A thorough guide to Using Hashtags on Pinterest

Do you know anything? We are all using a metadata tag called hashtag on social media photo sharing Pinterest!

Probably not ALL, but only wise bloggers and marketers.

The post “A thorough guide to how to use hashtags on Pinterest” not only explains why hashtags are so great or how they work on Pinterest, but also shows you how to use hashtags - like putting The hashtag right next to your current keyword strategy - to get more people watching, followers and visitors to your blog monthly.

This process is easier than you think. Let's get started now!

What you need to know about hashtags on Pinterest

Two years ago, marketers from all over the world once told you that you should avoid using hashtags on Pinterest because they are like an unpredictable threat.

Back then, social networking forums had not used this (hashtag) feature, and some people assumed they were spam and / or unnecessary.

In September 2017, everything changed. Pinterest (final…) notice that they do not just allow use hashtag but also positive encourage People use hashtags as a new way to classify and promote content.

Welcome to the hashtag world, Pinterest. We have been waiting for a long time!

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How does the hashtag on Pinterest work effectively?

Just like how hashtags work on Instagram, Twitter, etc., hashtags on Pinterest work to help categorize content.

Pinterest users can search the hashtag # recipe noodlesum from the chicken and see all the Pin-related dinner items made from chicken, with the hashtag in that description, making it easy for people to find what they need.

Chicken recipes hashtags

Pinterest users can use hashtags in one of two ways. First, type the hashtag in the search bar, just like any other search term - just write a # in front of the search term and no spaces between words.


Search results will be Pin items with specific hashtags in the description.

The second way, users can click the hashtag in the description of the Pin item to open all other Pin items that contain the hashtag content.

Hashtag in Pin description

Pinterest hashtags provide a secondary, complementary search form for Pinterest users, in addition to the usual 'keyword' search terms.

Search hashtag in search bar

In return, marketers and bloggers can advertise Pinterest in the form secondary , additional this.

Is a hashtag a "keyword"?

Yes, but not entirely.

It's not uncommon for keywords to be an extremely important feature for branding on Pinterest, so don't forget to include hashtags when starting your marketing strategy.

Hashtag offers marketers and bloggers a form of advertising and classification other, that is why you should use them next the keywords in the description of a Pin item - just like sprinkling with colorful beads on an ice-cream to increase attractiveness.

Why should you use hashtag on Pinterest?

Because hashtag is probably living!



But the hashtag works really well on Pinterest, it has a bunch of benefits:

1. Hashtag can help your brand get more attention.

Using hashtag with your brand name in all posts means that people can find all the content about your blog just by clicking on the tag.

This post's Pin will include the hashtag #BloggingWizard in the description. And what's yours?

The pin for this post will be the Blogging Wizard

2. The hashtags on Pinterest help you organize Specifically With their Pin items, people can find EXACTLY what they are looking for.

There are a lot of people rushing to follow the keyword marketing movement, but certain search terms on Pinterest can produce vague results, sometimes Pin items are only a little relevant or unrelated to what being searched. Because the hashtag concept is still quite new, so hashtags have very little spam / tag stuffing / keyword stuffing / vague Pin items ... attached to them.

3. Hashtag shortens the distance between consumers or readers and content creators.

Those who love #food recipe can expand the search and find the exact recipe by clicking on the blue link; If your Pin description contains that hashtag, it could be one of the Pins they see and click on. Since you have provided them exactly what they are looking for, next, there is a good chance that they will press the button to follow you.

4. All of these benefits work together to bring you a brand new stream of your blog development.

In addition to using keywords, there are featured Pin Items, interesting descriptions, and more.

5. The idea of ​​using hashtag on Pinterest is still new.

So your marketing strategy will be very advanced compared to other strategies being used in the business market!

Use hashtag on Pinterest properly

Like most marketing tools, hashtags and other tools work for the purpose of developing Pinterest, as long as you know how to use it correctly.

Hashtag is still a new tool for Pinterest and people are still learning how to use the best hashtag, but there are a few do's and don'ts that you need to keep in mind.

Use hashtags in the Pin description

Location hashtag inserted on Pinterest

The hashtag should be inserted in the description of the Pin item. A realistic description - like the blog post behind the Discussion Pins, calls to action, keywords and hashtags - contained around 500 characters.

You should insert hashtag last Descriptive text. If you add them at the beginning, the text will be hard to read. Users can also see it as a list of hashtag-like spam before you find out the content of the blog post behind the link that you lead in the description.

On mobile, the description is fully displayed, but the description on the desktop website can sometimes be shortened. Only the first 50 characters are displayed. If your hashtag is at the beginning, people can only see the hashtag.

Description version for mobile and desktop

The description of your Pin with #hashtag # how to be read is also very important. I personally don't recommend having the hashtags on # any place between #stations because this makes #displayingPinterest really #very difficult to read.You can do everything on #Twitter and other #traditional social networks, but with #Pinterest it shouldn't be.

(I guarantee that I also feel uncomfortable when writing like that!)

The hashtag position has nothing to do with how the Pin item will succeed, but adding them at the end will give users a more pleasant experience.

Can the hashtag be added to Pinterest's comments section?

Add hashtag to Pinterest comments

Yes, you can - because they are clickable hashtags. However, adding a hashtag to the comment of an old Pin item will not make that Pin rank higher in search results. The Pin item appears in search results based on the date the first date was shared.

Should the hashtag be added to the Pin section description or old comment section on Pinterest?

Since Pins are displayed in hashtag search results in chronological order, it may not be useful to return and add hashtags to old descriptions unless there are not many Pin Items. with a hashtag that you think is gaining popularity.

Instead of adding hashtags to old Pins on Pinterest, focus on creating new content, including new Pins for old blog posts.

Which shouldhtag should not be inserted?

Using hashtags in your profile, description, account name or profile name doesn't really make any sense.

They are not a clickable hashtag, provide no value and only stun. Therefore, only hashtags should be inserted in the Pin section's description and added keywords to replace inappropriate hashtags in the mentioned places - like biographies, descriptions, etc.

Where you should not use hashtags

How many hashtags?

You can insert up to 20 hashtags in the Pin description, but that doesn't mean you should add as much. In fact, using multiple hashtags can make your Pins look like spam, because too many keywords are inserted in turn.

From personal experience, I recommend using 2 to 5 hashtags, but to make sure you do your own testing.

If you use too few hashtags, your blog prominence is minimal and you may not be able to notice any positive changes from your Pin section. However, using too many hashtags causes people to completely ignore your Pin item. Because they were like-

Junk, Junk and Junk.

Remember that you only have a maximum of 500 characters to write in the description, do not use a lot of hashtags (especially in the first part) that cause headaches but replace them with well-researched or informative keywords. believe.

Remember, folk songs - is the hashtag is still new and not everyone is using it.

Don't forget to change your hashtags!

I do NOT encourage you to add hashtags and keywords that have been used many times in your marketing strategy on Pinteres. That reduces the opportunity to find customers - you can always meet the same audience and limit your reach each time.

By using different hashtags in each Pin description, you can be sure of the maximum number of people who can see them.

Creating multiple, slightly different Pins for the same blog post is a common practice today for bloggers and marketers, which also gives you the opportunity to increase the scope of the use of hashtags. different.

If you create 3 different Pin items, create 3 small groups of hashtags to use with them.

  • The first group - #ChocolateChocolate #Int ideasmanhntrán Mouth # ChocolateBlack
  • The second group - # Recipe Chocolate Cake # Chocolate # Baked Cake
  • The third group - #the most delicious Biscuits # Recipe # How to make biscuits easily

All three groups contain different hashtags, so there's no problem with the combination of searched words, so your Pin items will have a higher chance of being displayed.

An example of a Pin item description -

If we take down that Pin description, you see it's not only clear about the content of the blog post, but also contains the following keywords:

  • Hashtag on Pinterest
  • (List) hashtags on Pinterest
  • Blogging tips
  • Marketing Pinterest

It also contains three hashtags -

  • # compamarketing.com
  • #Monewrights on Pinterest
  • #Newmasters write a new blog

You may notice that the first letter of each word is capitalized, for both hashtags and keywords.

Capitalization is not entirely based on personal preference because the hashtag is NOT case-sensitive. I think the hashtag is easier to read when capitalizing the first letter, which is why I still tend to use keywords rather than hashtags.

If the text is shortened when describing on Pinterest (on desktop), most of the information will still be displayed - the call to action ("click read all ...") there, people will easily understand. What was that post before I went to the blog to read the entire post

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How to find hashtag on Pinterest

If you insert # into the description of a Pin item during ‘Create a Pin Item’, a list of hashtags will appear, along with the number of Pins that contain them.

Add hashtags while creating a pin process

As you can see, the #main page hashtag is one of the most popular, with 3.5 million Pins.

Please enter a word after # and you will be provided with relevant suggestions.

Start typing to get example hashtags

You can also search for hashtags in Pinterest's search bar, but if you want to see a list of suggestions from this search bar, put a space (space) before the # sign. Otherwise, there will be no suggestions.

Use the search bar to find hashtags

It should be noted that you may not receive any hashtag suggestions in the list given in the search bar, but instead is a list of related keywords / search terms.

Another great way for you to find hashtags on Pinterest is to think about hashtags related to something that people need from your blog.

Imagine that you created the recipe for a melted chocolate cake - FRIEND What will you search to find that kind of recipe on Pinterest?

  • #chocolate chocolate cake
  • #the recipe to make chocolate cake
  • #baked recipes
  • #bake
  • #dreamtreams
  • #baked recipes

Now search for the hashtag #chocolate in the Pinterest search bar. Pinterest introduces a few more search terms that I can add to the list of hashtags -

  • #chocolate Chocolate cake
  • #make cake easy
  • # ideas for making chocolate cake
For example chocolate cake hashtags

While I was paying attention to those hashtags, I also thought up a few other hashtags-

  • #white cake
  • # Biscuitslachay
  • #wholossewland

I clicked on the first Pin to appear hashtag #chocolate chocolate, then took a closer look at the other hashtags that the Pinterest user included in the description -

  • #togouttogetherhealthy
  • #collissables
  • #ococolacósoilchockeye
  • #Diet
  • #discussion cake
  • #black chocolate

You should see the hashtags that others are using, especially in the description of the Pin items popup right on the homepage.

These are the popular * Pins * that Pinterest has chosen to show you and you can note the factors that make them popular - including any keywords or hashtags used in the description.

Reach out for your hashtags in different ways

Melted chocolate cake recipe can easily appear as a hashtag #baked recipe and #the idea of ​​making a chocolate cake such as the hashtag #topped to winter. It's a really good groundbreaking idea to choose the hashtags that fit the post content, but you need to keep the relevant ideas in mind.

Let's say you're promoting a blog post on a new fashion style topic - black jeans. Your first hashtag will be - #journalist.

The content of that black jeans can also appear as #page hashtag - this is a popular hashtag on Pinterest, currently the number of Pins with this hashtag is 3.1k.

Is this costume suitable for summer or winter wear? Hashtag # worshipitrangnùmùahè (I knew right away) has 12k Pins - a hashtag worth using if you're a fashion bloggers.

You can also refer to the hashtag #timitrangmùahè (95k Pins), #photographhumahahah (1.3k Pins), #phagical muhahe page (56k Pins) or # timitrangnùmùahè (1.9k Pins).

Is this a simple outfit? There are a lot of hashtags on Pinterest that you can choose from - #univers (754k Pins), #universe styles (69k Pins) or #simple women pages (55k Pins).

When special events take place - Christmas, valentines, birthdays, anniversaries, etc., think about whether the Fashion Blog Pin item (and all your other Fashion Blog Pin items) is it suitable for those occasions. Hashtag is a banned hashtag on Instagram but you can insert it on Pinterest! The 390k Pin number is really proud, isn't it?

You could also consider using the hashtag #goodsday idols (5.1k Pins) or #policypolemics - currently 758 Pins, but I guess this hashtag will grow fast in January / February!

With groundbreaking thinking and adding different hashtags related to the content in the description of the Pin section, you have the opportunity to reach the maximum number of viewers.

Someone must be sorry when they miss your post sharing cute costumes because they searched for the hashtag #pageshippery page (1k Pins) but still better than using the hashtag # denimblack (500 Pins ) and # black jeans.

Make sure your hashtag also includes long-lasting, persistent hashtags

These hashtags are related year-round hashtags, which are valuable to promote related blog posts that are also used throughout the year. Your black jeans outfit fits perfectly with these long-lasting, long-form tags such as the hashtag #pages (1.4 million Pins), #pages of the day (190k Pins) and # ideas of site (115k Pins).

I spent 5- 10 minutes finding all of these hashtags using exploits of the hashtag ideas in the empty, unpublished description box of the Pin item on my phone and watching others appear.

When you do this, make a list of all the hashtags you think might be relevant to your posts, then use them in the description of future Pins.

Includes evergreen hashtags

How do you know if your hashtags are working effectively?

You will not like this answer!

There is no easy way.

Unlike Instagram, Pinterest does not provide detailed information or analyze the hashtags you use. How the future changes we don't know, but right now, the only way to check if your Pin items (and the hashtag strategy on the new Pin item) are working properly, is Keep track of which hashtags are active.

Statistical tool - Pinterest Analytics (available in business accounts) helps you keep track of popular Pin items.

Check out the statistics mine in the last 30 days, and I find that all effective Pin items contain at least 2 or 3 hashtags-at the end - the description. I also see 3/4 of the Pins TOP The one I am using contains the hashtag # of my blog on Instagram. This is not a very common tag as there are only 764 Pins in total, but it's a tag that is used in 3 posts that work very well - this is the trick.

Remember - using the most popular hashtags is easy to get your Pins mixed up with other Pins. Shuffle popular Pins with less popular ones to get your Pins noticed!

If something works for you, don't overlook it; but use it!

Take your Pinterest marketing to the next level with swipe files with more 900 hashtag on Pinterest to increase your blog traffic (with additional tips).

The end

I hope you've gathered a lot of useful things from this post! More and more people are realizing that # (hashtags) finally have a foothold on Pinterest, surely hashtags will become as important as keywords to your marketing strategy.

Hopefully now that you have the tools and information you need to get involved in the marketing battle (it's just a metaphor of course) - and win!


  • The use of hashtags- hashtags are still a relatively new concept and not everyone is using them
  • Take 10 minutes or longer to create a list of hashtags relevant to you and your blog
  • Do not use hashtags to replace keywords; but combine them
  • Change your hashtags in different Pin categories to broaden reach and know which hashtag works best
  • Insert the hashtag at the end of the Pin section description to keep things neat and readable
  • Combine specific, long and seasonal hashtags or specific events that reach the maximum of users
  • Pay attention to your Pins to see which hashtags work well
Nguyen Diep

My name is Nguyen Manh Cuong. I was born in a poor village in Ba Vi district, HA NOI province - windy and sunny land. Currently

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