10 content marketing goals worth pursuing (Should be applied to increase conversion rates)

Have you ever wondered why What is content marketing, why is it extremely effective for some businesses, but others are not.

A lot of people wonder why some content looks great, but it can't contribute to adding value to the business?

"Content is King" is a proposition that has been affirmed countless times by online marketers. But it is not quite right. It is not completely accurate.

All content, no matter how great it is, is just content.

Content can be entertaining. May be education. May contain the most mysterious things of the world.

But it does not contain extraordinary power & does not bring conversion to the business or help you achieve your goals until you realize one thing.

It will be really effective & generate conversions if you know how to book Content marketing goals.

What makes content marketing work?

To make content "work" You need to understand the marketing strategy & goals of the business. Then, you will create internal cancer suitable for those goals, instead of providing content with no clear direction just to let them kill time.

Blog posts, email marketing, ebooks, podcasts, advertisements, .... all are small pieces in the overall target picture.

If you are blogging to train your creativity, keep writing and don't stop.

But if you use content for business marketing and business, you need a specific content strategy so you can make the most of your time and effort.

Below are 10 business content marketing goals copyblogger.

When you go through this list, you can focus on one or two or all of it, depending on your own content strategy and plan.

Goal 1: Build trust and link with customers

This is the most obvious use of content marketing and it is also rated as one of the best goals.

When you create valuable, useful and interesting content, you build trust with your readers.

They read the topics around you, understand your personality, and know how to work with you.

Lack of confidence can kill conversions. Tons of valuable content builds trust unlike anything in this world.

But many marketers stop there while it is only the beginning.

Goal 2: Attract new potential customers into the funnel

We all get injected into the mind of an early marketer: You have to be noticeable.

Your content must be compelling enough to attract shares, links and generate conversions.

Why? Because that's how people will find you.

"No matter how interesting your existing customers are, you need a steady stream of new leads to keep your business stable and growing."

Content that is noticeably strong viral on webiste or media channels will take you to a new prospect file.

Goal 3: Dig deep & exploit customers' fears

Do not get me wrong. You don't do this like a sadist.

In fact, many businesses thrive because they can solve problems for their customers.

They deal with health, education, finance and technology.

"When you understand the prospect's problem, you understand how to solve it and then you will have your core communication message."

What makes them uncomfortable? What scares them? What makes them sleepless every night? The content strategy will drill down to address the issues that your potential customers are having.

A smart content marketing program will encourage customers to leave questions. They can be answered via email, blog comments or you can organize online discussions or seminars to solicit questions.

Learn about market issues and use them as a compass for your next content strategy.

Goal 4: Illustrate the benefits

Obviously, we do not declare other issues and leave them motionless.

Next, we should talk about solutions

We talk about how to fix those annoying problems, including techniques, tips, tricks, methods, approaches, etc.

“If you have a potential business, you have a special way to solve market problems. Your personal approach is the core of content marketing. ”

The article 10 ways to solve the X problem shows the benefits in your method. It illustrates how you solve problems and shows customers what they do when working with you.

Strategic content not only exploits the fear of potential customers, but also must let them know: “My product is a good way to solve your problem.And that is a fundamental persuasion technique.

Goal 5: Overcome obstacles

The prospect is having his own problems. But he also has certain concerns about your product.

Content strategies are a great way to solve this problem.

If they are concerned about the price, through content, let your customers see that your product can save for a long time.

If they find the product too complicated, write content that shows that customers can easily use them from A-Z without any problems.

Before buyers get to the sales page, learn the barriers that prevent customers from buying products, then think about ways to create content to solve that problem.

Goal 6: Connect your product to life

Joe Suggar was one of the first advertising masters to apply this goal to content marketing.

In the Copywriting Handbook, he described how to write an ad for a Corvette.

Feel the breeze blowing through your hair as you drive through warm evenings. Watch the head spin. Smash the gas pedal to the floor and feel the explosive power pinning you behind the back of your contoured seats. Look at the beautiful screen of electronic technology right on your dashboard. Feel the power and excitement of American super sports cars. ”

Clearly, Joe Suggar does not describe the car. He wrote down the experience you would have in that car.

Sugarman is the master at bringing customers into the product ownership experience, whether it is a pocket calculator, private jet or a multi-million dollar villa.

This goal works very well in advertising content, it is even more effective when you apply it to content marketing.

Storytelling is one of the best content marketing strategies and a great way for customers to feel the most of your offer before they experience it for themselves.

Use content to represent what is contained in your product or service.

Goal 7: Attract strategic partners

For a long time, Copybloger is considered a writer.

From the early days, the quality of content at Copybloger.com was built by many strategic partners. Brian Clark is the perfect partner with Copybloger.com to create the current business platform.

The partnership has brought a great complement to the skills and when we go together we can go further and faster than Brian can do it himself.

Whatever your business goals, cultivating relationships with the community is often the smartest way to get there. When you're passionate about creating great content, you'll find that potential partners are also drawn to that passion.

Goal 8: Build loyalty for existing customers

This is probably my favorite goal.

Every company must attract new customers, but a close relationship with existing customers is the key to help your company stabilize and grow stronger.

Even if you have never done any marketing for anyone other than your customers, you can radically improve your business by improving your relationship with existing customers. mine.

Create a richer experience for your customers. Make your products and services better by pairing them with useful, user-friendly content.

To put it simply, never treat any girl better than your current lover.

Offer great things to people who have bought products / services from you and they bring you greater value for that.

Goal 9: Develop new business ideas

Content is a great place to nurture new ideas.

Think about repositioning your product. Try to make it better the unique points of the product. Review issues around products that customers may want you to solve.

Put those ideas into your content and see how people react. You can see what excites people and what keeps people talking about it.

Jim Collins (Business writer) often talk about firing the first shots, then using the cannon. Sometimes you should remove something less risky to float and go to the ocean.

Don't start firing your biggest shot until you are sure you can actually hit the target. (And that is the goal of a hit.)

Content is a great test for new ideas with the least risk. You can start with the content and see how people respond & then decide whether or not to continue.

Target 10: Friendly search engines

People often misunderstand the purpose of creating content is to SEO on Google or other search engines. But the reality of search engines will discover you sooner if you bring valuable content.

So, change the target content, instead of wanting it to be on the top right on Google, build quality and valuable content first.

Source: https://www.copyblogger.com/content-marketing-goals/