18 best online teamwork applications that support "work from home"


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries around the world have close the border. To limit contact between people, working at home to avoid contact with others is very important. When working at home for days, many people are disturbed and tired. But don't worry. There are many tools that can help you collaborate with colleagues. Many teamwork applications also support you to increase productivity.

These are the most effective teamwork apps that are worth exploring.

Slack teamwork application

Slack is one of the most effective teamwork applications for business or team. It can instant message and create private or public channels for groups or projects.

The interface may take some time to get used to because there are so many options and settings. Most of you will use the slider on the left - with multiple channels attached, and a chat column. The third column will slide out if you want to see the article, and details about the user or channel.

There are many settings in the message you want to post, such as inserting links into text, changing to blockquote and code format. Plus, chat messages can be easily edited.

You can also share files like photos, documents, and videos from your computer or from Google Drive. Or chat with colleagues using audio or video calls and share screens.

Here are some benefits of using Slack:

  • There is a version for desktop, web and mobile phone
  • Integrated apps - Gmail, Google Calendar, Office 365, Trello, and 2000+ others
  • Message searchable and maybe tick or pin
  • Notice to each individual at your disposal
  • Automate routines and communicate through Workflow builder.
  • Ensuring information and data is equal 2-factor authentication and Single sign on based on SAML (SSO)

Free version is strong enough to get you started. But if you need security solutions, more storage, group calling, support and other extra features, you can buy a paid plan. Package standard and pay the fee value in turn $ 6.79 and $ 12.76/ person / month

homepage trello

Trello is one of the best tools for project management and teamwork online. It is based on the idea of ​​the task cards in the list placed on tables. The drag and drop feature also makes the process seamless.

You can easily invite coworkers with usernames, emails, or share links to invite them. There are many options displayed on the board like - private, group, organization, and public. You can also change the background and the color of the palette as you like.

Tags can be assigned to members, labeled, select expiry dates, and attachments. Moreover, you can add power-ups and add-ons like Dropbox, Google, Drive, Slack, etc.

Benefits of using Trello:

  • Choose from many templates Available for tables
  • Easy to use interface
  • Apps for phones available for iOS and Android
  • There is Butler and Automatic workflow build
  • Use 2-factor authentication for the whole package for free

If you sign up for the free plan, you get unlimited personal tables, cards, and lists. However, to increase security, add group tables and unlimited power-ups, you need to register for a premium plan.

Package Business Class value $ 9.99/ person / month. Package Enterprise maybe from $ 5.92 come $ 20.83 Depends on the number of users.

github homepage

Github is a git repository hosting service for version control (tracking changes), mostly code. This is one of the most popular online workgroup applications used by programmers.

However, teams in many different areas can use this application to manage tasks and track performance. Because the projects are updated in one place and clearly, the manager can follow the process easily.

You can create problems for groups and drag them to different project tables and tables. Collaborators can designate themselves on the issue, comment, add links, insert code, or close the issue.

Other benefits:

  • Repositories private and public unlimited
  • Have repository insight showing activity by trends and data
  • Have milestones, pages, and wikis
  • Automatic security updates

Github for valuable group $ 9/ user / month with $ 25 for the first 5 users. This package adds 2-factor authentication, group discussion, organization management, and groups, plus role-based access control.

NextCloud homepage

Nextcloud is the ideal self-hosting platform for companies that need increased security. Because data is stored on your own server, leaks and security risks will be minimized.

With this group task manager, you can manage it all. Include: calendar, files, emails, contacts, activities, and Upload media in the same place. Creating, sharing, leaving comments and editing documents with team members is easy.

This application has a task board built like Trello, where you can insert task cards and assign people to do. Chat and video features are also integrated to help you easily take notes when meeting online.

Other strengths of NextCloud:

  • Open source
  • User interface neat and intuitive
  • You can Automatic repeating tasks
  • Functionality is renewed via apps
  • Version available for computer and phone

If you plan to use NextCloud, you can store it on the server Cloud Hosting Hostinger's price is only from VND 138k / month.

google docs homepage

Google Docs is one of the most popular teamwork applications. This application allows groups to create, edit and share documents. The interface is like a different text editor with the toolbar at the top and its documents.

You can suggest editing, plus leaving comments and tag team members. Email notifications are automatically sent to members so you don't need to notify them every time.

You can share documents by link or email. As the creator or admin, you can install the file only you see, allow people to leave comments, or edit options.

Its features are renewed by add-ons as SEMrush, Grammarly, etc.

Here are the benefits of using Google Docs:

  • Review history and edit accordingly real-time
  • Available mode offline
  • Support Google Voice Typing
  • You can download the version iOS and Android

Not only is it a free and easy to use teamwork application, it is also excellent and convenient for projects focused on content creation.

Google Sheet homepage

Google Spreadsheets also have many basic functions similar to Google Docs. You can create spreadsheets online, edit and share files with team members.

Changes will save automatically. You can review the courtesy sorted by date and by person changing. These sheets can be edited offline and automatically synchronized after you are back online.

This flexible and powerful application so you can manage projects and track team goals. However, you need to have technical knowledge to use it to function properly.

Other benefits of Google Spreadsheets:

  • Templates available for funding, calendars, etc.
  • Collection Self-built function big
  • Mobile version available
  • Integrate Google Forms and Google Docs

This online teamwork application is free and not eye-catching. Its functionality can be extended with add-ons from Google Analytics and Lucidchart.

monday - teamwork application

Monday is a quick project-based project management application and task board. It has an attractive and neat interface to create and complete projects perfect for everyone involved.

Custom templates are available, plus a drag and drop feature to help you easily get started building your project workflow. You can customize fields from branding, tables to user profiles.

Tasks and projects can be tracked by the hour or by expiration date. You can also set up automatic recurring activity. You can communicate with team members using instant messaging in the assigned task.

When using Monday.com, there are:

  • 14 day trial, and a money-back warranty within 30 days
  • Tutorial by video for new users
  • Available apps for mobile
  • Integrated extended functionality of the application - Gmail, Slack, Google Calendar, Github, etc.
  • Insights and reports are displayed according to charts and timelines

Monday used encode TLS and AES for security solutions, and you can always enable 2-factor authentication.

There are prices for premium packages, depending on the number of users. Package Basic from $ 39- $ 999/ user / month.

asana homepage

Asana is one of the most used teamwork applications with an attractive interface and a free version. It features easy drag and drop when working.

Its table is also useful for creating to-do lists and task assignments. A task may be in multiple tables. Timeline A great way to track project progress, while Calendar displays your calendar in line.

Workload is a statistical feature that you can use to make sure team members don't overwork or work poorly. Portfolio like headquarters, where you can track the progress of the company.

This application will not need the use of emails because notifications will be installed in real time to communicate around the tasks and projects you are a member of.

Here are its benefits:

  • Certification SOC 2 Type II
  • Integrated apps - Tableau, Office 365, Slack, Power BI, etc.
  • A lot of workspaces
  • Available mobile version (Android and iOs)
  • Automation to simplify the process, save time and reduce errors

Free version Lets you work with max 15 member. Paid plans with a trial version 30 days, but you need to provide credit card information.

Package high class price $ 10.99/ user / month, and package Enterprise valuable $ 24.99/ user / month. You will be provided with many advanced project management applications and reports, plus priority support.

Basecamp homepage

This is a comprehensive group work and communication management software. You can divide the work into projects, with each project containing people involved, tasks, files, and discussions.

There are tools like message boards for notifications, group chats, a calendar creator to help you create your workflow. It has features like time tracking and turning emails into to-do lists.

Other benefits of Basecamp:

  • Automatic recurring questions or sign up for membership
  • The tool is named or disabled
  • Notification settings custom
  • Dashboard operation overview for managers and task menu for individuals

Basecamp Personal is free but has limited features. It is handy when used lightly, personally, for freelancers, and for students. You can create 3 projects, 1GB capacity, and until 20 members.

For unlimited projects, clients and users, templates, 500GB of storage, for headquarters, Additional priority support, you will need to upgrade it Business packagep. Price is $ 99 / month.

microsoft teams

Integrating with Office 365, Microsoft Teams combines group messaging with video meetings, file archives, and attachments. Team members can work together on a variety of word files Word, Excel, OneNote, Sharepoint, and other services of Microsoft.

The beauty of this teamwork application is that you can personalize it as needed. There are chat rooms for different groups, custom tabs to access information and apps on a regular basis. If you don't want to start over, you can use that templates available.

There are settings for outsiders to access the meeting or view files.

Benefits of using Microsoft Teams:

  • Multi-factor authentication for security
  • Translate the message inside for non-English speaking users
  • Have 24 virtual assistants with many functions
  • Commands Slash Works as shortcuts with different tasks
  • Used in many devices - Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS

To use Microsoft Teams, you need to have Office 365. Pack installed Enterprise was $ 8.25 / user / month. Package Premium Business valuable $ 12.50/ user / month, You can use the free trial for 1 month.

GoToMeeting's homepage

If your business attaches importance to video meetings, GoToMeeting is the teamwork app you should be. It is important that participants do not need an account to be able to meet.

With this application, you can arrange online meetings with HD audio and high quality. Group members can join the meeting by dialing the call of the meeting or simply answering the phone when using the feature Call Me. It also has screen sharing option available.

Other benefits of using GoToMeeting:

  • Host Unlimited meeting, Unlimited time
  • Create The link does not change for recurring meetings
  • Data is secured with risk-based authentication, data center certified by SOC2, SSL, and AES-265 BIT encoder
  • Join or host a meeting when using apps on phones (Android / iOS)
  • 14 day trial, and customer care 24/7 by web or phone

Professional Package is priced $ 12/ month has many essential applications you will need to organize the meeting, including the features mentioned above. However, you can only host 150 people.

If your group is larger (up to 250 people) and you need additional services like unlimited cloud recording, transcripts, and integrated add-ons, you need to upgrade. Business plans will cost $ 16/ month.

google hangout teamwork tool

As part of the G.Suite ecosystem, Google Hangouts is an online teamwork application that is useful when working from home. You can create group messages for the group or make audio / video calls. It's good for online meeting.

You can split group chats into groups and projects. Plus, the chat history is saved automatically so you can return to check or review it.

The interface is simple, neat and clear. Meeting or group setting is convenient because it integrates Google Calendar and Gmail.

Some benefits:

  • Free and easy to use
  • Feature screen sharing
  • Record meeting
  • Available for Android and iOS

Google Hangouts is a useful app when you have to work with colleagues remotely. The application is hassle-free and has the necessary features to conduct meetings on the web.

13. Skype for Businessskype for businessSkype for Business is one of the most popular online teamwork applications and is part of Microsoft Office 365. This app can contain 250 participants including non-Skype users.

Web Scheduler Help you arrange meetings quickly and effectively. Team members can join the meeting with just one click or through the calendar reminder.

There are controls available only to the presenter, such as turning off the audio for all or the individual or locking the member's video.

Another one is Group Chat Allows you to create multiple group chats. You can share files, and chats will be saved automatically every time so you don't need to go back and see. You can also set the chat room security.

Here are the benefits of using Skype for Business:

  • Meeting followed calendar from Outlook
  • You can screen sharing, use PowerPoint and sheets Excel
  • Audio and video quality HD
  • Meeting application provided virtual board, create poll, and Q&A
  • Presenters can record different aspects of the meeting by video, audio, sharing session, etc.
  • All data is protected by encryption TLS and AES

Skype for Business can do more than just an application for communication. We recommend you to try it out.

Coggle teamwork application

If you are looking for a mindmap drawing application in a group, then Coggle is the solution. You can use the app to take notes during meetings or when you create content. Plus, you can add team members to contribute or edit diagrams.

This application allows you to create mind-maps Strong and flexible. You can add multiple starting points, draw branches to create loops, and add text or pictures outside the diagram.

Here are some of Coggle's strengths:

  • Quick installation, and the interface is easy to navigate
  • Provided public diagram and Upload the image unlimited
  • View and archive history full
  • Convert diagram to file PDF or PNG
  • Import or export diagrams MM and text files

With version free, you will have 3 private diagrams, shared folders, 1600 icons, and auto branching. If you want style and direction control, offline editing as well as unlimited privacy schemes, choose the package awesome with $ 5/ month.

draw io group work application

Draw.io is another powerful online mapping application that can be integrated with Google Drive, Github, Trello, and Dropbox to teamwork. You can publish diagrams, create links, and share with colleagues to edit together.

Because of its rich functionality, you can create many different types of diagrams like flowcharts, network diagrams, infographics, etc. Like many spreadsheets, there are many page options so you don't need to open new files if the project requires a diagram.

You can use it offline by downloading Apps are available for computers by Draw.io for Microsoft, Linux, Macintosh, and Google Chrome Extension.

Other benefits of Draw.io:

  • Translate more 30 language
  • Display custom when you need
  • Use drag and drop feature
  • Collection cubes and templates big

The application is completely free to use and open source, very useful if you need a quick solution to display the workflow.

ticktick home page - workgroup management application

TickTick is a performance or task management application that allows you to create project lists by collaborating with various members. You can assign tasks to each defined member, mark the priority, and set reminders.

Moreover, all platforms are available - Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Apple Watch, Chrome and Firefox Extensions, plus add-ons on Outlook.

Additional benefits of TickTick:

  • Widgets for mobile, additional Siri and install Quick Ball available
  • You can change it to-do list in emails Tasks with just a few mouse clicks
  • Have achievement points to help you keep track of time and tasks
  • Create Performance statistics so you can review the workflow
  • There is a timer Pomodoro Technique with white background noise.

This application free use. If you want more functionality, you need to subscribe to the premium annual package $ 27.99. You'll get access to the entire calendar and settings, as well as many lists and tasks in addition to helping you keep track of shared projects and processes.

google drive homepage

Also part of G Suite, Google Drive is a cloud-based storage management service. It also allows team members to store, edit, share and access files, specifically from Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

You can track company data. Plus, as admins, the app can allow you to add and remove members and specialize in the rights of certain files.

Google Drive also syncs files across multiple devices, plus has apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS potentially offline. Therefore, your team can access to work with files anywhere and anytime.

Free Personal package will give you 15GB storage. G Suite Basic package, price $ 4.20/ user / month you can get 30GB. With Drive Enterprise need $ 8/ user / month to activate.

Here are the other benefits of using Google Drive:

  • Compatible with more 100 types of files
  • Files remain in the group drive if the member leaves
  • Data is protected by many advanced tools such as Data loss prevention (DLP) and Google Vault
  • Feature Find Priority allows you to find files faster using machine learning
  • Avoid the risk of downloading all company data to a hard drive

You do not need to worry about losing data or creating backup files anymore. Data was safe on Google Drive. Certainly this essential tool will be needed for online group work.

dropbox business - teamwork application

Dropbox Business is not only a place to store and access files, but also a group management application. Files from different platforms like Google G Suite and Microsoft Office will gather in the same place.

Monitor group activity and edit shared links easily, plus you'll be notified when changes are made. The Dropbox Showcase feature allows you to display your work organized, and you can track who interacts with files.

You can extend functionality as well as integrate apps like Slack, Zoom, Office 365, Trello, and many other apps. You can access the app from your computer or mobile device, plus changes from you can be synced using your account.

Moreover, your data and files are protected by SSL / TLS protection and 256-bit AES.

Standard package worth $ 12.50 / users / month, starting with 3 users. You can receive 5TB Capacity. Also you can easily use sharing and teamwork tools if you need a lot of storage.

With Dropbox Business, you can:

  • Trial 30 days without credit card
  • Regularly access files / apps by clever content suggestions and bookmarking
  • Recover files and view history within 180 days
  • Customize sharing permissions like setting expiration times and links to protect passwords
  • Managing multiple groups Dropbox but only need to login admin 1 time

Dropbox Business is a powerful teamwork application that can help you track and manage team performance and data.

In short, what are the best teamwork applications.

Teamwork online will no longer be tiring as there are many applications that will help you. These applications allow you to manage tasks easily, communicate with team members, and track performance during hard times.

Now let's summarize the best teamwork apps for working from home:

  1. Slack - one of the most popular teamwork applications for both office and home workers
  2. Trello - tab and task management application with tab drag and drop functionality
  3. Github - built primarily for developers to work in groups, git repository for version control
  4. NextCloud - one of the platforms for self host performance
  5. Google Docs - online document editor from Google to support teamwork at home
  6. Google Spreadsheets - Google's powerful Spreadsheets can help you store data and manage groups
  7. Monday.com - Project management application by boards and messages
  8. Asana - another project manager with an intuitive and intuitive interface
  9. Basecamp - comprehensive tool for project and team management with free version
  10. Microsoft Teams - powerful group management and communication tool in Office 365
  11. GoToMeeting - advanced video meeting platform
  12. Google Hangouts - free messaging, plus audio and video communication tools from Google
  13. Skype for Business - Useful video meeting software is part of Office 365
  14. Coggle - Mind-map creation software with online teamwork
  15. Draw.io - Other diagramming software that can integrate other teamwork tools
  16. TickTick - task management application available for multiple platforms
  17. Google Drive - Google's cloud-based storage management service that can be used to track team files
  18. Dropbox Business - Smart workspace and many functions for the team

You can freely try, these teamwork applications are very safe to take advantage of. And if you have a good app, let us know in the comments.

About My name is Nguyen Manh Cuong. I was born in a poor village in Ba Vi district, HA NOI province - windy and sunny land. Currently. https://www.nguyendiep.com/. Mr Cuong.
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