The truth about Binomo Binary Options Exchange

The truth about Binomo Binary Options Exchange

Binomo has recently been regarded as the most prestigious online exchange on the forex market, replacing other traditional investment and trading channels. Although it has only appeared for a short time, since 2014, Binomo has continuously offered promotions for traders with binary options strategies such as "Play Binomo to become a millionaire". , or "Make $ 30,000 a day" very attractive.

Does Binomo really bring so much benefit, or is it just a scam? Does Binomo allow real money withdrawal or will it be lost? Let's find out what Binomo is that can attract hundreds of thousands of traders worldwide.

What is Binomo?

Binomo is an investment channel binary options ie, like you trade forex, choose between indices to place positions up or down, buy or sell accordingly. You need to use your wits to trade and win. In fact, not everyone is capable of making money from forex exchanges based solely on intelligence, but moreover they need to have a little luck.

Binomo is a member of Finacom and is awarded the world's leading certifications of transparency and reputation. Binomo is a little different from Olymp Trade, while Binomo is a member of Finacom, while Olymp Trade is only granted a binary options operation certificate. This means that if the evaluation of reputation, Olymp Trade can not be equal to Binomo.

Can I withdraw money from Binomo?

Binomo does not support withdrawals via Paypal or Wire tranfer transfer directly to a bank account. But it is still possible to withdraw money from Binomo through intermediaries such as Skrill to Vietnam. But traders need to meet some of the following simple conditions to withdraw money from Binomo to your account:

  • Only people who have deposited money can withdraw money from Binomo. You can deposit money into Binomo in any way and you can withdraw money from Binomo in that way.

  • You need to have a certain amount of interest. Accordingly, the minimum amount that can be withdrawn via e-wallet is $ 10 USD (about 23 thousand VND) or $ 30 USD (about 681 thousand VND) on Visa card. The maximum amount for a single withdrawal is $ 200 USD (about 4.5 million).

  • In order to withdraw money, Binomo requires the player to send a full copy of authentication documents such as ID card, passport or documents when registering a bank card.

However, there are sometimes errors that prevent traders from temporarily withdrawing funds from Binomo:

  • Internet network error;

  • Bank transfer error;

  • Website system error.

Binomo was founded in 2014 and already has a business license. Therefore, Binomo is very well managed and reputable. All customer deposits are insured, so customers actually make real money, not virtual or fraudulent.

Binomo is a reputable channel, if you want to participate, please study and carefully review the trading rules, Terms and Conditions of Binomo so that you can earn money properly and without damage.

Is Binomo a scam?

Binomo is a business organization, a prestigious investment channel in many countries around the world, including Vietnam. The many people said that Binomo scam is incorrect, because Binomo has quite detailed and clear rules about the rights of the parties, including participating customers and service providers in the Terms and Conditions of transaction.

Some old customers also have a small portion of people who are dissatisfied with the site's operation. Among the old customers there are also those who are dissatisfied with the operation on the platform. So what makes them so dissatisfied?

  • Maybe those customers are members of rival companies, they do so to reduce Binomo's reputation and possibly flatter their companies.

  • These customers may not have fully understood how Binomo operates, trades, or withdraws money.

  • This may be because these customers withdraw money unsuccessfully after earning certain profits.

There are many reasons why people can't withdraw money at Binomo and they think it is a scam.

  • Using the wrong account to deposit and withdraw money.

  • Withdrawal requests were too large, many requested withdrawals in excess of Binomo's funds so they could not withdraw funds.

  • Using prepaid card to deposit money will not be allowed to withdraw later.

Customers should carefully understand Binomo's withdrawal conditions to avoid misunderstanding Binomo as a scam. You should avoid fake websites by choosing to subscribe to Binomo from reputable referrals. This will help you be the safest for your account.

The activities of Binomo's brokers are regulated by a reputable committee. Therefore, in case of financial difficulties, Binomo users may be refunded the money previously deposited to the trading account.

Binomo receives a lot of positive comments from customers, because they have learned properly and withdraw money from Binomo. The official website of the Binomo binary options broker offers extremely convenient services to its clients:

  • Quick money withdrawal;

  • Free training for beginners and experienced traders;

  • Choose from a variety of account types;

  • Many ways to deposit and withdraw money;

  • Loyalty customer reward.

With these convenient services, Binomo gradually attracted more customers. In general, Binomo has quite a lot of strict rules that require players to comply with the rules if they do not want the transaction to fail or cannot withdraw money at Binomo.

There are mixed opinions that Binomo is a scam but all are fake, fabricated or because they have not fully understood the website's operating system. Binomo is a reputable, quality channel, a lot of famous people also joined Binomo. As mentioned, you need to understand and understand Binomo's Terms and Conditions as well as methods of withdrawing money to an account in Vietnam. Therefore, all allegations that this binary options broker is fraudulent are not true.

Note: This is a paid press release article, so readers should do their own research before making any decisions, especially with projects that are committed to high profits. ToiYeuBitcoin will not be responsible for any damage and loss caused by readers who believe in the content, services, and products in the article.

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