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YouTube is a hub for weird and extraordinary content. But in fact, it is also a field of intense competition for brands everywhere, as the ancients used to say: first impressions are always important. In this article, we will introduce the best YouTube banner creation tools to help you stand out from the crowd and create a spectacular art for your channel.

While the presence of millions of YouTube channels distracts viewers, it only takes a few seconds to get the attention of those who visit your channel. Luckily, owning a great YouTube cover can help you as viewers will know the features on your channel through that cover. Of course, you can't design a trivial cover that doesn't evoke your story, thanks to this, we're beginning to know the world of great YouTube banner creation tools.

When it comes to channel art creators, there's a whole range of options out there. To ease our decision making, we proactively lay the groundwork and compile a list of the best for you.

But before we dive in, let's clarify the banner on the real YouTube channel what and take a look at some of the basics that you need to keep in mind when creating any type of channel art.

What is the meaning of YouTube channel art?

A YouTube banner is an image that contains a title that has been extended to fit horizontally across the top of a page, much like Facebook cover art. Banners take up a lot of space. Banners are the first thing to see when someone visits your site, which is the perfect opportunity to show off your brand.

Get the channel art Converse as an example. Clear background and bold text immediately catch the eye, the image of the hanging shoes is quite simple but has a strange attraction, making viewers can recognize the brand in the blink of an eye.

youtube banner

We humans are more attracted to images than text. In fact, people can memorize 65% of image content even after three days. Therefore, the appropriate banner here can catch the attention of your audience and leave a lasting impression on them.

Not to mention that YouTube cover photos will quickly give content ideas to your channel. In other words, the banner is a flexible, visual representation of your brand as well as a personality for your channel.

For a successful YouTube channel, you should aim to design a banner that serves all of these purposes. If you're just starting out, our article on how to create a YouTube channel can help you understand and quickly get used to the new environment.

Great YouTube banner examples

There are tons of incredible YouTube cover images that can inspire you. Take for example the banner of Adobe Creative Cloud. Images will stop you in an instant:

youtube adobe banner

Extremely vibrant colors! As a brand with a large audience in the creative field, Adobe knows how to attract attention. The color palette used here immediately attracts viewers, while the dominant color is still red - the main brand color of Adobe. In addition, the parrot image combined with the female character cleverly emphasizes personality.

The same, similar, Referies29 Also does a great job with the YouTube banner:

Refinery 29 YouTube banner

The cover is modern and inviting, with subtle feminine elements (in fact, Referies29 is primarily for women.) Interestingly, if you look closely, you'll also notice that the image is The photographs of women create color in the text, so that we understand what the brand stands for - media, fashion and women's empowerment.

Another interesting example is the cover image of Slow Mo Guys :

banner slo mo guys youtube

This is a great example of a cover image that demonstrates the nature of the channel. Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy shoot lots of videos with high-speed cameras costing $ 150,000 and are tuned for slow motion. In fact, it is much slower than what the naked eye sees. They also add a funny element to the video, their banner also reflects this.

YouTube banner size

What a channel art producer should never miss is size. The wrong size banner can confuse your design, worse than the negative effect on your brand by looking unprofessional.

When getting started, make sure the images you use are high quality, but the file size is no more than 6MB. The problem here is to make sure your image does not break when displayed on a large screen.

YouTube Recommendations Banner size is 2560 x 1440 pixels. However, it is important to note that it looks different when displayed on desktop, mobile and TV screens, so choosing a compatible design is a priority.

youtube banner size

The image above shows the recommended size for each device. One thing worth noting here is the safe area for text and logos. This is a safe area in the banner that is not cut off when the device changes. So it's best to add logos or important details in this area, just like we do on our channel cover.

YouTube channel art - top tips

While the YouTube banner creation tool can help you create channel art as a professional, there is still a lot of dependency on you, especially in the design department. Here are the professional tips we recommend for you:

Make sure your cover photo design matches the existing brand

Have you ever seen Coca-Cola use blue in their cover photos? Probably not. Because red is part of Coca-Cola's brand - as you might think, it's the main distinguishing color on the brand's YouTube channel. I think you should follow. Stick to your brand elements to make your channel recognizable across all forums.

coca cola youtube banner

Make sure your banner matches the channel theme

It is important to always be committed to your brand on many different forums, it is also important that you also focus on the consistency of the topic. People visit your channel either when there is a link pointing to that channel or when they come across a video of you.

From then on, it's up to your banner to let viewers know what your channel offers like style, images and slogans. For example, if you own a travel channel, your cover photo should suggest that topic with a design like this:

Fun for youtube banner

Add a tagline for your brand

Adding a tagline to your brand is another quick way to report what your channel is all about. Moreover, it can leave a memorable impression for your channel visitors. Insert slogans at the top or bottom of your banner and the slogan should be short to avoid cluttering your design.

clean my space youtube banner

Make mistakes about simplicity

A messy design with too many design elements can quickly distract viewers and interest them. On the other hand, minimalism will highlight your logo and slogan, making your cover clear and unforgettable.

The simplicity of YouTube cover images is also important in terms of size. The discrepancy is that your slogan or logo in an overly designed cover image may be garbled on a particular device.

jemma youtube banner

Focus on the center part

We mentioned the safety zone above. When designing the cover, you need to see this safe area as a value point where your important brand elements appear. In other words, your title, illustration, tagline and logo all appear here.

High banner about life

Only use high quality images of high resolution

Poor quality images will break when appearing on a big screen and images that are unclear and unclear will not attract the attention of visitors or create credibility for your channel.

Image hosting sites like Unsplash specializes in providing high quality images. If you intend to use an original artistic image for your YouTube channel, you need to ensure the image quality is high, the images must be clear and sharp.

Choose the right size and font

Nearly half of all views on YouTube come from mobile devices, meaning that small fonts will be hard to read for viewers on this device. Therefore, choosing bold or large fonts is a wise move. This ensures viewers can see your channel name clearly.

Also, choose a font that highlights your channel style. Fonts communicate mainly through style and tone. Research particularly agrees this because different fonts describe different personalities.

For example, round fonts convey comfort, femininity and softness. Angular fonts, on the other hand, convey durability and masculinity. You should pay attention to the font and font size to ensure that it properly represents your brand personality. Finally, fonts can be read - but don't be afraid to add a bit of humor to it. Exactly that is your brand!

11 tools to create the best YouTube banner

Now comes the part you expected - it's the design part! Here are the top 11 Youtube banner creation tools that help you design professional banners without having to rely on designers:

#first. Bannersnack


A number of prominent brands such as Airbnb and Google are trusted, Bannersnack is a user friendly banner creation tool. The availability of pre-designed templates and built-in benefits such as text presets, fonts, illustrations and more can help you quickly design your banner.

You can also use personalized, personalized elements like fonts. However, one drawback is that not all design elements can be inserted into many banners. If you are designing a large number of banners, you must copy the elements yourself, possibly duplicating the elements and adding them to the product.

Initially you will be free to use, but you can only use 10 designs in the free version. Where you need more designs, you have to switch to premium options, choosing individual or group pricing packages.

#2. Canva


Canva is another fairly simple graphic design tool to use, drag and drop, provides a rich library of colors, fonts, illustrations, images and free templates. You can choose to upload your image or you can also choose paid images from this tool.

The advantage is that you can create your banner in just four simple steps. The only drawback is that you have to pay to access certain images and design assets. From the free version, you can choose Canva Pro if you want to collaborate with a small team or Canva Enterprise to combine the design with more than 20 team members.

# 3. Venngage


Venngage is an excellent, user-friendly tool. You can start designing right away or customize based on pre-built templates to get the banner you want. This design tool also boasts a collection of stock images, illustrations and icons. In addition, you can add your own images, logos and other important design elements.

The only thing is that the options to download the finished designs are limited. You can only export the file as a PDF or PNG file without the option of downloading a cover photo in JPG format. Both the free and premium versions are available, while the premium version is divided into separate fee packages for individuals and businesses.

# 4. Visme


Another banner creation tool worth mentioning here is Visme . Visme makes it easy to create great designs, with a rich collection of over 50 free templates and hundreds of fonts. In addition, a wide range of images, filters, frames, technical icons, editable palettes, and other free custom shapes can help make your banner come alive and stand out.

You can also upload branding fonts, colors and other design elements. However, you can only do so if you set up Visme's trademark kit, but require you to buy a standard package. This may limit your options if you wish to design a personalized, branded cover with the free version.

# 5. Snappa


Snappa is a user-friendly channel art production tool, providing over one million high-resolution images with easily editable templates, graphics, text and shapes. Snappa reserves over 200 fonts and fonts that can add personality to your designs. In addition, you can also upload your image and brand elements.

The good news is that Snappa offers a lot of free features including the most powerful features like automatic image resizing (great!). That means you can reuse your YouTube banner and use it for other social platforms by automatically resizing. The only drawback is that the free version is limited to 5 downloads and sharing. Snappa's beginner's package is free, while Group and Professional packages are reasonably priced.

# 6. Adobe Spark


Abobe Spark is another visual design tool. Its drag-and-drop system makes it simple to create banners in just 5 steps. The tool provides several predefined banner templates to help you make it easy. Provide custom templates, themes, layouts, alignments and text to create a banner that fits your brand. AdobeSpark also gives you the option to upload your images.

The plus point here is that this tool is available in desktop versions as well as mobile applications (iOS and Android). If you sign up for the Adobe Creative Cloud service, you can use the free premium banner creation tool. All designs created on the free version are filled with Adobe Spark watermarks. Therefore, you must switch to the premium version so the banner does not contain watermarks.

# 7. PicMonkey


PicMonkey There are apps for both iOS and Android as well as desktop versions. PicMonkey offers custom designed templates to create channel art as well as a ready-made canvas for you to design from scratch.

Designs made in the PicMonkey editor are automatically saved in the tool's built-in storage. You can edit your saved designs at any time. This is a huge plus for maintaining a unified brand appearance. You can start with a free seven-day trial and then choose three pricing plans - Basic, Professional, and Team. Note, free trials may restrict some design functions.

#8. BeFunky


BeFunky Interesting as the name implies, also very simple and easy to use. BeFunky helps you create banners in just four simple steps. The variety of professionally designed templates and even a free photo archive (more than a million images!) Can help unprofessional designers like yourself to experiment with cover design with focus. .

The only drawback in the products here is the limited options offered by the free version of BeFunky. On the other hand, you do not need to register an account to use the free version. To get the most out of your channel art production features, you need BeFunky Plus but pay a monthly fee.

# 9. Fotor


Another great YouTube channel art export tool is Fotor . Using this tool is extremely simple, thanks to the drag - drop interface. You can start designing your banner with dozens of customizable templates or design everything from scratch. Fotor has both desktop versions as well as mobile applications to design on the go.

You can choose the free or paid version. On the other hand, this tool provides intelligent filters and effects. However, pay attention to the banner size when using Fotor because it does not provide existing size templates.

#ten. Placeit


Use Placeit pretty simple. This tool provides more than 130 designs. You can optionally and further adjust designs, change backgrounds, text, fonts and other elements.

Placeit does not require an account registration, so you can start designing right away. The only difficulty is that the final version of your banner will have a Placeit watermark inserted in the background - you can pay a small fee or choose a subscription plan to remove that watermark. So when signing up for a subscription, Placeit will provide a library of over 23,000 smart templates for you.

# 11. Crello


Last but not least, that is Crello. This tool provides a series of free templates and images. However, the number of samples varies depending on the package you choose. For example, the free version gives you access to 6,000 designs and 4,000 images. Paid, Advanced and Professional editions, offering more than 12,000 templates and 20,000 photos renewed weekly. Those are features that vary significantly between the free and paid versions.

Moreover, Crello can help you create banners on all social media channels, so this is a good option if you plan to create a cohesive brand design. If we give an in-depth review, we realize that the tool may work quite slowly when you upload images.

Our favorite YouTube banner creation tool


All of the above are judged, our vote for the best cover photo maker Snappa, based on the user-friendly interface and a graphics storage bank, templates, shapes, fonts and custom fonts. Luckily, Snappa offers a lot of features in the free version that prevent your creativity from being obstructed by pop-ups like ‘This feature is locked’.


The YouTube banner offers the opportunity to attract viewers by displaying your brand personality and subtly demonstrating your channel feature.