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Providing the best user experience is very important, so if you run a membership website or e-commerce. When the success of your website depends heavily on user registration, you can take advantage of social login information to provide a great user experience on your registration, login, and payment pages. you in other places.

Social login allows your users to register and log in on your WordPress site with their existing social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Google along with others. With just one click, your users can register and then log into your site without necessarily creating an account the old way.

The old way involved creating a new username and password. Some websites ask you to confirm your email or provide more information to sign up for a new account, which many users ignore. Besides, many modern web surfers are accustomed to social login and expect websites to offer this feature by default.

Why login with social networks?

If you've read up to here, you're probably wondering why social login is important. Well, here are some interesting facts just to create momentum.

Do you know:

  • Users hate creating new accounts on websites. The research results show that a whopping 86% do not like creating new accounts on websites. In most cases, and to be fair here, people will be hard to create an account to, say, leave a comment. Social login eliminates the need to create an account that traditionally offers your users a seamless means of registering on your site.
  • Social login helps your users from password fatigue (insert links), in the process of making the login process easier. Your users will not have to remember another username password combination.
  • If users forget their login information, they are likely to give up the login process rather than trying to reset the password. That, baby, means more login failures for you, meaning higher bounce rates and lower conversion rates. Social login minimizes this problem.
  • Many of us commit crimes by leaving incomplete forms or entering fake information when creating new accounts on websites. This poses a big challenge for website owners and marketers. For example, how will you provide users with a better and personalized experience when they give you fake data? However, when your site visitors use social login, you will receive verified and quality data such as age, gender, interests, friend list, etc.
  • You can streamline and speed up payment on your online store with social login information because users can register / login without abandoning their shopping cart (insert link) to fill out the registration / login form.

Sweet benefits on all roads

As you can clearly see, social login has a few sweet benefits. And the best part is that you can easily add social login information to your WordPress site using the plugin.

In serving today, we emphasize a few perfect WordPress login plugins for your website. Choose one and share your thoughts as well as your favorite social login plugin in the comments.

That's the way, let's get down to business.

We have done our best to create an impressive list of both the free and premium WordPress social plugins just for you. You will find the perfect social login solution? Yes, it depends entirely on your needs and preferences.

If nothing goes awry, this is what WordPress has to offer until the social login plugin goes away.

#first. Super Socializer

Social sharing plugin, social login and WordPress social commenting - Super Socializer

First on the list is Super Socializer, a nifty WordPress plugin that helps you add social login, social sharing, and social comments to your site easily.

This powerful beast allows you to add social login buttons to your WordPress login page, registration page, comments, WooCommerce checkout page and other areas of your website thanks to widgets and shortcodes.

Super Socializer supports social login from 10 social networks and allows you to synchronize your user's basic social profile data with the corresponding WordPress profile.

Additionally, users can link their social accounts to their WordPress accounts at will in the WordPress admin control panel. Besides, this WordPress social login plugin is compatible with bbPress, BuddyPress, AMP, myCRED, WordPress multisite and Gutenberg editor among others.

Moreover, it is a GDPR complaint because, well, privacy laws are no longer what they used to be. To launch, Super Socializer is extremely easy to customize and ship with other social features.

2. Nextend Social Login

Next Login and social registration

With over 200,000 active settings as we say, Nextend Social Logging in is probably the most popular free social login plugin on

In a few minutes, you can allow user registration and login through Facebook, Twitter and Google. Yes, the Nextend Social Login plugin focuses on the three most popular social networks.

Now, you don't have to force users to fill in default or long registration forms; This WordPress social login plugin integrates seamlessly with your existing WordPress login and login forms.

On the WordPress profile page, users can easily link or unlink social accounts without sweating. Additionally, users can access their WordPress user accounts with or without social accounts.

Other noteworthy features include the ability to use a social network profile image such as WordPress avatar, custom navigation after social login, widgets, shortcodes, easy-to-customize designs, and support fast and the add-on has more features.

#3. BS Input

bs input wordpress social login plugin

If you like taking premium routes early, you'll love the social login plugin BS Input by BeSquares. BS Input plugin adds beauty, color and functionality to this entire social login business.

The plugin is sleek to say the least and gives you more features than most WordPress social login plugins. And because it's easy to set up and use, you don't need any coding knowledge to enjoy the benefits of social login with this plugin.

Interesting features include support for Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn, shortcodes so you can add social login to custom pages or widget areas, fashion website lock, content lock, colors Unlimited, beautiful wallpapers, ready to store and 2 types for social login button.

In addition, BS Input supports checking WooCommerce, BuddyPress, WPML and any WordPress theme. To start, the plugin has 6 animations for pop-ups and customizable mail templates. The last word; It's a simple but powerful WordPress social login.

4. Sign up for Magic

Register the magic wordpress plugin

RegistrationMagic Probably the best WordPress user registration plugin on the planet. Crafted to perfection, this bad boy is the only solution you need to manage user registration and add social login information to your WordPress site.

The plugin comes with features like a quick form builder, built-in login system, shortcodes so you can drop forms anywhere on your website, form analytics, HTML embed code, custom fields, custom CSS styles, submit managers, attachments, social login, user management and we'll be here all day if we go through the full list of features. We need an independent evaluation for RegistrationMagic.

The problem is that RegistrationMagic makes it easy to add social login information to your form. At the time of writing, the plugin supports Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft Live and Instagram.

In my honest opinion, RegistrationMagic is sh * t (sorry my French; I'm just really excited to come across such a great plugin). You will love it, and I guarantee that. They have the free version, but if I were you, I would buy the premium version and never look back. Really, I just wish more people could find this plugin and I hope I'm not selling.

I tried it and, damn, are these people good or what? And I'm not alone.

Great user registration and management plugin, with lots of great features and quick support to solve any questions. Really like being able to redirect different users to specific pages about their user roles. Highly recommend this plugin and the support team. - Bosch_B

#5. WordPress Social Login

MiniOrange WordPress Social Login

Repo WordPress plugin miniOrange's constantly gifting and WordPress Social Login is proof enough. This social login plugin goes beyond expectations, what with a full list of features will blow your wig up.

The plugin helps you add social sharing and social login using networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Vkontakte, LinkedIn, Amazon, Salesforce and Microsoft Live.

Moreover, you can prompt users to complete their profile if social login does not return usernames and email. On top of that, WordPress Social Login allows you to assign roles to users who log in using the social login application. Moreover, you can synchronize your social profile image with WordPress easily.

In addition, you can add social login buttons to the login page, registration page, comment form, and anywhere else on your site using a widget or shortcode.

You can even enable / disable user registration and enable email notifications for administrators when users register through social login. Moreover, you can customize the login icons and the login / logout URL easily.

#6. Social Login by BestWebSoft

Social login by BestWebSoft

You probably don't want many of the advanced features that come with most WordPress social login plugins. Perhaps you simply want to add social login information to your site and bypass it without investing in an expensive and overly complicated plugin. You need a simple solution that works out of the box.

Social login by BestWebSoft is one such plugin. It was a simple error, but it got the job done. This easy-to-use plugin allows your users to login and comment with their existing accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn.

You can easily add social login buttons to the login page, registration page, and comment form. On top of that, you can set the default role for new social users, allow users to register only via social buttons and link social accounts to their respective WordPress accounts easily.

The plugin is very simple to set up and comes with detailed documentation to help you get started.

#7. WooCommerce Social Login

Ecommerce social plugin

The advanced social login option is usually not disappointing thanks to additional features and dedicated support. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not trying to discredit free plugins. That being said, you can't be wrong with a great plugin like WooCommerce Social Login.

Originally built exclusively for WooCommerce stores, the plugin is currently compatible with BuddyPress, bbPress and Peepso. Brought to you by the elite WPWeb author, WooCommerce Social Sign in is one of the kind social login plugins that boasts a unique set of features.

To get started, you can easily add social login information on WooCommerce login, signup, and payment forms to give your users a better user experience, opening up buying opportunities. Friction.

Secondly, this WordPress social plugin currently supports 11 social networks including AliExpress, Yahoo and even PayPal. It is equipped with a nice drag and drop administration interface that makes it easy to manage each social network.

Best of all, you get great stats as well as a visual representation of how your social login is working. In addition, the plugin can send new accounts to users via email. How sweet?

If that is not enough, WooCommerce Social Login with a shortcode and widget means you can put social login information anywhere on your website. Whenever users log in through the app, you can redirect them to a custom URL, so that's it.

8. Ultimate society WP

society in the end

Premium plugin WP Ultimate Social founded on an ideology; You don't need many plugins for all your social media needs. For this reason, you might think WP Ultimate Social is a category pack that gives you social icons, social shares, social counters, Twitter feeds, Pinterest, automatic posting and logging in. society.

AccessKeys, the elite author behind WP Ultimate Social claims this is the only social media kit you need, and from what I see and the long list of features, I tend to agree. Boy oh boy, this beast of a plugin is loaded. I will go over the features quickly.

You can expect to find features like 12 beautiful PNG icon sets, great Font icons, powerful customization options, 10 SVG ready icons for retina, social sidebar, design responsive, 10 awesome social sharing themes, floating social sharing buttons, support for 14 major networks, email sharing and printing, WooCommerce support, BuddyPress compatible, social sharing pop-ups Assembly, beautiful social counters with 20 impressive themes, 5 animations, and the list seems to continue.

WP Ultimate Social comes with impressive social login features that support up to 9 popular social networks. You can easily display social login information on your registration, login and comment forms. In addition, you can choose login buttons from 15 beautifully designed themes.

Moreover, you can automatically post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and more. The huge amount of features on this will whirl you in awe.

#9. Social Login & Register for WordPress

OneAll social login plugin

Of all WordPress social login plugins in this list, Social Login of OneAll Support the largest number of social networks. Now your users can register and log in with over 40 social networks including likes like, StackExchange, Github, SoundCloud, Vimeo,, YouTube,, Disqus, Blogger and lists are continuing and on.

Social login integrates seamlessly with your WordPress login / registration system. Additionally, existing users can easily link their social accounts in their WordPress profile and then log in with the linked social networks.

The plugin complies with GDPR and is compatible with all plugins and themes that follow the WordPress coding standards. In addition, it is fully customizable to fit your specific needs. You can easily add social login to the login page, registration page, comment section, sidebar via a widget or anywhere else thanks to a shortcode.

But even with all these features, OneAll Social Sign-in is easy to implement and use, you get instant fun. Oh, I forgot, the plugin also has a premium version, it gives you more options to make social login as a boss.

10. WooSocial

wordpress woosocial social login plugin

Putting behind is WooSocial, a relatively new plugin on the market. This is a simple social login plugin created, maintained and supported by OriginalWeb. As it is a new plugin at the time of writing, it has the potential to grow in features and market share.

Key features include support for 25 social networks, 15 types of social login buttons, shortcodes, great language and document support to get you on the right track.

In addition, WooSocial plays well with WooCommerce, allowing you to streamline the payment process on your online store. Besides, it is compatible with other popular plugins and frameworks like WPBakery Page Builder, Cornerstone and Bootstrap 4.X.

Social login helps you provide a better user experience and increase conversions on your WordPress site without breaking a sweat. It is an ideal solution for WordPress community websites, membership sites, courses, forums and any other website that depends on user registration.

The best part is that WordPress gives you many options to add social login information to your website. Whether you choose a free or premium WordPress social login plugin, always find a solution that meets all your needs. We hope you find the perfect social login plugin from our list.

What is your favorite WordPress social login plugin? Have questions or suggestions? Share your thoughts and the best social login tools in the comments.

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