How to Detect AdBlockers & Display Notifications In WordPress

Using ad network platforms like AdSense to make money from websites used to be one of the best ways to make money from blogging.

However, with the advent of AdBlock software, advertising became a challenge and a great challenge for most bloggers.

As you develop your blog, you will practically give away your valuable experience and information for free. All you ask in return is the ability to display a few ads on your blog in the hope of getting a few clicks to cover the cost of the site and hosting. It is not so much to ask.

The AdBlock software cruelly deprives the rights of bloggers to make money from a website with ad networks. Well, now you have a chance to fight back.

In this guide, we will show you how to detect users using AdBlock software and encourage them to disable the software to support your website or blog.

What is AdBlocker?

AdBlock software is a browser extension that can be installed on Chrome, Firefox and other popular browsers to detect ad-related code and disable them to prevent ads from appearing on the browser. .

Put simply, the AdBlock software blocks ads on webpages that display on a user's browser window.

AdBlock Plus and uBlock Origin are two of the most popular AdBlocking extensions today. They carefully scan each website that users visit to find scripts and code used by ad networks like AdSense and immediately disable them.

This can be a good thing in many ways. For example, disabling ads helps users save their data and even protects them from malicious websites that use ads to distribute malware. But, for legitimate bloggers and businesses, the AdBlock software is a nightmare.

Why is AdBlockers not good for blogging?

AdBlock software is not just about disabling ads on a website. It also prevents other types of code, scripts, and cookies from being loaded on users' browsers.

For example, if your website uses email select pop-ups to build your email list, then you probably know how these plugins use cookies to track user behavior to display windows. Turn up more effectively for each and every user.

But, if the user installs AdBlocking software on the browser, the plugin will not work properly. In fact, it may not even show the popup message to that user.

As you can imagine, even if your site is not using ads, AdBlockers can still harm your business in many ways.

Try installing the AdBlock and extension Download your website to see how it adversely affects your site.

The best way to fight AdBlockers

There are several different ways you can fight AdBlockers.

One of the easiest options is to eliminate all of your blog's advertising and marketing systems and move on to an ad-free experience. BrainPickings is a popular blog that uses this strategy and still makes a profit by asking for donations in exchange for providing an ad-free website experience.

brain weight

Another method you can use is to create image-based ads. For this method to work, you will still have to get rid of ad networks like AdSense and switch to advertising affiliate products. When advertising these products, you can use images with direct links instead of using scripts.

member upgrade

Or, a more professional approach would be to turn your blog into a premium content site and only show the site content to paying users. This way, you can earn recurring revenue without having to worry about AdBlockers.

How is ‘NO’ against AdBlockers

Whatever you do, you shouldn't fight with aggressive AdBlockers like sites like Forbes.


Forbes uses a very aggressive strategy to basically force users to disable their ad blockers to access the site. This is a very bad fact that can harm your site and even affect the amount of traffic your site gets.


A better way is to display a friendly message asking users to support your blog by disabling AdBlock or whitelisting your site. If you can, allow users to continue browsing the site even when AdBlocker is enabled. PCGamer does this pretty well.

How to detect AdBlockers in WordPress

You can use a simple free WordPress plugin to set up a similar system to detect AdBlockers and ask users to disable the software by showing them a friendly message.

Ad Blocker Notify Lite is a great free plugin that you can use for this job. This plugin uses random selection tools to make it harder for AdBlockers to detect.

Here is how you can set it up.

Step 1: Install Ads Block Notification Plugin Lite

notification blocker-1

Log in to your WordPress admin control panel and access Plugins >> Add new .

Search for plugins Ads Lite Notifier . Click on it Setting And after that Activated plugin.

Step 2: Configure settings

After installing the plugin, visit the plugin page to customize the settings.

notification blocker-2

First, choose Modal Box to activate the plugin and display a popup box for AdBlock users.

3-message blocker

Switches to the tab Modal Visual Options to customize the design of the modal window and write a custom message to display to your visitors. You can also customize the color and opacity of the message according to your preferences.

4-message blocker

From section Install Modal Box , you can choose to allow users to close messages and browse your website without disabling the AdBlocker software.

You can also set a custom page to redirect users or use tabs Advanced settings to make more changes to how the plugin works.

Remember to click Save After making any changes.

Step 3: Check the Plugin

Install the AdBlock extension and download your website to see if the plugin works.

-5 notification blocker

Note: You may need to clear your browser and website cache for the plugin to work properly. Also, the plugin may not work well with some WordPress themes.


One thing you should keep in mind is that most AdBlock software is being developed and updated very quickly thanks to their active user community. This means they are constantly working to find ways to bypass anti-AdBlock software.

The developers behind WordPress plugins are also fighting with their own updates to combat ad updates. So remember to keep your plugin up to date. Meanwhile, maybe this is a good time for you to consider switching your blog monetization strategy to future proof of your business.

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