Detailed comparison of 6 Best WordPress Security Plugins

As a website owner, you must be ready for every kind of challenge and situation. Includes security breaches and hacker attacks.

Recently, a major attack on 10,000 WordPress websites turned blogs and websites powered by the famous CMS into websites filled with cryptocurrencies, ransomware and bank trojans to damage millions of visitors worldwide.

This type of attack and campaign is no longer news. With advances in technology, hackers are now finding new ways to detect vulnerabilities and hack into systems. This is especially true of WordPress because this is an easier target than the world's most popular CMS.

To protect your own website, you should periodically perform malware scans, limit logins and set up DDoS protection to avoid hackers from your business websites and blogs. Thankfully, you can take all these security measures and more with the WordPress plugin.

We want to help you find the best security plugin to protect your WordPress site. Therefore, we have compared these best WordPress security plugins to ensure that you compare the pros and cons of each security plugin before installing one on your site. Read on to find out which plugin is best for your site.

#first. Jetpack

This is my favorite plugin and almost every satellite blog or blog I use.

Jetpack offers many free and paid security features to protect you from more threats than plugins:

  • Website monitoring notifies you when your site goes down.
  • Guard force protects your website from traditional and distributed brute force attacks.
  • Security scans include antivirus, malware, and threat detection for your WordPress site, along with a one-click resolution.
  • Secure login allows you to use your login credentials to register and log into self-hosted websites quickly and securely.
  • Prevent spam automatically filtering comments, pingbacks and comment form.
  • Backups keep snapshots of your website daily or in real time and allow you to restore previous versions with one click.

#2. Sucuri

  • Price: Free
  • Best for: Small websites and blogs

Sucuri is one of the famous leaders in cyber security. This is the WordPress plugin the company has developed for CMS users and they have created a free plugin for all users. It currently has more than 400,000 active users and is also updated quite often.

Main features

Sucuri Security is not an all-in-one security plugin. It focuses on the basics like scanning and monitoring for malicious activity, but those are really good.

The plugin comes with file integrity monitoring to check if any core files are affected or have vulnerabilities. It also includes malware scanning and blacklist monitoring. Although, the best feature of the plugin is the post-hacking security actions, which basically give you advice on what to do if or when your site is hacked or affected by malware.

Benefits of using Sucuri Security

  • Developed by a reliable company and it is updated regularly
  • Effective malware scan detects abnormal activity
  • Security notices and audits will notify you of unusual behavior
  • Ability to monitor file integrity

Cons when using Sucuri Security

  • The outdated user interface is not beginner friendly
  • Site firewall is only included in the premium package

# 3. Wordfence


Wordfence is a leading WordPress security expert. The company managed to create a name for itself by being the first to discover WordPress vulnerabilities and plugins. Thanks to its research team, Wordfence is always the first to roll out plugin updates to protect websites against new WordPress vulnerabilities. The plugin has over 2 million active installs.

Main features

One of the biggest benefits of using Wordfence is that it comes with a website firewall, which is also provided to users free of charge. It also has a powerful malware scanner with the ability to repair infected files. In addition, it also allows you to protect your site from brute force attacks by limiting login attempts.

All features are included in the free package. Premium package gives you access to two-factor authentication, country blocking and real-time threat defense feeds.

Benefits of using Wordfence

  • Easy-to-use and beginner-friendly interface
  • Integrated firewall and malware scanning
  • The ability to limit login attempts to prevent brute force attacks
  • Monitor Google crawlers, bots, and visitors to detect abnormal behavior
  • View and track log activity to detect hackers
  • Ability to repair damaged files

Disadvantages of using Wordfence

  • May have a minor impact on website performance

$ 4. iTheme Security

  • Price: $ 80 per year
  • Best for: Major websites and blog magazines

iTheme Security is a premium alternative that comes with lots of features to provide better and stiffer security for larger and content-heavy websites. Although the plugin offers a free package, it is not powerful enough to protect even a small site. Only use this plugin if you plan on buying a premium package.

Main features

iTheme Security comes with a sleek interface, where users can choose which option they can turn on or off to activate the most important defense system for the site.

It not only includes strong protection and malware scans but also includes basic 404 detection and database backups to keep your site safe and secure.

The company has adjusted their pricing plans to suit different types of users. For $ 80 per year, you can secure a website. That's $ 127 for 10 sites and $ 197 for unlimited websites.

Benefits of using iTheme Security

  • Powerful malware scans
  • Protection against brute force attacks with limited login attempts
  • File change detection lets you know if someone changes or changes any important files
  • Ability to hide your login and administrator URLs
  • Two-factor authentication integrated for password security
  • Get instant email alerts

Disadvantages when using iTheme Security

  • Does not include site firewalls
  • The free version lacks useful security features
  • The price plan is quite expensive

$ 5. ShieldSecurity

protective shield
  • Price: Free / $ 1 per month
  • Best for: Small websites and blogs

Shield Security is a new application and one of the lesser known plugins in the WordPress security market. Although, the plugin offers quite a few great features to protect your site in every possible way. Plus, the Pro version of the plugin costs only $ 1 per month. The plugin has over 80,000 active installs.

Main features

Although Shield Security is a new player, the company has done a pretty incredible job developing it to provide a better user experience for beginners. The plugin comes with wizards that are instructed to teach beginners how to configure the plugin step by step to take full advantage of the plugin's features.

It comes with all the important features you would expect in a security plugin, including website firewalls, file scanners and even other extras like Google reCaptcha and block comment spam.

The Pro version of the plugin, which costs only $ 1 per month, also includes useful features like plugin and theme vulnerability scanning and hacking detection scanner.

Benefits of using Shield Security

  • Includes a nice interface and beginner friendly features
  • Limiting login attempts to prevent brute force attacks
  • 2-factor authentication and reCaptcha protection for password security
  • Integrated site firewall
  • Scan and detect malicious files
  • Scan plugins and themes for vulnerabilities (pro)
  • Scan and detect hacking attacks (pro)

Disadvantages when using Shield Security

  • Reliability is questionable because the plugin is new and comes from an independent developer.
  • Missing malware scanner

# 6. SecuPress is free

  • Price: Free / $ 59 per year
  • Best for: Small websites and blogs

SecuPress is another new WordPress security plugin that currently has just over 10,000 active installs. However, the plugin comes with a great system that automatically scans your scans so you don't have to manually scan all scans every week.

Main features

The free version of SecuPress comes with all the basic features, including website firewalls, armed forces protection and the ability to hide the login page.

However, the Pro package is worth considering if you have a larger website because it comes with automatic scans, database backups, instant notifications, two-factor authentication and plugin vulnerability detection and theme.

Benefits of using SecuPress

  • Scan for malware and site firewalls to scan websites for malicious files
  • Limiting login attempts to prevent brute force attacks
  • Two-factor authentication and the ability to hide the login page (pro)
  • Ability to block visitors from specific countries based on geographic location (pro)
  • Detect vulnerabilities in themes and plugins (pro)
  • Scan for PHP malware (pro)
  • Detect and block bad bots (pro)
  • Auto scan (pro)

Disadvantages when using SecuPress

  • Expensive premium package
  • The free version includes limited features
  • Reliability is questionable because the plugin is new.

Which security plugin is right for you?

Coming from one of the biggest cybersecurity agencies, no plugin can defeat the power and protection provided by Sururi Security. As a bonus, you also get a free plugin.

However, the Sururi plugin also lacks some important features, such as a website firewall and limiting login attempts, which are integrated with other security plugins like Wordfence. Depending on the type and size of website you have, it is advisable to test different security plugins to find the one that's right for you.

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