge of retail CBRE Asia.

Customers mainly buy in offline stores, but where they search and access information is the Internet. So, with SEONGON learn 3 ways to help retailers attract their customers from Online to Offline

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Online behavior will impact offline actions

In Vietnam market, with 64 million Internet users, of which 61.73 million are accessed by Smartphone. So users can find information anytime they need it

Although users still primarily search for information online, they still make the majority of in-store purchases.

Research in the Singapore market showed that 94% of indoor furniture was purchased offline in Singapore, but 68% of that revenue was affected by "touch points" on the Internet.

Similar to the furniture industry, beauty and personal care products purchased in stores amount to 91%, but 75% of sales are made after buyers have searched the Internet.

As technology is integrated into daily routines, Users are also becoming more adaptable and using technology to get information in times of need

For example, voice search is growing; In the Vietnamese market, 10% of the total searches are voice searches. More than 65% of people 25 - 49 years old use voice search at least once a day and about 50% of them make a purchase from voice search results.

Users are interacting with technology in new ways

As shoppers' behavior continues to cross the line between online and offline. They make basic options like "click and collect" to make purchasing decisions online, but they go to the actual store to bring them back.

However, retailers have come a step further.

Pioneers are physical stores, they have started to provide a digital experience at the store to meet the needs of consumers, enabling customers to know more information even at the point of purchase.

A number of visionary E-Commerce giants are trying to serve users who like to touch and feel certain types of products before buying, which goes far beyond the retail experience. traditional.

One of the Digital applications is the use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology. This is an area that has seen great growth over the past few years

Retailers have realized this and have taken advantage of it. Such as, H&M Home has launched a voice stylist, provide highly aesthetic suggestions when users shop.

The way H&M Home applies AR and VR is to meet the needs and provide more information to users.

As for your business, the following 3 ways will help you reach your customers, provide information to users and engage with them every step of the customer journey.

1. Be present where your customers are

Users no longer restrict their searches to search engines like Google Search.

Users are currently getting their search results from channels like online videos. In fact, more than 50% of shoppers say online video has helped them decide which brands or products to buy.

You can see more: 5 benefits of YouTube for small businesses

This shows that consumers today are not limited to themselves in a channel. Therefore, businesses should not focus on developing only one channel.

What you need is to make sure to show wherever your customers can find you - be it Google Search and Maps when they search "near me", Google My Business to know when store activity or YouTube to see product guides.

2. Make sure your product can be explored in any format

As mentioned, in Vietnam, 61.73 million people use smartphones to access the Internet. But a new trend that's growing in popularity is that instead of typing, consumers can now simply take a photo of the product they like and get search results for a list of similar products instantly with technology. as Google Lens .

This means that businesses need to optimize images, search queries on their website, in order to display the best match for a user's search.

3. Provide information and support at the right time

Research shows that 1 in 3 Smartphone users buy from a brand other than the brand they are looking for online. Because the new brand has provided more information when they need it.

And this behavior can also occur right at your store. A customer can choose another brand by comparing products via the Internet when standing in your actual store, resulting in a missed opportunity.

In order not to miss any customers, businesses need to provide full information and support customers right when they are looking for information on the Internet, to answer the customer's questions.

To reach consumers at the exact time when they are looking for information, explore Online shopping advertising to ensure users not only find your product, but also have the opportunity to make an immediate and easy purchase as possible.


Consumer behavior is always changing, so businesses need to act quickly to meet consumer needs from Online to Offline at the right time.

Please identify the options, advertising campaigns to optimize your website, products from now on so as not to miss your customers. Or contact SEONGON to get advice from our experts

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