15 serious mistakes when doing SEO and how to fix 100%

My team has been doing quite a lot of projects, large and small, across many bloody bones in the process of project implementation. So my team has gone through so many mistakes in the process of doing SEO. But it is because of discovering mistakes that our team can find ways to overcome, to always look forward to a better future

The following are common and extremely serious mistakes and my team has encountered during 4 years of doing SEO project including technical mistake and thinking mistake.

1. Keyword research


We often make the mistake of separating keywords that are too small, for each keyword we often write an article

This mistake is very common when we use it for the forgotten keyword (phantom keyword)

Allocating keyword writing articles like that, will make the content we produce very prone to internal content duplicate errors. And Google does not like this, it will confuse Google. Your website is very vulnerable and can not be developed

How to fix:

Group multiple related keywords together, find an overview keyword as the main keyword and write an article. When this article on the TOP, will bring a lot of other keywords to the same TOP.

See how Keyword planning here

2. Spam Anchor Text

wrong anchor text

Spam anchor text is using too much exact anchor text

Previously we only heard spam backlink spam text. But we forgot that the spam anchor text of internal links is also highly likely to be constrained by Google.

Anchor Text can be said to be the best evidence that Google sees to evaluate a website doing SEO and of course, Google "hates" this.

How to fix:

Even the anchor text of the internal link should be done moderately to signal, not use. We also need to pay attention to the quality of the internal link, if the internal link is too much and from the unqualified articles, that internal link will not be appreciated.

We can study the anchor text of that market competitor to have a specific allocation strategy

3. Optimize onpage spam

spam onpage

Are we too stereotyped before the onpage content techniques

I often say write content that focuses on the user first, then check or edit a bit to make the article more optimized for Google

Some serious errors are:

  • Keyword spam too much (both text and heading)
  • Too much bold

How to fix:

Write to the user first and then the technical interest

Can use website auditor software to check onpage and fix

You should read the article SEO content content to understand how to optimize users and Google bots

4. Content should not have out links

link out

We often fear there will be a PR out of the link, right?

Actually, PR is still important but not the strongest as before.

Link Out works to help Google better understand our content and explain to users content that is difficult to understand.

You can see that every article I have has out links. The important thing is that the link out should be logical and clickable.

How to fix:

Do not hesitate to use the out link

Each post can have 3-6 links out depending on the length

5. Unbalanced backlinks

15 serious mistakes and how to fix them when doing SEO

You do a lot of backlinks and there is no balance between these important backlink elements:

  • Topic relevance
  • Quality index (UR, TF)
  • Source backlink
  • Backlink position

You do too many backlinks with high UR but too low relevance

You do lots of sitewide backlinks but too few backlink content

You make too many backlink comments or forums that few other backlinks

How to fix:

Need to balance the important elements of the backlink, should not make an element too much.

It is necessary to have a pre-project analysis to prepare a strategy and standards, so you will know the way to go very soon

See general knowledge about offpage

6. Backlink too much while no traffic

15 serious mistakes and how to fix them when doing SEO

You do too many backlinks but meanwhile the website has no traffic

If this is a new website, this is too dangerous, very easy to stick sanbox and restrain

In essence, the number of backlinks needs to be proportional to the amount of traffic

How to fix:

Increasing backlinks should be parallel with traffic development (Share social, running ads, ...)

7. Too focused on number of backlinks

You do too many backlinks but the effect is not as expected

SEO is now different, offpage does not only have backlinks. Instead there are many other offpage options such as social, mention, traffic, ....

Focusing on backlinks is good but very risky if you do not master the nature and technical depth

How to fix:

Test different options: social, mention, traffic. Maybe you will find yourself a lot more wonderful options

8. Not optimal for Google


Your website confuses Google, doesn't understand which company it belongs to, what the topic is

The reason may come from:

  • Your onsite optimization is too bad
  • Onpage does not clarify the topic
  • Error duplicate internal content

Google does not understand your website well, it will be difficult to evaluate good website.

How to fix:

Optimize onsite and good onpage

Audit technical and audit content weekly to ensure the content is well optimized

Set up Entity

9. Don't understand desires in keywords before writing content

mistake insight

Each keyword or keyword group contains the desires of the searcher. Many of us write content based only on keywords that do not research the desired user. Leading to the content content does not meet the desire of the searchers.

Then the website will not be TOP

How to fix:

Enter 10 competitors to find out what your competitors are responding to, from which you can refer and add additional sections.

Always put yourself in the user and always ask "what are people looking for this keyword for"

10. No pre-project analysis

project analysis

You have been on the project for 2.3 months, the project is not as expected and you do not know what to do next

You have set a KPI but have no basis, or in other words, to navigate the way. Successful projects are good, otherwise I don't know what to do

This comes from the fact that we don't analyze project money. We do not have specific data to suggest a KPI and strategy suitable for that market.

How to fix:

Carefully analyze the opponent and then make the appropriate strategy to defeat the opponent:

  • Offpage power analysis
  • Analyze the intrinsic strength
  • Content analysis
  • Analysis of anchor text

11. No risk provision

In SEO, nothing is for sure, or in other words, you are always at risk.

If you don't have backup when risking, you may be at risk when the project is not as expected

Some risks include:

  • Human resources rest, slowing down
  • Disease plagues the market
  • The project is not working as expected

How to fix:

There should be a risk prevention plan such as:

When content is needed, which party can provide good content services

When you need a backlink, the party that sells quality backlinks

Always recruit and train parttime personnel so that the HR system can have backups when needed

12. SEO planning is too long

6-month SEO project, you make a plan of 5.6 months of implementation

So if the project does not meet its goals, then the ability to change is almost impossible

How to fix:

Planning by 1/3 of the project process. So you can also change and flexibly plan in accordance with the project status.

13. Stay tactically too long

A tactic we use is not effective, so after 1-2 weeks it needs to change immediately. Don't wait for this strategy to work after 1-2 weeks. Maybe this strategy you applied to this project is good, but not quite suitable for the other project.

Remember, each industry will have different strategies and tactics

How to fix:

After 1-2 weeks of ineffectiveness, the current practice needs to be changed. It is necessary to research, find problems and apply other tactics immediately.

14. No Audit Website


We make websites, write SEO standard content, do backlinks and so on. And we think that's OK.

It is true that when the website works, there will be a lot of errors and incidents. Otherwise Audit will not detect errors and cannot be fixed.

When to need Audit:

  • Weekly
  • When the project is not effective
  • Self-locking lag

How to fix:

Need Audit weekly, there are 3 main forms of Audit:

  • Audit Technical
  • Audit Content
  • Audit Backlink

However, for Audit to be, you need to have standards for content system and backlink. Based on that standard, we can fix the error according to the norm.

You can immediately see specific ways to Audit Content here

15. "overslept" when doing SEO

Typically SEO projects last 6 months

The difficult projects are 12 months or more. The time is too long, making it easy for us to fall asleep easily during a project. And when it was almost time to finish the project, we were in a situation: not knowing what to do when the time to come was too short.

How to fix:

Plan your SEO and try to apply it to your project. Review and report weekly projects to stay updated and propose continuous plans weekly.

Above are the mistakes in SEO that SEOers often encounter. If you have any questions, you can comment and our team can respond directly there

Doan Kien / CEO - Founder SEODO