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The famous IQ Option in the market is a binary options broker (Binary Option - BO) reputation and best today. Having operated in the market for 17 years, IQ Option has more than 40 million investors who trust in choosing to be a broker and more than 1 million trading accounts per day. IQ Option offers hundreds of trading products with payout rates up to 95%.

IQ Option is the only binary exchange to date with the license of CySEC - Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, therefore, in terms of reputation, IQ Option is BO platform. The most reliable on the market.

In order to create opportunities for small investors to participate in this potential market, IQ Option only requires a minimum capital of $ 10, can trade at least $ 1, and offer a lot of deposit and withdrawal methods, which support the form of Internet banking, a convenient deposit and withdrawal channel, used by many Vietnamese traders.

One of the factors that make the popularity and popularity of most investors with IQ Option is that the customer service at this BO floor is very good. The website supports up to 17 different languages, including Vietnamese, Livechat operates 24/7 and especially the staff of the support floor are very enthusiastic.

Before going to the section of opening a trading account and depositing and withdrawing, which we will present shortly, you can review the article. Review IQ Option floor to have the most specific view of the floor.

Part 1: Open an IQ Option trading account

For IQ Option, the process of opening a complete trading account can be divided into 3 steps: account registration, identity verification and security settings.

Step 1: Register for a trading account

First, click the button below to quickly access the homepage of IQ Option.

Open an IQ Option account

The interface of the homepage will appear as follows:

If the website is displaying the default English language, then you click on the flag icon at the top right corner of the screen to select the Vietnamese language.

To open a trading account, click the button Registration or Trade now marked as shown above.

Registration form appears, in the first box, you enter Middle name and First name, the second box entered Surname, the third box entered Email and finally enter password for the account.

After entering all information, click the box "I confirm that I am 18 years old ..." then press the button Open an account for free.

After that, the system will send you an account verification email, as shown below:

Click on the button Confirm email To proceed with authentication, the screen will redirect you to the account management page.

Here, the system has already shown the interface Recharge, but you do not need to top up now, you should verify and install security first to ensure more safety for your account..

To proceed to verification and privacy settings, click on the person icon in the right corner of the screen:

Step 2: Verify account

To verify your account, click on the box Verification

When you verify your account by email, at this step, the system will notify successful email verification, now just verify your phone number and personal data.

The reason you have to perform these verification steps is because the risk of online transactions is very high, when fully verified, others will not be able to log in to the account if they do not have your phone, even if they know both the email and the login password for the account. To verify your phone number, enter the phone number you use, note the first zero away. Then click the button Get the code.

You will receive a call from the system to the phone number you registered, the operator will read the 5-digit OTP code, memorize and fill in the blank box as shown above, then press the button. Continue.

At this time, the screen will display a notice on successful phone verification. Click on the button Continue to the next step.

Next is to verify your identity, here, you fill out personal information including gender, date of birth, address, postal code ... as shown below

Note: For postal codes, you can look up information on Google, remember to choose the latest updated postal code. In the address of residence, you must enter exactly with the address indicated in the papers that you will use to verify later.

At the umbrella "I am an individual who is obligated to pay US taxes (US reportable person)," leave it as it is, do not click to select it. After entering the information, click the button Save and continue.

The system will notify that your personal data profile has been successfully updated. Here, you press the button Continue to go to the identity verification download section.

Documents for identity verification may be one of the following: ID card, Passport (Passport), Driver's license or ID card. Photos must be clear and free from corners, with JPG or PNG images and 8MB in size.

To start verifying your identity, click the button Upload the document.

Here, you choose the country is Vietnam, then select one of 3 types of documents used for verification.

The first is to upload the front of the paper, press the button Choose file to select the image from the computer.

Then click Finish to continue uploading the back of the document. Each time you upload it, the system will check if your document is valid or not, if it is invalid then the floor will ask you to reload another image.

Similarly for the back. The time it takes for your document to be reviewed is 24 - 48 hours. You will receive an email notification or can follow the verification process at your account management page.

Step 3: Set up security and safety for the account

IQ Option has a 2-layer security mode for investors' accounts, to activate this feature, go to the section Personal data then continue to choose Safe and confidential.

To turn on the 2-layer security feature, click on the icon "Turn on" marked with a blue box on the picture, then the system will call your phone number and notify the 5-digit OTP code, enter that code into the blank box as shown and press the button Confirm.

After turning on this feature, every time you log in to your account, the system will call or send you a message to notify you of OTP code, this OTP code will be able to login to your account. This feature helps make your account more secure, avoiding the case of crooks knowing the ID and password. They can only log in to their account when they have your phone.

Here, you can also change the password of the account by clicking the button Change Password.

To change the password for your account, enter the old password (the password you created at the registration of the trading account), the new password and confirm a new password. Then click Save to complete.

In addition, you can track the devices that have ever logged in to your account and the login time. If you find a strange device, immediately change your password to ensure safety for your account.

So we have successfully opened a new trading account at IQ Option and have also conducted the verification and security settings. In the next section, we will guide you to deposit and withdraw money at this BO floor.

But before depositing and withdrawing money, you can go to the trading room (Trade room) to see how the trading platform at this floor is offline.

To go to the Trade room, click the button Trade now in the right corner, at the top of the screen.

The interface of Trade room will appear as follows:

When registering a trading account, the exchange has opened for you a Demo account. You can practice on this account before officially trading on the real account. To switch between accounts, click on the account balance icon (each account will be represented by the amount of money in that account), as shown below.:

Note: to open one or more other real accounts at IQ Option, you must use another email and register again from the beginning as we have instructed above. Only one live account and one Demo account can be opened for each email.

With IQ Option, you can trade directly on the web platform (this is the Trade room) or download software on computers and mobile applications.

Part 2: Instructions to deposit and withdraw money at IQ Option


At the trade page, click the button Recharge in the top right corner or click on the Camera icon (account avatar) and select Recharge as shown below:

Or you can also perform these operations at the account management page as before. Everywhere produces the same result.

Here, you select the form of deposit, choose the currency and amount to deposit. IQ Option allows you to deposit in VND, but we will guide you to deposit in USD (look at the numbers for less distractions), choose the currency, the implementation process is the same.

In this article, we will guide you to recharge by 3 methods, Internet banking, Visa / Master cards and Skrill E-wallet (with Neteller e-wallet, you do the same).

Deposit money with Internet banking

First, choose the bank where you open your Internet banking account there, we will guide you to deposit money with Vietcombank account, this bank is used by most traders for deposit and withdrawal transactions in the market. this.

For Internet banking, the exchange requires you to deposit a minimum of $ 15.

After entering the deposit amount, press the button Continue.

Here, enter the username and password of your Internet banking account, then press Continue.

At this time, the bank will send to your phone number 6-digit OTP confirmation code. Enter that code in the box provided and then click Confirm is done.

Deposit by Visa / Master cards

First, you also choose the currency and amount to deposit, with this method, the exchange only requires you to deposit a minimum of $ 10. Then enter the card's information, including: Card number, validity period, Cardholder's name (Your card must be in your name because IQ Option does not allow 3rd party payments), CVC Code then press the button Continue.

At this time, the bank will also send to your phone an OTP confirmation code like Internet banking, enter that code in the box as shown above and then press Confirm to complete the deposit transaction.

Recharge with Skrill e-wallet

With Skrill e-wallet, you can also top up at least $ 10. After pressing the button Continue, the screen will appear as follows:

Here, enter the email and password of the Skrill account, then press the button Se Connecter to complete the transaction.


To withdraw money, you click on the avatar and select Capital withdrawal as shown below:

Here, we will guide withdrawals in 2 forms: bank account and e-wallet Skrill. There was an error during the recharge process with the Visa / Master cards, so in this section we cannot guide you to withdraw money with your Visa card. However, the withdrawal process will be similar to the form of a bank account, you can refer to the instructions below to practice withdrawing money on your account.

Withdraw money to bank account

First, select the bank you want to withdraw money, then enter the information including: the amount you want to withdraw, the cardholder name and bank account number, then press the button Withdraw Funds (Or Withdrawal) is done.

Withdraw money to Skrill e-wallet

Here, you enter the amount you want to withdraw and email account Skrill wallet and then press the button Withdraw Funds is done.

All withdrawals will be processed within 1-3 days. Please rest assured wait, the money will come to your account soon.

So we have instructed you to open an account as well as perform deposit and withdrawal transactions at IQ Option binary options trading platform. The steps are not too difficult, only one thing that you should keep in mind when opening a trading account at any BO or forex floor is to perform account verification (identity and location verification). only) and install all the security methods that the exchange provides to ensure the safest possible account.


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