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Over the past few years, Pinterest has become one of the top sources of social traffic for marketers, especially e-commerce project sites. Unlike other social media networks, Pinterest is one Intuitive search engine .

Pinterest posts - also called Pin - exist 1600 times longer than Facebook posts or any other forum:

battery expiry date

This means that although the percentage of followers has contributed significantly to the above results, the majority will come from your SEO efforts (search engine optimization) on Pinterest.

A person with 2000 followers may have more traffic or even more than 50 000 followers if that person follows the best Pinterest marketing methods, more importantly he has a head start. Invest in SEO on Pinterest.

But Pinterest is a new forum with ever-changing (sometimes confusing) rules and algorithms:

  • "Don't use hashtag on Pinterest."
  • "Use hashtag."
  • "The first 5 pins are the most important."

Even Pinterest employees are unaware of these rules!

But if you want to achieve success on Pinterest by penetrating and editing standard SEO rules to algorithmize your Pinterest marketing strategy, follow this article - this is the ultimate guide for SEO on Pinterest that you read.

How does SEO on Pinterest work?

I have conducted some SEO tests on Pinterest in the past. And the tips I share here are the result of a key piece of SEO strategy on Pinterest that I gained even when I had less than 200 followers:

Results seo pinterest

When you think SEO on Pinterest is very similar to SEO on Google, it is.

Some keywords are used to rank factors, typically - Power , Specialization, Relevance and Trust .

This is how SEO works and helps you stand out on Pinterest.

Become an authorized user on Pinterest

Like Google, Pinterest will prioritize useful content from an official user over similar quality content from less authorized users.

Therefore, increasing the profile authority on Pinterest is extremely important. The two main factors that prove authority on Pinterest are quality and the site signals of Pinterest users.

Pinterest user quality

After you create a suitable trading account on Pinterest and learn how to use Pinterest for your business, your first priority is to become a high quality user.

A top user on Pinterest is a manager Consistency content quality high have relate to insightful to their target customers.

Here's how to improve the quality of your profile on Pinterest.

1. Relevance

Pinterest said :

"Content relevance is more important than anything else on Pinterest ... A valuable content must match the interests and needs of readers."

Create a few categories on Pinterest that include different types of content that your readers search for and only post content related to them.

Create relevant tables

2. Quality post

Find 10 to 20 high quality posts from other official users or use the search feature and post those posts to your relevant categories. You will begin to see more interaction on your profile right away.

3. Consistency

You can post the best posts on Pinterest, but if you don't do it regularly and consistently, Pinterest will not see you as a trusted content creator who can help their commercial activities grow. .

Suggestions: Those are the people that Pinterest promotes growth!

Pinterest thrives in content and content status new:

"Split time adding new Pins one by one instead of uploading at the same time."

A simple, time-effective way to do this is to invest in a smart post scheduling tool like Tailwind - we'll find out later.

Side note: You can leave all of your low-quality categories and only join high-quality categories on Pinterest because joining both types of categories can lead to talent. Your account is not trusted.

Signal site

Just like optimizing Pinterest, optimizing your website is equally important.

1. Website speed

Do you know that 85% of users use mobile devices to access Pinterest?

mobile pinners

More than ever, right now you need a mobile-friendly website. We are not talking about responsiveness solely - the most important aspect is still your website speed.

Like Google, when users perform a search, click on your site and then are quickly taken back to Pinterest to continue a similar search, this will lead to false signals.

Now it's time to optimize your site in terms of responsiveness and site speed.

If your site is slow, this is likely the place storage.

2. Real posting rate

It's great for people to click on your site from a series of suggestions on Pinterest.

Then what do they do next? Do they save your content in their categories on Pinterest? If not, we need to fix it.

The number of people who save your content on Pinterest takes a long time to prove that it's really quality and should be shown more often. The more accounts that post your content, the better.

The following is a simple way to increase the number of people who save your content.

Add a Pin image to your post:

Increase seo pinterest

You can ask the graphic designer to create some standard 2: 3 posts (e.g. 600 x 900 px) or product images that Pinterest users can save. These images also help call users to share posts with content: "Repost for later!"

Given the number of posts you will create, if you really want to attract more viewers, it is best to use the post template to save time / costs. Here are 7 free post templates you can check out.

But the images on Pinterest are huge and I understand that not everyone is comfortable putting them into a blog post. In that case, you can invest in a social media plug-in with enhanced Pinterest functionality, typically the Social Snap plugin, adding your post to the plugin.

You can even add a description with optimized keywords:

Add a keyword optimization description

Optimize keywords on Pinterest

If you want your posts to show up in Pinterest's new smart feed, you have to follow the best SEO practices on Pinterest.

You have to optimize the categories on Pinterest and the description of the post using the right keywords and target the keywords on Pinterest, we'll cover this later.

Right now, start with optimizing the categories.

How to optimize categories on Pinterest

There are some tricks that I use to optimize Pinterest categories for the accounts I use.

Suppose I sell shoes, to find category names with many related keywords, I will enter the following URL and hope that I have good luck:

And here is what appears:

Keyword rich board name 1

What you are looking for here is a topic that has followers and is identified on Pinterest. But sometimes your topic is too new and you will find nothing using this method.

As you can see, we not only confirmed that "Shoes" is a category name that has a lot of perfect keywords, but we also found some other category names we could use!

Another option is to use the Pinterest search bar to come up with ideas:

Keyword rich board name 2

Using this method, we can also come up with some category names with great ‘keywords’.

Next, we will move on to the section description.

Category description on Pinterest: What to write

Most users leave their category descriptions empty, but acting like a business, you can't afford to do that.

You need to use tangible valuable assets to use your account for longer!

To solve this problem, we use the keywords found in the search section to explain more in depth.

Keyword search page 3

For example, here is a pair of related keywords for a potential category, "Sport shoes."

Using the keywords we found, we can write a description for the category human on Pinterest to help our posts and categories stand out in search and suggestions.

Remember that the current character limit for Pinterest categories is 500 characters, so take advantage.

How to optimize your post for effective search

Now that we have our sections, let's dive into how to optimize individual posts!

There are 3 ways to find the best keywords for your post - a common way and two less commonly used ...

1. Pinterest search bar (popular)

Enter a search term in the search bar and note the suggested keywords:

Keyword search page 1

You can also click on each suggestion and find more related keywords to use.

Scrolling down the search results page, you can find some related searches and keywords:

Keyword search page 2

2. Pinterest advertising management forum (rarely used)

This is my favorite way of making keywords on Pinterest because it also displays estimated search volume and helps me prioritize target keywords.

But Pinterest has changed a lot since Kat filmed that video, so you can follow along with my screenshot below.

Go to the forum Ad management (Ads) of Pinterest:

pinterest advertising management platform

On the next page, you need to select your campaign goal and click continue (continue):

target pinterest keyword step 2

Next, you will scroll down to the keyword entry (I don't touch any target demographic information) and enter your search term:

Keyword targeting pinterest 3

As you can see, we have found dozens of interesting keywords on Pinterest!

3. SEO tools on Pinterest (free)

Finally, there is an SEO tool on Pinterest that can help you do a search with just one click and it's free.

Move to Pinterest keyword tool (Pinterest Keyword Tool) and enter your search term:

pinterest keyword tool

What should you optimize?

When most people think about posts optimization, what often comes to mind is the Post Description. But that is not the only thing you need to pay attention to.

There are 5 positions you should keep in mind for maximum results:

  • Post image name (in .jpeg format)
  • Post title
  • The excerpt is expensive on the post
  • Post description
  • The hashtag

A fully optimized post will look like this:

Example of pin pinterest

The description may be used for a few other purposes, but this post is optimized to rank the keywords "beautiful shoes".

If you search for the keyword "beautiful shoes" you will see our post!

pinterest seo proof

Post strategically (where, how and when)

Finally, we have optimized our profile, categories and posts, now it's time to post.

But it is not random posting that you need to have a strategy.

To get the most out of your SEO efforts on Pinterest, you should first start by posting new articles with related personal categories into other categories and group categories.

Remember not to post all at once.

Tailwind is the only smart post scheduling tool I use for account management. This tool helps you create a custom post schedule based on the time you interact most.

You'll also find Tailwind's browser extensions and apps to be useful for scheduling even when you're extremely busy, here are just a few of Tailwind's incredible features. Tailwind has a free trial without credit card activation, so sign up and see if you like it as much as I do.

Summary,When you fully implement all these SEO tips on Pinterest and start creating valuable posts to click, you'll see your traffic, sales, and subscriber numbers soar!

Nguyen Diep

My name is Nguyen Manh Cuong. I was born in a poor village in Ba Vi district, HA NOI province - windy and sunny land. Currently

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