5 Instagram Analytics Tips You Need In 2020

Are you looking to take your Instagram strategy to the next level in 2020? So let's start with your Instagram analytics.

Instagram analytics discuss how your content works, who your audience is and most of what they care about. So the more time you spend researching your analysis, the stronger your marketing strategy will be!

Suddenly participating in Instagram analysis can of course overwhelm our advantages. To assist you, we focus on the most important indicators for you to adjust your plan properly and achieve the goals you set for 2020.

Improve engagement by identifying your best (and worst) content

One of the biggest challenges you'll face with Instagram is knowing what content is performing best for your target audience.

This is especially true if your business has an ecommerce brand. Effective advertising and consumer marketing campaigns can be difficult, so having a clear content indicator can help you reach your goals.

One of the best indicators of how your audience responds to your content is engagement rates, but this can be a tedious, time-consuming process to track and measure.

For each post, you need to capture and record the number of followers at the time of posting, as well as the number of likes, comments and shares the post receives over time.

As each of your posts has interaction, you'll want to compare and contrast the performance of your posts against each other. Note that different posts - for example, a shopping product post on Instagram versus lifestyle photos created by users - will have different performance.

All in all, you can identify trends in the best performing content category that help you reach your goals, whether or not there is a lot of interaction, followers or sales.

Thankfully, you can save time and effort by using Instagram analytics tool like Later ( Revealing: I am the founder) to automatically calculate the interaction rate of each post and easily track content performance.

You can also quickly capture your best performing content over the past three months, making it easier to identify your content trends and engagement rates.

Post done later

If you really want to increase engagement this year, it's important to constantly monitor content performance, including missing posts and low engagement rates.

Over time, you'll be able to clearly identify what kind of content really resonates with your readers, whether it's video posts, product photos or lifestyle, rotating content, or person-based content. user generated (UGC- user-generated content).

Find the best time to post on Instagram to increase followers

Determined object and time which you set goals are as important as being deterministic content need to post.

If you're planning to increase your followers this year, knowing the time those people are most active on Instagram is the key to success! Correctly identifying those times and posting will help get more views and interactions.

And the best news, you can directly know when the right time is based on your Instagram profile. Just click the bar graph icon in the upper right corner of the profile to access it Details on Instagram URL, then navigate to the Audience label.

Details on Instagram

Here, you'll find the day and time of the day your readers interact and are most active on Instagram. When you see discrepancies in activity levels, you should schedule content posting to appear consistently in that window!

You can also plan to post a regular series or a themed post at rush hours or based on the date you have scheduled. For example: Airbnb cleverly posting a story #ThreeTranslation on Instagram every Tuesday, while Beats by Dre posts weekly with #InstitementFirst Weeks this week so their followers can instantly read it when it's time for the weekend.

Plan frequent series or articles by topic

A small change can make a big difference in the number of your Instagram followers, as well as larger business goals such as improving online sales and link click traffic.

Provide content for your readers Instagram stories are better by monitoring your navigation metrics

The content you post on Instagram stories (videos and images linked together like an image gallery to tell a certain story on Instagram) should serve your readers in a certain way. It must be something they desire to see and be able to use as a resource, or a source of inspiration. And the only way to know if you're doing that is to follow your Instagram Stories analysis.

Navigation indicators such as click-forward, back-and-forth can help you understand how your readers interact and care about the content on your Instagram Stories. Plus, you can define how different content works together, from which you can easily create, plan and post to your Instagram Stories.

To find the Instagram Stories analysis, go to any Instagram story directly or click the 'clock' icon in the upper right corner of your profile to access the archive of posts on Instagram Stories .

From Story, swipe up to see your analytics. The eye icon will show you how many people view your post, while the bar icon will go into details of the actions the viewer took when viewing your story.

Analyze stories on Instagram

If you notice a high bounce rate on your Instagram Stories, it could be a signal that your readers are indifferent to your latest post, so you should focus on quality rather than quantity. post.

However, if you notice a consistent click in your story, that could be an indication that your audience is really engaged and wants to see more content from you!

The key to getting there right on Instagram Stories is to open it to test different types of content, but you should always remember to check and track navigation metrics.

If you don't know how your readers respond, you won't know what might work for them in the future.

Time Out London follow a similar format each time they promote their website content with Instagram Stories.

With a clear beginning, middle and end story, they can pinpoint where and when people navigate through their Instagram Stories. In addition, they can identify the effectiveness of referrals and calls to action.

Clear slide slides

For brands and businesses that start creating content for Instagram Stories, a simple format like this can help you track your navigation metrics and focus on what content topics do. work for your readers.

Create stronger IGTV content by tracking audience retention rates

Many brands and businesses still have doubts about IGTV (Instagram's standalone video app) - especially with so much time, energy and money being invested in Instagram Stories!

The important thing is that you find content that attracts readers from start to finish. IGTV has shown that influencers and personalities succeed on Instagram, when they use the forum to share more about their daily lives.

For example, a fashion blogger’s 7-minute house tour video Chiara Ferragni on IGTV gained 4 million views in the first month of its debut, because it brought out the intimacy, revealed her life and only intended to increase the interest and loyalty of her followers. .

But businesses are also responding to the vertical video movement trend of 2020, while taking into account the human interest perspective will prove the channel's popularity.

Sports radio channel Whistle Sports upload videos to IGTV almost every day and gain a loyal following. For their viewers, the series "No Holidays" is by far the most popular. 3-5 minute videos featuring emerging teen sports stars can reach 2 million views and hundreds of comments!

There are no holidays in the IGTV video series

If your goal is to create more featured video content by 2020, you need to keep in mind which content is most relevant to your audience, and Insight on Instagram provides unique analytics data that can help. Useful for videos on your IGTV.

For example, your audience retention rate on IGTV shows the number of people who watched your video to the end of your video - you can even see a graph showing the time when people swiped (instead of watching it all) the video. your.

Similarly, the average percentage of views is a valuable indicator of how well readers interact throughout your video. Even if viewers are fast-forwarding or just watching part of the video, the average view percentage helps you understand how useful or compelling the content is.

To find the index on your IGTV, click on any live video on IGTV to see the three vertical dots at the bottom of the screen. Click that icon to open a list of options - select View Insights.

In that section, there will be a series of analytics for your video, including the number of viewers, likes, comments and the average percentage of your video views.

IGTV figures

This is a great metric to set relevant goals - for example, you can find a way to improve your average view percentage by a certain percentage in a quarter of the rate above equals how to test different types of content, topics, and formats.

Drive traffic to your business by tracking link click rates

Instagram limits how and where you can use links to drive traffic to an external website. This can be a real hurdle for brands and businesses that want to improve their website traffic.

For that reason, you should focus on Instagram click-through rate controlled from the swipe-up (see more) feature of your Instagram Stories and links in your profile if you want more people to visit your business website. business or online store.

If you see a drop in link click rates from your Instagram Stories, you might consider improving the style of story designs to draw attention to the call-to-action swipe up (to see links to the page. web).

Even the addition of ‘swipe up’ stickers in Instagram's GIF (File Format) library helps you get noticed. Brands like Away and Outdoor Voices have included some hilarious but very subtle GIFs in their Instagram Stories design to draw attention to their written call to action.

Instagram swipe up the sticker to attract attention

But that's often not enough, you should maintain a balance between encouraging followers to swipe up and promote sales.

Instead, think about what content you will provide to your users on Instagram Stories and the benefits they will gain by clicking on your link. Some accounts want to give a "preview" or ask questions on Instagram Stories with the answers shared in the swipe-up link.

Lululemon use their swipe-up links to be effective when sharing workout videos in Instagram Stories; they set specific expectations about what viewers will achieve by following the link.

In this case, the link leads to a 20-minute exercise hosted on the Lululemon website, meeting the original purpose of the Instagram Stories post set out for viewers.

If you ensure that your post click experience is right, conducive to viewers and contains great content, you will build a better relationship with your followers and be more likely to They will then click the link next time.

Build relationships with your followers

Regularly check your Instagram Stories analytics - from a running story or story archive, simply swipe up to find your analytics.

Under the Interactions line, you will see the Link Click metrics - it's a good idea to write down this metric because the story will disappear after 24 hours, that way, you can take note of it all. interactions within that time frame.

Check out the stories on Instagram regularly

Here, you can also find indicators of the number of people who have visited your Profile page from the story you posted and the number of people who continue to click on the link in your profile.

If you find that the refusal to click or the level of clicking on that link is low, think about updating the content related to your profile. Even a simple core description of what readers can expect to find at that link, like "shop the entire collection," or "click on free shipping", can encourage People click on your link.

Example: Instagram's profile Adobe Photoshop Constantly updated with a new link. And each time, the content is reviewed to give readers a quick ad about what they will learn or experience when clicking on the link.

Adobe Photoshop

Want to learn more about that particular profile link? Check out Lyn's post about Instagram profile linking tools.


Whatever your goal on Instagram in 2020, the content and marketing strategy can be greatly enhanced by following your Instagram analytics.

So before you start making content for the next quarter or even next week, take some time to review and follow the stats on Instagram and you'll get results soon!

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