How to add Author Box to your WordPress website details

As you may know, an author bio box increases the authenticity of your blog. Although anonymous publishing has its uses, it does not compare with the value of authenticity. A bio author builds trust with your readers. Not only do people want to read the information you publish on your blog, they want to know who you are. People are more likely to trust you when they can relate what they read to an actual person.

So, if you've hidden behind pseudonyms, it's time to consider adding an author bio-box. In a previous article, I showed you how to manage multiple authors on a blog, and I also shared what you need to know about writing a blog profile. But in this post, I will share six ways you can add author bio boxes to your site so that all authors get their terms. There are basically three approaches:

  1. Select a topic that already has an author box
  2. Use the WordPress plugin
  3. Edit your topic code directly

Six of the methods I will discuss are real plugins. However, before you do anything else, you need to add the author or user through the control panel at User > Add new. You or your author will then need to add bios (short description) as well as any other content that will be used in your author box (Gravatar, images, links, social profiles, etc.).

Add new authors to your blog

The easiest and most recommended (but not necessarily the best) way to add author bio boxes on your blog is to use the plugin. Just download the plugin of your choice, install it and set it up the way you want. That's it. Here are some plugins to consider:

1. Choose a theme with integrated author boxes

First, take the time to view the live demo of the topic, locate the blog, and check the posts to see if there's an author box. If you are unsure, just contact the developer. They will be able to tell you right away if this is a theme feature they offer.

Here are the 3 most popular plugins for making websites

#first. Starbox - the Author Box for Humans

Starbox: Authorbox for humans

Starbox Provides a simple way for you to add a beautiful author bio box without messing up the code. It comes with many themes you can use like Business themes, Drop down themes, Fancy themes, etc.

This plugin also helps you easily integrate the social profiles of the author. You can also set up Google and Facebook copyright verification at the touch of a button.

Starbox is built for user participation. It focuses on images and is definitely a very user friendly plugin. You can customize the plugin further if you like, but the default settings provide more than enough to get things done right away.

#2. Simple Author Box

Simple author box

Simple Author Box Do exactly what its name suggests: Add a simple author box to your post on your WordPress blog. Although the plugin may be simple, it is not dull. With Simple Author Box, you can display name, description, gravatar, website and social media icons. In fact, it supports up to 30 icons if you are a real social media.

You can also customize it to match your theme color and layout. Plus, the author box is perfectly responsive so it looks sharp on mobile devices like on laptops and larger screens. The Simple Author Box also allows you to manually insert author bio boxes into the code of the sample files single.php or Author.php , if you desire.

# 3. Co-Authors Plus

Co-author Plus

Co-Author Plus Built for blogs with multiple authors. WordPress doesn't support multiple author credits by default, so a plugin like this can be really handy if you have a few collaborating authors.

With Co-Authors Plus, you can specify multiple lines for a post that many co-authors have contributed. You can also add author bios as borders using their author guest profile.

Obviously, this plugin is not as simple as the others mentioned here. You will need to make some modifications to your theme files before using the plugin Template tab to display the author's outline. However, it is still worth checking if you regularly post collaborations.

Method 2. Add Author Box to the Website by inserting the code

Or use code directly into the file functions.php

function wpb_author_info_box ($ content) {
global $ post;
// Detect if it is a single post with a post author
if (is_single () && isset ($ post-> post_author)) {
// Get author’s display name
$ display_name = get_the_author_meta (‘display_name’, $ post-> post_author);
// If display name is not available then use nickname as display name
if (empty ($ display_name))
$ display_name = get_the_author_meta (‘nickname’, $ post-> post_author);
// Get author’s biographical information or description
$ user_description = get_the_author_meta (‘user_description’, $ post-> post_author);
// Get author’s website URL
$ user_website = get_the_author_meta (‘url’, $ post-> post_author);
// Get link to the author archive page
$ user_posts = get_author_posts_url (get_the_author_meta (‘ID’, $ post-> post_author));
if (! empty ($ display_name))
$ author_details = ‘

About ‘. $ display_name. ‘

if (! empty ($ user_description))
// Author avatar and bio
$ author_details. = ‘

‘. get_avatar (get_the_author_meta (‘user_email’), 90). nl2br ($ user_description). ‘

$ author_details. = ‘‘;
} else {
// if there is no author website then just close the paragraph
$ author_details. = ‘‘;
// Pass all this info to post content
$ content = $ content. ‘
‘. $ author_details. ‘
return $ content;
// Add our function to the post content filter
add_action (‘the_content’, ‘wpb_author_info_box’);
// Allow HTML in author bio section
remove_filter (‘pre_user_description’, ‘wp_filter_kses’);

Some points to note:

  • Author bio information is added to WordPress at User -> Profile .
  • In the code you will notice that the author profile is set to show only if the user has a description, this is because otherwise, it will look strange with just one name and avatar.
  • Avatars in WordPress are set through Gravatar, so your users will need to create an account and upload their gravatar.
  • You will want to style the author's biological box by adding your custom styles directly style.css file of the subject.

Adding an author bio box to your post is completely mandatory if you want to create authenticity. Readers are more likely to build a strong connection with you if they can attach a face to the content they read. Fortunately, there are many plugins that you can use to add an author box with minimal hassle.

Now over to you. How does adding an author box to your posts affect readers on your blog? I want to hear your thoughts on the subject below!

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