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Create a private messaging system in WordPress - Do you need to create a private messaging system at WordPress? Communication with visitors, employees or anyone else is essential to running a quality website. Unfortunately, the only way to communicate in WordPress is through comments. This is great for getting feedback on the content, but there are many ideas that should be left in private messages.

Private messages provide a way for direct communication between two individuals on the WordPress website. This will be helpful for many reasons. As with most things at WordPress, there are plugins that do exactly that. Today, I will show you how to create a private messaging system at WordPress using the Front End PM plugin.

Why add private messages to WordPress?

Personal messaging has been around for a long time, it's extremely useful. You may communicate privately with other people without your knowledge. This is great when you are answering questions, communicating with friends, talking to employees, or more.

Most social media websites like Facebook have their own messages integrated into the platform. It has become a feature that many users expect from the website to try to focus on social engagement, users. Therefore, adding it to WordPress is quite normal for many websites.

How to create a private messaging system in WordPress

In this article, I will show you how to create a private messaging system at WordPress using the Front End PM plugin. This plugin creates a simple interface at the website for you to send, receive and check your private messages. It is very simple to set up and allow WordPress users to do all this without going into the admin area. All done on the front of the website.

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Install Front End PM

Get started with admin panel access. Select Add new in the left panel.


Search for Front End PM is available. This work will pull in useful plugins.


Hover until you see the Front End PM plugin, click the install button now activate to use it.


In the left panel, click on Front End PM and select the installation option. This will pull up to the main settings page.


Set up PM Front

This plugin has loads of settings to change, customize and get the best results for your website. There are several features specific to the Pro plugin version. If you want to add any Pro feature, you will need to upgrade.

Remember there is no right way to set up a plugin, so choose the option that best suits your website, remember to change them at any time.

The first option is actually the page where you want the messaging system to appear. It is recommended that you create a new page and use it exclusively for this plugin. I also recommend adding it to the website navigation menu so that visitors find it easier.

If you click the create new page button, it will create a page called Front End PM, setting the required shortcode.


Now go through each setting carefully and then choose the option that is best for you. There are seven tabs for setting values ​​that you are changing. The most common thing you will change is in the general tab the same interface. You can change this setting at any time so don't be afraid to experiment.

When you have finished making changes, press the save button.


Use Front End PM

Remember that if you didn't click the create new page button but instead selected an existing page, you must add a shortcode to that page. The plugin interface will appear wherever the shortcode appears:


Using the plugin is very simple. To send a message, click the new message button. The message box lets you see all the messages you've received. Set for users to change personal settings.

Congratulations, you have successfully added a private messaging system to your WordPress website. Remember you can change the settings at any time, you need to make sure the user knows about the system.

Stay connected with the user

Private messages are just another way to stay connected with visitors. You should also pay attention to other ways of communication such as comments, emails or various social media websites. Staying connected with visitors is important for building a strong community. Having a strong community will help spread the content and attract new visitors.

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