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WordPress can throw you quite a lot of curves when starting out. One minute everything works fine, and the next, you're stuck with a stubborn error.

While most WordPress errors are easy to fix, sometimes your only option is to reinstall the whole thing from scratch. Other times, you are not even at fault. A hacker could render your site unusable and reinstalling could be a boon to your savings.

In today's post, we show you exactly how to reinstall WordPress without losing your content. If you want to nuke your WordPress site and start with a blank copy, we will also include that.

Important considerations: Before you do anything, it is important Create backups of your website . Although you may not need to back up after reinstalling WordPress, it is essential to back up if everything goes wrong. For safety, back up automatically and make sure you always have copies of websites saved on your computer or online.

Without more hassle, let's get down to work.

Why / When do I need to reinstall WordPress?

First, why or when you need to reinstall WordPress? Typically, you reinstall WordPress when you:

  • Stuck with an error even after trying every troubleshooting technique in the book - Don't run to reinstall WordPress every time an error occurs, as we said before, most WordPress errors are easy repair .
  • Need to reset and reuse the test site - Perhaps, you are testing themes or plugins. Developers reinstall WordPress all the time due to the nature of their work. I did that a few times with my test site as well.
  • Must rebuild or reuse your site - When hackers spit in my face a while ago, I had to rebuild my site from scratch. I quickly reinstalled WordPress while saving some of my content, which saved me a lot of time and effort.

In other words, reinstalling WordPress to fix your site is the last resort when everything else fails. That's the way, let's roll up our sleeves and go to work.

How to reinstall WordPress: Method

Reinstalling WordPress is easy, although it may seem difficult at first. It is also fun, so get ready for a good time. In the following, we present four methods to reinstall WordPress.

Method 1: How to reinstall WordPress from your Admin console

Did you know you can reinstall WordPress right from your admin console? Oh, yes, you can, and it's so simple.

To reinstall WordPress from the control panel, navigate to Control Panel> Update and click the Reinstall Now button, as we emphasize in the image below.

How to reinstall wordpress from the admin panel

WordPress will reinstall automatically, and in a few seconds, you'll see a welcome page:

wordpress welcome page

It is important to note that this method only reinstalles core WordPress files. Your themes, plugins, designs, content and everything else remain the same. This is the easiest and beginner-friendly method to reinstall WordPress without breaking your site.

Also: If for some reason you can't access your WordPress admin console, you can still reinstall WordPress using the other methods in the post.

Method 2: How to reinstall WordPress with WP-CLI

WP-CLI stands for WordPress command line interface. This is a free, open-source and developer-friendly tool that many people use to install plugins, configure multi-site settings and do more without using a web browser.

Many web servers support WP-CLI today. You just got into fluent in WP-CLI commands to benefit from the tool. If you know your way around WP-CLI, there is one Comeinand simple to reinstall WordPress .

The above command will download and install WordPress without harming your content. This method is not for absolute beginners - you must know your way around WP-CLI and the server.

Method 3: How to reinstall WordPress via FTP

Now for the fun part. In the following section, you learn how to manually reinstall WordPress. We like that kind of thing, right? If we agree, come to it.

To get started, visit and download the latest version of WordPress:

Official wordpress website

Next, extract the WordPress ZIP file to your computer and then delete the wp-content folder:

Note: Deleting the wp-content directory ensures that you do not overwrite the corresponding directory on your web server. The wp-content directory contains your theme, plugins, and media uploads - all the shiny things you don't want to lose.

Then log in to your website via FTP:

Next, upload the remaining files from the WordPress directory to your website:

Your FTP program (I am using WinSCP ) will prompt you with a message telling you you are about to overwrite the files. Agree and let the upload process continue until all files have been uploaded.

And that is it; You have just reinstalled WordPress manually via FTP while keeping your content

Method 4: How to reinstall WordPress without preserving content

Suppose you want to start with an empty table. You want to nuke the whole thing and start over without keeping any of your content, themes or plugins.

Caution: Make sure you are ready to lose your content before forwarding. If you want to keep posts, tags, comments, categories, etc., consider exporting the data to an XML file. Alternatively, you can create an emergency backup if you need it later.

Not sure how to export your WordPress posts?

Well, that was easy.

In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Tools> Export, as shown below.

Next, select All content and click Download export file at the bottom of the screen.

Save the output file safely on your computer. If you do not need to keep any content, skip the above steps and continue reading.

Delete WordPress settings in cPanel

Most web hosts give you a one-click installer to set up WordPress in less than five minutes. But did you know you can use the same installer to delete your WordPress site? Yes, it is also surprisingly easy!

If you use cPanel, click on the WordPress icon in the Soft Application Installer. Some servers use the Fantastico application installer, but the process is still relatively similar.

Soft application installer

On the next screen, scroll down, find the webpage you want to delete, and click the (x) delete icon:

Next, click the Delete Settings button at the bottom of the next page.

After deleting your WordPress site, you can install a new blank website through submission one click install or install famous WordPress in 5 minutes.

Reward: Reset WordPress via Plugin

We all love WordPress because, for whatever functionality you need, there's a plugin that keeps you from fiddling with code and scary technologies.

If you don't have time for FTP and cPanel (and still have access to your WordPress admin console), you can use the plugin to reset your site completely.

WordPress reset plugins are especially useful for theme developers and plugins that want to create a new test site quickly.

The WordPress reset plugin deletes all customizations, database tables, posts, pages or specific sections such as theme settings. However, resetting the plugin does not delete your uploads, themes, and plugins. Usually, plugins will deactivate themes and plugins.

To reset your WordPress settings, you can use a plugin like WP Reset or Advanced WordPress Reset .


Reinstalling WordPress is very simple. Typically, this process involves replacing the core WordPress files on your website. You can now do it manually or choose any of the automated options we mentioned. The route you take depends on your personal preferences.

For perfect beginners, we recommend trying the automated options first. If for any reason you are unable to access your administrator control panel, you have manual procedures at your disposal. Remember, reinstalling WordPress will be your last resort if you are trying to fix the error. Also, make sure to create a backup before deleting anything.

Do you have questions or suggestions? Please let us know in the comments!

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