How to add Mortgage Calculator to WordPress website

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How to add Mortgage Calculator to WordPress website - The Mortgage Calculator is a very useful tool for some types of websites. Real estate websites, mortgage company websites, several different types of websites benefit from having a Mortgage Calculator somewhere on the website.

Next, I'll show you an easy, effective way to add Mortgage Calculator to your WordPress website.

Why add a Mortgage Calculator?

Mortgage Calculator WordPress is an automated tool that visitors can estimate mortgage payments, with interest, amortization period added. It will let website users quickly and easily calculate the costs related to assets.

See a simple way to add a WordPress Mortgage Calculator to your website.

Add WordPress Mortgage Calculator

Of course, you can build it yourself if you are familiar with adding custom coding, but I have found the great WordPress Mortgage Calculator plugin that will give you everything you need to present the Mortgage Calculator at the WordPress website.

First, you need to install and activate the Responsive Mortgage Calculator plugin.

how-to-mortgage-calculator-go to website-wordpress

Once the plugin has been installed and activated, click Settings> Responsive Mortgage Calculator, you will be taken to the Mortgage Calculator plugin installation page.

how-to-mortgage-calculator-go to website-wordpress

When you are at the settings page, you will see several main installation options. These will include:

  • Default value

  • Calculator Settings

  • Set payment term

  • Layout and style (CSS)

  • Results

  • Input Labels

  • Input Classes

Let's see each part. Start by adding default values ​​to display on the mortgage calculator field. This will help users understand the mortgage calculator function.

If you want, you leave the value field blank. This will let users enter their own value to calculate asset costs.

how-to-mortgage-calculator-go to website-wordpress

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From here scroll down a bit to the Calculator Settings section. This section allows you to change basic functionality from your WordPress mortgage calculator. Some of the settings you will see include:

  • Interest rate period

  • Currency symbol

  • Currency code

  • Formats

  • Enable down payment

  • Aggregate time

  • And more…

Fill in the ways you see fit the specific website setup you own.

how-to-mortgage-calculator-go to website-wordpress

You are now scrolled down to the Payment Term Settings section. This is the area where users will be calculating the payment down periodically (annually, half a year, quarterly, monthly, ...).

You can also set a fixed payment term with a specific asset calculation, and then it will hide other payment term options. These settings need to be filled in according to your needs.

how-to-mortgage-calculator-go to website-wordpress

Next, go to Layout, Style settings. This install area of ​​the mortgage calculator WordPress plugin will let you choose the theme for the mortgage calculator, add styles, turn on / off responsive settings, and more.

how-to-mortgage-calculator-go to website-wordpress

Finally, the last few fields will help you manage, displaying the results the way you feel best. You also have a mortgage calculator label.

Don't forget that you also created your own custom style settings to change the mortgage calculator display.

When you are finished making all changes and update settings, click the Save Changes button to apply them all.

how-to-mortgage-calculator-go to website-wordpress

When you save changes, you will see the short code at the top of the settings page. Copy and paste this shortcode onto any site post you want to add a mortgage calculator. The short code would be:

(mortgagecalculator) or (rmc)

If you are interested in adding a WordPress mortgage calculator to the sidebar or any other utility area, then click Interface> Utilities and then drag the responsive mortgage calculator utility into the gadget area of ​​your choice.

Go ahead, visit the front of the website to see the WordPress mortgage calculator in action.

how-to-mortgage-calculator-go to website-wordpress

Hopefully this article will help you find it quick, easy and effective to add a mortgage calculator to your WordPress website.

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