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How to add Tweets to posts in WordPress - Want to add a post tweet box at WordPress? Social media integration in WordPress has become a top priority for every website, the degree of effectiveness determines the growth of the website. A great way to integrate WordPress with Twitter is to provide visitors with the ability to send tweets directly from the post content.

This gives visitors the opportunity to immediately share what they think about the post to their followers. It is extremely convenient for visitors and greatly increases the chances of visitors tweeting about your content. Next, I would like to demonstrate how to add a tweet box to a post at WordPress using the Better Click to Tweet plugin.

Why do you need to allow visitors to Tweet from WordPress?

The content mentioned in social media channels is extremely important, but it is also very difficult. Adding a tweet box to WordPress makes it much more convenient for visitors to create tweets related to content from you. The more convenient it is, the more there is an excuse for someone to tweet. Consider the process of yes, no tweet box.

The visitor only needs to read the article he / she really likes in your website. There is a tweet box in that post so that he / she creates a message and it will automatically link to the post and handle the Twitter website.

If there is no tweet box that he / she wants to share it at social media, he / she needs to go to the platform himself to tweet it. Of course, just saying that great content is not enough. Then, they will need to get the article link and then handle the Twitter website. As you imagine, it is more convenient to have a tweet box at WordPress. It will make the content easier to share at Twitter.

How to add Tweet box for posts in WordPress

In the article, I will show you how to add a tweet box to a post in WordPress using the Better Click to Tweet plugin. This plugin makes adding tweet boxes quick and simple. Just add Twitter with a shortcode or click the new toolbar option to the post and you will have the tweet box ready to go. The only problem with the plugin is that you will have to add a shortcode to every post you want the tweet box to appear, which is a problem for larger websites.

If you encounter these plugins, this plugin has no valid title, notice when trying to activate the plugin, clear the cache from the website. There are many plugins to help you manage your website cache.

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Install the Better Click to Tweet plugin

Click Plugin, select Add new in the left option.


Find the plugin at the box. This will pull in more useful plugins.


Hover until you find the plugin Better Click to Tweet click install now, activate use.


In the admin panel, click the Better Click to Tweet option. This will pull up the main settings page.


Set up the Better Click to Tweet plugin

This plugin does not have many changeable settings. Instead, it uses shortcodes that do most of the work. At the top of the page, you will see the instructions. This will provide clear instructions on how to use shortcodes in post content, but I'll also list them later.

Below you will find the settings. Here, you add the Twitter Handle to the website and choose whether to use short URLs or not.


We recommend setting custom short URLs because they make sharing content easier at social media. When you're done, click the Save button.

Add a Tweet box to post content

Now that everything is set up, it's time to really start adding the tweet box to the post content. As stated before, this plugin lacks the bulk action feature. You will have to manually insert the shortcode into each post or use the Better Click button to Tweet Shortcode Generator. It is very simple, but it is a very tedious task with a larger website.

Open any existing article or create a new post. You have two options to add a tweet box. Enter the following short code:

(bctt tweet = "Enter Tweet Message Here!")

Or click a better click button to Tweet Shortcode Generator, indicated by the Twitter icon.


Make sure to place the shortcode exactly where you want the tweet box to appear. Check page preview or live page to see the changes.


Congratulations, you have successfully added the tweet box to your WordPress post. You will need to repeat this for each post you want it to appear. It is recommended that the tweet box be placed in the same position for each post.

Help visitors share your content

While many visitors will be happy to share content with you on social media, it doesn't happen as often as you want. You need to be proactive and get visitors to share content from you on the platform they like best. The share button with every platform helps you achieve this. The more platforms you sign up for, the more chances that visitors will find you on that platform.

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