10 ways to make your blog more refreshing (make everyone love again from the beginning)

Must admit that content marketing is a long war.

This also means that when your competitors lazy to refresh themselves or stop producing content, they will be left behind.

But it's very dangerous because we all have easy days with ourselves.

In the early days of blogging, we often used up our enthusiasm and energy, but gradually that excitement was eroded by time. We need to have specific strategies to keep our blog fire with different types of content such as blogs, videos, podcasts.

Here are 10 content strategies that Sonia finds useful to help people can love your blog from the beginning, let's check it out!

Expand the current topic

When you feel proficient on a topic, it is obvious that you will get caught up in that topic.

You are constantly reading, watching and listening to the content related to that topic, absorbed in finding new nuances & ideas.

The time you immerse yourself in the subject is like a honeymoon, you are completely fascinated by it.

But no honeymoon lasts forever. After a while, your interest and the people will gradually cool down.

It's time for you to realize that we should extend our interest beyond the same topics as when Sonia began to pay attention to urban art, which led to her having a diverse understanding. about creativity and that's what the artists think.

Sonia gave an example like this, like when you decided to adopt a dog. This makes you ponder the ways you can train your dog, in other words, behavioral orientation.

Focusing on the influences around your topic will make you more proficient in your own subject.

It extends the interest of you and the viewers.

Admission of new vehicles

Expanding existing topics will help you gain more new ideas for content creation.

You can create content on new media or an entirely new format.

If you're a great writer, have you ever thought about starting with a podcast or a video channel?

Come up with an idea in a new format that will give you a fresh look on current topics and make it more interesting for everyone.

Constantly drafting ideas

Remember Sonia's obsession with sketches?

Most artists keep their paintings by their side. They can capture a face or an attractive gesture, an attractive landscape of the city or an extremely attractive collection of shapes and contours.

Sonia advises content marketers to keep a handbook with them so they can get the idea out quickly. Keep notes of short dialogues, the content you want to see, even the images that impress you.

All of which forms the habit of the creator - the creator of ideas is considered impossible. We create content by observing and connecting it to reality.

Ideas are easy to form when recording observations are formulated as a habit.

Change the appearance

Everyone knows that the design of a website needs to be clean and balanced, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring.

Sometimes, you should take time to refresh the web interface, giving readers a better experience to become more new in the eyes of customers.

Create surveys

One of the sources of energy for Sonia's content is simple Q&A sessions.

Your readers' answers can make a difference if you fall into the following categories:

  • Bored with the current topic
  • Struggles with people who copy content
  • Not sure about the product or service
  • Brace yourself to find a topic to write
  • Not sure about the big decision for your website

Post these conversations on social media, website or email & let people know that their questions are answered.

Collect previous questions. This gives you time to research things that you were previously unsure of and remove any issues that are not relevant to your readers' minds.

Provide answers on the website or a series of podcasts, blog posts or videos where you have ideas.

Collecting questions and answering them helps you to be smarter in your subject matter and to understand the problems your readers are having.

This is a great way to make readers believe that you are able to solve their problems.


Creative work is a series of connections. You will need to work with many people to complete the text, script, record, etc.

Focusing on your strengths is a great thing. But you need to take your time to connect with everything.

How can you take the time to share with other relationships? Have a meeting you personally need to attend? What monthly meetings will take place? Create a content writer group or business group and you'll be able to connect people at the right time.

If you can't face them face to face, try combining a small group together via Skype, Google Hangouts or group calls.

We always need to be connected, so never disconnect.

Feature your community

Take time to connect with your community.

If you find one of your readers is a great person. Write about them. Show them that you are providing a platform that can share their success.

Don't forget to get to know the influencers in their topic. Write them an email, start chatting with them, link content to them, invite them to join your podcast.

Telling stories in your community is one way to remind you to always remember why you liked your topic in the first place.

Focus on your forte

Maybe you have a gift for words but design is not your strength. Or conversely, your design skills are great but your words are not very attractive.

We are all only good in a certain field. No need to be a genius, when you want to be good at everything, the problem depends on the time.

But we don't have enough time to be perfect in every way. And what gets in the way is there are always areas that we especially don't like.

What you can do is try to focus on your blog and the strengths you can promote.

If writing is your strength, you can build a video later, if you have a good voice or draw, take advantage of the existing skills and show it on your website.

Find your strengths and use it as your own competitive advantage.

Step outside the safe area

You are afraid your readers don't like some content and you try to hide something important to you. That's not how that content works.

Sonia is not a fan of blogs that have criticized posts, but she can't deny that a lot of people like the blog.

The reality is always harsh. But it is not the end. Fake on the blog is not a way to protect you, it makes you more deadlock only. Be comfortable with your content and be yourself on your blog.

Enjoy the fun

And these can help you better at work:

Remember to play and enjoy.

Enjoy writing. Challenge yourself with content creation. Try everything and don't make matters matter.

Not all games are mediocre, a game can be very profound.

If you are wise, play it wisely. That's how we become smarter, that's how we connect with each other and that's how we create meaningful life.

Source: https://www.copyblogger.com/love-your-blog/