10 SEO Trends 2020 that will help you dominate Google. A continuation of 2019

The later time is coming, the more and more challenges for SEO career will increase. This is not only my personal opinion but also the opinion of many SEO experts today. It will be difficult to achieve high rankings on Google search results in 2020 if we continue to follow the old SEO mindset. And now is the best time for us to research and come up with the most effective SEO strategies for 2020.

So what does SEO need to do in 2020? Which SEO trends are effective in 2020? I have spent a lot of time researching these issues and have also drawn 10 important trends from the world's leading seo experts that determine the success of an SEO strategy in 2020.

what's new in seo trends 2019
Keep up with the outstanding SEO trends in 2020

10 SEO trends for 2020

# 1.Voice Search (VOICE SEARCH)

Voice search will be a notable trend for 2020 and beyond. According to Comsore statistics, the current method of voice search accounts for 50% of the total number of online searches. According to the prediction of Comsore (Internet data analysis company of America), this number will increase to 70-80% by 2020.

The trend of voice search will change the way communication and in turn it will change the search market. So while implementing an SEO strategy, make sure you implement long tail keywords and build content with natural language to match the way users communicate with the voice. For example, in addition to using short keywords like before, use additional query-type keywords like: ("who", "what", "where", "when", "why "," How ") and behind it is a question mark. Those are voice keywords.

#2. Developing video content (Video Keyword Research)

Video content will become popular and become an inevitable trend of the near future. A Hubspot study found that 43% of users want to watch more information online video and is expected to 71% of traffic coming from online videos by 2020. It is the very near future that we are heading.

Recent statistics also show that companies using video content in their seo strategy have a natural traffic growth of up to 41%.

seo videos - trends of 2019
Develop more video channels to reach more

In fact, in the present, YouTube has become so big that people search for everything there without having to switch to Google. Google has included YouTube videos in its search results, and it is not uncommon to see them on page 1 results of Google.

If you haven't used YouTube and other video hosting platforms to build brand awareness and attract visitors, now try to take advantage of it. The powerful video sharing platforms that you can exploit such as: Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vevo, Twich ...

Focusing on the Millennials and GEN Z user groups, they are the generation of users who enjoy watching videos the most.

And because video content is so popular, you have options other than YouTube. You simply embed videos directly on your site and make users spend more time on your Website - and that's also a factor Google ranks your site higher.

# 3. Mobile First Indexing

First mobile indexing means that Google will mainly use the mobile version of the content to index and rank. Previously, the index primarily used the desktop version of the page content when evaluating the relevance of the page to the user's query. Because the majority of users now access Google via mobile devices, the index will mainly use the mobile version of page content in the future. However, Google did not create a separate mobile index first. They continue to use only the common index for both mobile and desktop versions.

With the first mobile indexing, Googlebot mainly crawls and indexes pages that are well optimized for mobile phones. Google will continue to display the URL that best matches the user (whether it's a desktop or mobile URL) in Search results.

As Google said, “We convert sites slowly to ensure a good experience for site owners and users. We evaluate each site for its first mobile-based indexing based on the best practices and convert the webpage when it's ready.

# 4. Build quality content

In 2020 content will continue to be one of the top ranking factors. Google's policy is to provide users with the best information. So the standards Google uses to evaluate good content will increase by 2020

Quality content is an important seo trend of 2019
SEO 2020 - Content must be quality and meet E-A-T criteria

If you want to have a good and sustainable ranking on Google, the first thing you need to do is analyze your users' search needs in depth and depth. Understand what they need and respond to their search needs with quality content. Once users like the information you bring, it is sure that in the eyes of Google Website you will be well evaluated and then your rankings will be very high and sustainable.

Technically, your content also needs to be optimized for search engines. That means putting the keywords just right in all the right places, naturally without keyword stuffing.

  • Title card
  • Meta description tag
  • H1-H4 card
  • Image name and alt tag
  • Document

Consider diversifying your content with semantic LSI keywords that are semantically relevant to the main keywords you use. It helps search engines better understand what you are offering.

Finally, a very important factor in content development in 2020 is that the content must meet criteria E - A - T (Experise, Authority, Trust) - this is the most important factor and greatly influences the ranking for your content.

You can find out more: What is E – A – T? How to set up E– A – T for effective content.

# 5. Secure website with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

A few years ago, Google announced that secure site certificates (SSL) are starting to affect the rankings of websites. We currently recognize that browsers such as Chrome are flagging websites that do not begin with HTTPS as unsafe. At around $ 39 per year, this is one of the least expensive and easiest ways to increase SEO rankings in 2020.

Looking for more information: How to convert Website from http to https without worrying about SEO impact

# 6.Improve better user experience (User Experience)

As always, Google will extremely favor and prioritize Websites to provide users with engaging and interesting experiences. So try to best optimize the factors that affect the user experience.

ux in seo trends 2019
Maximize the user experience you will get what you want

Use Google Analytics To track user behavior on your site, you can get an idea of ​​how much they like it. A high bounce rate may indicate that you may need to change something. You can improve UX on your site by increasing page loading speed, designing user-friendly interface, addressing technical issues and of course creating the best content for your visitors. friend.

Track traffic to your Website in Analytis closely. If you find that traffic has decreased overall or is related to some source, it could be an indication that things are going bad and you need to improve.

A small leak can sink a large ship; Do not let this happen to your Website!

# 7. Blockchain technology for SEO

The best known blockchain is the technology behind bitcoin. Basically, it is one Decentralized ledger system , where other transactions and records may be conducted, verified and archived. It can and has been used in many situations where the ability to track and maintain records without the risk of fraud is required.

PPC is still the standard for most businesses when it comes to online advertising. PPC is governed by a relatively small number of central agencies. As expected, they include Google and Facebook. Google manages PPC on the website through their Google Display Network, part of Google Adwords. For reference only, the ads you see on the screen of your search results are managed by the Google Search Network. Basically, the Google Display Network is suitable for advertisers and websites. One of the most important parts of this process is verifying websites to help prevent fraud. That is the key because the money advertisers lose due to fraud is billions of dollars.

Now, consider the possibility of using blockchain in this process. Google and other big players will no longer need to play the role of central authority. Instead, advertisers and websites can contact each other directly. This will include using smart contracts, verifying and securely storing those contracts, verifying users, reducing and eliminating fraud and insurance that businesses pay only for actual clicks. completed by humans, not bots.

When this happens, consumers may also feel more confident clicking through the ad to the landing page. This will result in a lot of traffic, time on page, conversions, along with an increase in other metrics used to promote SEO.

#8. Promote influential marketing (Influencer Marketing)

Marketing influences can bring many great opportunities when it comes to SEO. In fact, working with a fan base of influencers is valuable for any brand and for their SEO as it can bring you brand awareness, traffic. and sales. from customers.

Marketing influences - seo trends 2019
Influencers will help your brand reach out further (Photo by Dep.)

Influencers can make a difference by increasing their reach and positively impacting your SEO. While the main benefit of working with influencers is still an increase in leads and sales, its smaller portion is as important as social sharing, branding, and branding. , visibility, backlinks from them and more!

In another article we will discuss in more detail about this form of marketing.

# 9. Using long content (Long-Form Content)

For a long time, marketing experts have used long form content to generate leads. Together with drawing readers' attention, long form content can be used to better optimize web pages for search engines. Long form content helps websites increase online visibility, social sharing, and improve link building.

Whenever you post content on social media and are linked back to your site, you not only get quality links, but also drive traffic to your site from the background. Different social media platforms. Long-form detailed analysis of the issues may be shared by different social media users. This gives your brand more exposure and also helps establish you as an authority in your industry. On the other hand, the long form content is also one of the best content marketing trends to apply in 2020 according to Forbes.com.

Take time to create in-depth and useful content that will help your website to have better trust. This is why you need to see long content as part of the seo trends 2020.

# 10.II (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial intelligence and its impact on various industries have been a hot topic since 2018. Although the application of artificial intelligence in SEO is still in its infancy, but in 2020 and the next few years, it will strongly influence your SEO strategies.

Currently, AI is used in digital marketing to collect data on advertising targeting, to determine the relevance of content, identify customer segments for cross-selling, to streamline Which marketing campaigns and emotional value analysis have the most impact on their target audience. But a lot of companies are using AI technology to improve their search engine rankings

The immediate thing to do so that your SEO strategies are not affected or dominated by AI is to immediately stop black hat SEO techniques, and to provide users with a better experience, contextual content. match the user's search purpose.

These are the 10 popular SEO trends that will dominate the SEO industry in 2020. The following infographics will help you get a better overview of these new trends.

SEO trends 2020

This is all that I want to share with you SEOs about some effective SEO trends in 2020 and the years to come. Hopefully these shares of mine can help you to have the right direction for your SEO strategies. Wishing everyone the best in the shortest time.

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