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As you know, Minecraft is an open world game. So, all the blocks, resources, items in the game are also very diverse.

Today I will continue the series to introduce the uses as well as things related to the items in the game. More specifically, in this article I will introduce you to understand more about spiderwebs and wires only in the Minecraft game.

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#first. General introduction of spider web in Minecrafe

Spider web is a fairly common resource in the game. It is an extremely useful item.

Basically, it is similar to the web in real life, except that it is designed to be a 3D cube to suit the game.

The use of spider web is not much, mainly to make thread and slow mobs, slow players when passing them. So you can use them on your own traps.

You can find them in the wild. Specifically, you can encounter them in abandoned mines, ending dungeons, snow house tunnels and spider rooms in wooden castles, etc.

#2. Introduction to thread

As you all know, the thread is essentially a product obtained after destroying the spider webs. It is an extremely useful item and has an English name in the game String.

They were tested by the developer in the first beta, released on March 19, 2010. They have many useful uses such as: materials to make many types of items, combining with strings to create traps.

# 3. Harvesting threads in the game Minecraft

Yarns in nature are very many:

You can find them in treasure chests, spider rooms, snow houses, and so on.

Kill the spider spider mobs (Spire Cave) which will drop from 0-2 threads.

When fishing, you can catch a thread, but the odds are extremely low.

The fisherman or fletche villagers can exchange the thread with you, for example 15-20 strands for an emerald (if you have enough yarn you can exchange).

Destroying the spider webs will cause a single thread to drop, while one cobweb will drop a single thread.

There are many ways to harvest thread from spider webs, in particular there are 3 ways as follows:

  1. The first way is to destroy the webs with a sword or scissors, generally this is the simplest way and the time to destroy them takes 1-2 seconds.
  2. The second way is to use water, you just need to pour water out of the spider web dust and they will automatically drop out the thread for you (this way is extremely fast and convenient).
  3. The last way is to use the thrusters to destroy the spider web, when the thrusters activated, they will immediately destroy the silk blocks and drop threads for you.

# 4. Some uses of the threads in the game

As you all know, thread is a pretty versatile item but here I will present to you two main uses of them:

Trap making: You can create an extremely simple trap system with threads.

Perform: First, you must prepare at least 2 random blocks, 2 trap hooks, thread, red rocks and other trap making tools such as trolleys, generators, ...

Then you put any 2 blocks out and put on them a hook hook. Next you use the thread to connect the two ends hooked together.

Finally, use the red stone to lead to your trap. Its mechanism is that when you step on the thread, the trap systems connected by the red stone will immediately activate. So you can create automatic traps to troll your friends, ...

Fabrication of goods: The next use of the thread is as a raw material to make many important items such as bows, fishing rods, wool blocks, ...

Specifically, the formulas I will put below the illustration for you to look!

- The construction of ...

- Formula for manufacturing wool blocks

- The formula for making the rope.

# 5. End

These are the things you need to know about spider webs and threads in the game Minecraft.

I wish you could create lots of cool things out of them. And don't forget to rate the article if you find it interesting to support me and my blog!

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