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Smartphone keep price is an important criterion of many users, when choosing to buy yourself a phone.

So, why are smartphones losing prices, and which smartphones are holding the most prices, and which smartphones are losing the fastest prices? If you are having the same question, then let's find out more in this article.

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#first. What is devaluation?

Losing price is the amount of money lost (lost) when you sell a device that you have used for a period of time.

For example, you bought an iPhone 11 a month, and then sold. Even the machine does not have any errors, no repairs, no scratches, also full of accessories, also warranty of the company ... but one thing is sure that the price of the device you sell will be much lower than the machine price. You bought a new one.

More or less the depreciation is calculated by the percentage depreciation when selling the machine. For example, 10 million units, used and sold 7 million, depreciation is 30%.

The devaluation of the product will also depend greatly on each market, each segment of the device and each brand of the device.

Specifically, if you only count the famous smartphone OEMs, or have appeared in the market for a long time, judging from our country's market, you can see.

  • iPhone is the least devalued OEM with only about 30% depreciation after one year of use.
  • Samsung ranked second with about 40% depreciation after 1 year, then to Oppo and Xiaomi, ...
  • And the biggest losers are laptops, or Sony's (this is a sad story for Sony)

mobile-phone-home-fastest-market (1)

#2. The reason for the devaluation?

The reason the phone loses value is sure everyone understands: Because the phone is used, already Active. But what is the reason for the difference in price holding?

Temporarily excluding Apple! In the Android world, smartphones have the ability to keep prices proportional to the popularity of the device, or the market share of the device. That means Samsung will lose the least price, then Oppo, Xiaomi, and keep reducing beams until the end.

Machines not available in our country will also drop in price very quickly. LG, Google Pixel, Motorola, OnePlus, Meizu, ... are typical names. The devaluation of the device will also depend on the device segment. The higher segment will cost less.

Reason: The more popular it is, the easier it is to sell. The best iPhone prices are the most sought after. Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Note will depreciate less than the line Galaxy A good Galaxy M.

mobile-home-phone-fastest (3)

Next: Easy-to-fix machines can keep prices good. Google Pixel is not a small brand, but because notebook components are rare, the high price loss is understandable.

Sony can say that OEMs lose the most in terms of genuine products, because they have withdrawn from the Vietnamese market for too long, and when they come back, no one remembers them.

Repair capacity for Sony is only at Sony Center, while other genuine machines can be repaired anywhere, due to a larger supply of components.

As for the iPhone: Its price holding is very different from any Android brand, because they simply have iOS operating system.

If Android OEMs compete with each other in the market price, then users compete with each other in the old smartphone market. This makes the price of old Android will drop more than the iPhone.

And with top-notch repair capabilities, high stability, and great demand for ownership, it's not difficult to understand when the iPhone can keep such a good price.

It is said to buy iPhone 11 Pro Max early in the year, sold at the end of the year to buy a new Galaxy S10. This is correct, although it sounds a bit ridiculous.

fast-moving-mat-gia-nhat (4)

# 3. How to choose the smartphone with the least value loss?

If you are a person who needs to experience multiple devices, or simply want to replace them periodically, you should choose a device that holds a good price.

Based on the reasons that I have listed above, we will choose according to the criteria: Brand, demand, repair capabilities, and parameters based on your usage needs.

First: Want to buy a phone with the most price, you should choose to buy iPhone. And if you like Andorid, you should buy Samsung Galaxy S or Galaxy Note, Oppo Reno, Oppo Find, Xiaomi Mi Mix, Xiaomi Mi.


Next: Avoid buying notebooks. LG and Google Pixel even good, but if not a tech-savvy nobody will buy, because the ability to repair is quite low, and after using it will probably not care.

Next: Use the device must hold, this of course. A crushed machine can't hold a price 😀

And finally: There is no need to choose a price holder if you replace the device more than once a year, because choosing a price holder will make the number of devices you can choose no longer be plentiful. It will be limited to that number!

# 4. Conclude

Do you often choose a good price to buy? And your view on this issue like? Leave your comments below!

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