6 useful marketing tips on Instagram to grow your business

Today it seems everyone and even their grandparents have Instagram accounts.

As a result, more and more businesses appear on this forum. They want to directly reach their target audience on an individual level.

However, being a popular forum does not mean that Instagram is used properly.

If you just want to share kids photos and vacation photos with family and friends, then you don't need to create a strategy.

But if you're trying to make an impact in the direction of a company or brand, there are a few good things you should follow to make sure your efforts are effective.

Here are six clever tips you can use to succeed when marketing on Instagram.

#1. Watch and learn

Nobody likes a copy. Even copying is the highest form of flattery.

However, some of the greatest inventions were created using other people's original ideas as a springboard.

When you are looking to cut marketing on Instagram for your brand or business, tracking what top activists are doing will be very helpful and you can use it as inspiration for the strategy. own.

Details on Instagram

Of course if it makes sense.

Do competitors use new hashtags that you think will apply to your products or services? Are there any local businesses with certain design styles that you think will help inspire your profile image and layout?

Take what you find and build on it. Edit and use it as a marketing spark for your own brand new campaign.

That's the beauty of social media - it's designed to be shared. So take what you can learn from the advantages available and apply it to your strategy, with your own unique spin.

#2. Purposeful design

Individual Instagram users do not need to worry about the consistency of the design. They just take pictures and post them, in the way it unfolds in the story of their lives.

Business users of Instagram need to pay attention to the profile design and proper post planning.

That means you have to choose a specific style and keep it consistent across all posts. This applies to both images and content.

For example, suppose you are the owner of a health food store and regularly post high-quality photos of fresh produce and locally sourced products, with short, rhyming captions. You choose this layout style to emphasize careful product selection and to evoke a clean brand identity.

It's pointless to add kids' animations on a healthy lunch picnic or inspirational quotes hand-designed on a colorful background. Pictures like these are out of balance with the rest of your profile. They are less well-designed and of little interest or attention.

Maintain a consistent design style that emphasizes professionalism and highlights your position as a leader with a knowledgeable mindset in the world.

#3. Maintaining brand

This point is basically built on the final point of consistency of design and layout - making sure the style you choose stays true to your brand identity, mission and values ​​that are important to your company. .

If you own the business in the previous example - the grocery store for health - you choose to post photos and explanations that evoke a sense of clean, fresh, pure, because that's how you want people to feel when they think of, visit or purchase from your company.

Posting pictures of strong athletes winning races and being awarded a national title can help emphasize image of a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. But it's not suitable for health food stores where vitamins, tea leaves and organic products are sold.

You are not Nike or Gatorade, so do not pretend. If you think the opposite, those companies will make donors compensate if their accounts have pictures of organic lemons on a cutting board with basil and poppy. It simply doesn't fit their brand essence.

Know who you are and combine the designs that match your brand's nature to reach your target audience.

#4. Do not add a final explanation

Yes, Instagram is a visual forum.

But that does not mean that the comments need to be written in the last minute because "they are not important" or "not read".

Interpretation is part of maintaining a consistent style consistent with your brand.

For a high-end product provider, spelling and grammatical errors in multiple interpretations will damage their credibility. Just like a healthcare provider will lose credibility when posting articles with incorrect definitions of medical terms and diseases.

Short, hasty notes, at the last minute, become things to rethink.

Accurate, witty, informative, accurate interpretations will emphasize the amount of time and interest you put into your profile. From there, in turn, it will help you put equal attention on all things related to your company, services and customers.

As a potential customer, what would you like to see?

A forum should be considered part of your strategy, as a fair part of your Instagram profile.

#5. Find the ideal hashtag

The purpose of the hashtag on every social media channel is to group similar conversations around a specific keyword / topic and to help gather like-minded users.

Elsewhere, this strategic definition cannot be translated.

Instagram hashtag

The use of hashtag on Instagram have accidentally created a competition to cram as many possible tags into each post, hoping to benefit from the link between so many users, topics, and chats.

Or, people will create their own original hashtags in a hurry. Not for consistent use. Just to create it.

Both of these "strategies" may seem promising at first glance, but they are ineffective.

Posts with too many hashtags not only disrupt the image of a company profile, but also lose the entire marketing objective of social media - reaching the target audience. Using too many hashtags, including a variety of topics and genres, can dilute the focus of your post and overall strategy.

Create single-use hashtags with the intention of hitting their interests - bringing people and conversations together. If no one uses or has no reason to use the random hashtag you create, there will be no conversation attached to it, no one will reuse and no association with it. friend.

Study common hashtags that can communicate with your target audience. Use them appropriately, if they match your image and post content. And don't overdo them (around 4-6 posts, give or receive depending on your theme / style / brand style).

#6. Interact often

You may have the region's most Instagram strategy and profile, but if you don't interact, you'll miss one of the best things about social media marketing - talking directly to customers.

Interacting with your followers and other accounts on Instagram helps to align your brand tone with your brand identity.

It shows that you are actively adjusting the trends and updates in your segment and that you are concerned about the wishes / needs / opinions of your customers (and potential customers) to get involved. join the conversation.

Proactively monitor your Instagram account. To answer questions and comments within 24 hours, when possible. Follow and interact with other accounts that are talking about similar topics and represent your brand's values ​​and personality.

Staying active on Instagram increases brand relevance to your target audience as well as other broader audiences.

Automation: Increase your return on investment without investing extra time

One of the best things about Instagram is that, unlike many marketing and advertising strategies, you often get what you put in there.

If you create a profile that is sketchy, not well-planned and researched, doesn't post or interact regularly, you probably won't get a lot of return on investment in growing followers, getting brand awareness, etc.

On the other hand, if you take the time to design a balanced forum, with quality images, thoughtful interpretations, strategic hashtags and interactions with your readers every day, you will begin to see increasing results. grow well in terms of user engagement. And improve brand awareness and coverage.

But as a business owner, where do you get the time to do all this?

Core business activities, employee management and simply maintaining a healthy work life balance make focusing on a specific social media forum quite a high requirement.

But there is a solution. And it doesn't involve hiring a team of social media marketers.

It is called automation.

Thanks to changes in the Instagram API, you can now use third-party social media tools to schedule Instagram posts in advance. With a large amount.

Instagram API

What does this mean for you?

Instead of spending time every day planning, creating and sharing updates, you can choose a certain time period to build Instagram content next week / month / month, upload your posts, adjust your schedule, and then return to focus on interaction and other core business activities.

It sounds complicated and hard to come true, but it is not. How surprising.

Getting to the basics is easy with the help of free online articles that cover the whole process of connecting your account and scheduling posts on Instagram, for everyone from novices to Instagram to social media expert.


It's amazing how far you can go with just a few minutes of reading and practice testing.

And when you combine this knowledge with the power of the six tips above, you'll embrace the strategy of: Insta ”to achieve Instagram marketing success like you're looking for.

Nguyen Diep

My name is Nguyen Manh Cuong. I was born in a poor village in Ba Vi district, HA NOI province - windy and sunny land. Currently

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