Psychological analysis of users when buying through affiliate links

It's been a while since I've written a blog. So today I came back and made a funny post to Psychological analysis of users when buying through Affiliate links. Are they excited? Do they understand the nature of affiliate marketing? Or simply how will they feel when they buy through the Affiliate link?

As you all know, the Internet is booming and online business is becoming popular. Suppliers who want to boost sales often create affiliate marketing programs. Therefore, the form of making money online with affiliate marketing was born. They will quote you a profit on every successful order.

So in theory, that you can make money, even a lot of money from affiliate marketing. However, you want to know the psychology of your customers when you see your affiliate marketing link. Then let me analyze and clarify in this article! 😀

The truth about affiliate links

As I said above, making money online with affiliate marketing is that you sell vendors' products. For each successful order, they will give you a commission.

Affiliate links are the basis for them to do that. Based on the affiliate link for the vendor to analyze sales performance, sales statistics and pay you a commission.

That means the affiliate link does not affect the purchase process or the quality of the product or service (just one more intermediary step 😀). It is because of that intermediary step that raises a number of psychological problems when buying.

Specifically . . .

Psychology of customers when buying through affiliate links

This is an open problem, and the opinions I make in this article are purely subjective views of individuals.

Bloggers, who make money with affiliate marketing have never wondered: How will customers feel when they click through to aff links. Or put in you, are you willing to buy the product through someone else's affiliate marketing link?

It is through my own experience and the sharing from the people I work with to affiiate. That customers are not really comfortable buying from affiliate marketing. They are still a bit afraid, a little afraid that they will encounter something, afraid others have money and they do not. They are jealous of you, thinking that the form you are doing is multi-level (recruiting ref to make money). Or rather, it IS USEFUL!

This is also the common psychology of Vietnamese customers when shopping online.

Of course not all. There are still plenty of people willing to pay a fair sum of money to buy things through your affiliate marketing link. Because they want to pay for what you bring to them (knowledge, experience, ...)

How to "solve the problem of customer psychology"

Any problem has its own solution. With this problem, I will reveal to you 2 methods that I think are the most perfect:

  • Building a strong brand on the Internet

    Usually, customers will trust the products and services of well-known suppliers in the market. On the Internet, too, a strong brand will be the most effective way to eliminate the fear of customers.

    I take for example blog canhme by Luan Chen, or blog by Nguyen Anh Ngoc. These are all popular blogs and have quite a high revenue from affiliate marketing. And of course the people behind those blogs have had to work hard to build brands on the Internet, creating trust with customers.

  • Create gift programs

When shopping online, in addition to paying attention to discount codes and vouchers, customers are often looking for the bundled gift programs. If you make money online with affiliate marketing, gifts will be a very powerful "secret weapon" for you to bring orders.

For example when you do affiliate marketing weight loss drugs, maybe book ebook included The effective weight loss methods at home. Or you affiliate marketing hosting, domain, VPS, .. maybe Comes with products such as themes, plugins

And finally . . .

Purchasing via affiliate link is the right thing to do


Link affiliate does not bring you trouble during the purchase and use of the product. It is only a basis for suppliers or network marketing order statistics.

Moreover, when buying through affiliate marketing, you do not lose anything but the blog owner has a sum of money to cover the costs and maintain the operation of the blog.

More specific:

1. For users (who buy goods through affiliate marketing links)

  • Read specific instructions and detailed articles.

  • Receive a discount code for purchases that sometimes only the blog owner owns.

  • Get support during use if you get stuck.

  • Receive sincere advice from the blog owner.

  • Can create close relationships that help you advance your career.

  • . . . And there are many other useful things you will experience during blogging.

2. For blog owners (who do affiliate marketing)

  • The blog owner will receive a commission that the provider pays them. This will be the money for them to maintain the operation of the blog, helping bloggers bring more useful value for you.

  • Find joy and motivation in life.

  • Creating credibility with the community.

  • Feel yourself trusted.

So, don't be afraid to buy through affiliate marketing. If you shop online often, don't be afraid to support bloggers, affiliate marketers.

Because they are the ones who can bring you more than what your commission gives them.


Thus, the psychology of users when buying through affiliate links is also quite "childish", hehe 😀

In addition, this article is also my message to the blogger community. People who are working online on the Internet.

That: Don't be afraid to buy through affiliate links on the blog. Because it is the basis for us to create relationships, develop together, bring together useful values ​​for the community.

Good luck!!!

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