How to create a library management system in WordPress

How to create a library management system in WordPress - The best feature from WordPress is that it becomes almost anything you want. That includes something like a collection and library circulation system.

This is easily created whether you use WordPress on the intranet or give people online access to the database. Users just need to search the title from smartphone or computer the same.

Here, I will show you how to set up a WordPress library management system. Finally, you maintain the library by granting others access to search from the front of the website.

Use WebLibrarian

Today, I will demonstrate the WebLibrarian plugin. This is an easy tool for you to create librarian and sponsor user accounts when following collections you own.

It comes with shortcodes that are located almost anywhere at WordPress.

Install and activate the WebLibrarian plugin.


Add Amazon Web Services

WebLibrarian comes with Amazon Web Services connectivity feature if you have it available.

To set up AWS, go to Settings and click, “Web Librarian.”


Here, you can add your public, private, regional, or Amazon Associate Tag. You can also choose to debug the database if you encounter the following problem.

After entering the Amazon Associate Tag, click the save option button at the bottom and the website is ready for AWS.


Create Librarian

Now you need to set up the Librarian role at WordPress. This will provide special tools to individuals who help manage the library.

I will point that out.

Access Users, then click add new.


This book library plugin to WordPress will add new user roles to the system. This librarian role provides special rights and abilities specific to that person.

When adding new user information, use the drop-down list next to Role to select, "Librarian".


You now have someone assigned to run the library.

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Add Frontend features

Librarian Web has built-in features that will help you highlight your website. In fact, it is probably advisable to download the PDF manual from Deepsoft, the developer of the WordPress library plugin.

For example, suppose you need a search field for users to access. Add this shortcode anywhere at WordPress:



You can also add it to the sidebar by using the text widget.

After you save the post, page or sidebar, users are searched for the database you have.


The PDF tutorial I mentioned has more information about what you can do with the WordPress library plugin. I suggest letting it read and expand the way the website works.

Librarian Web dashboard

OK, log in as the librarian created earlier. I will show you some of the things available from a person's point of view.

The librarian control panel provides the necessary tools to manage patrons, collections, and circulation.


From this area, librarians can set up new patron IDs for individuals to access or add any fees they incur.

A feature from WebLibrarian is the ability to batch import this information from a CSV file. Of course, you will need to make sure the CSV and WebLibrarian information is appropriate for a clear upload.

Again, I cannot emphasize enough about reading the WebLibrarian manual. It is full of information about how you manage the library system.

There is a lot of potential in this plugin if you absolutely know how to use it.

Track your data

Monitoring the collection and circulation of libraries only helps to improve the efficiency. It's all about managing the same assets that make sure items are accounted for. Whether it's books, games or music, Web Librarian is a great way to keep track of patrons.

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