3 top Backlink analysis tools for SEOer / Blogger

What is the best tool for checking backlink data?

You will see articles listing dozens of different backlink analysis tools. And, while lists are comprehensive, they are not organized in a way that allows you to easily determine which tool is best for specific use cases or the entire backlink analysis process.

The truth is:

Some good tools for selecting competitor link profiles and others for Audit backlinks.

But, the BEST backlink checker tool can handle it all. I listed below.

What a good backlink analysis tool should look for?

  • Your audit tool will provide a list of both incoming and outgoing links so you can know if your latest additions are appropriate.
  • Anchortext Analysis - The text containing the link to your website must be an online context for both your website and the linked site. If anchor text is linked via irrelevant keywords, it probably won't increase your reputation.
  • In addition, a good link auditor will detect low quality directory links, spam and negative SEO.

Top 1: Ahrefs - An indispensable tool in my toolkit

I will keep things simple in this tutorial and use only Ahrefs known to have the best affiliate data in the industry.

First, enter the site into Site Explorer and perform some basic analysis.

Everything in this section requires nothing but the Overview report (ie the report you see after importing a page into Site Explorer).

Preliminary application of Ahrefs can bring you

#first. See how your backlink profile compares to competitors

Let's start with the absolute basics and answer a simple question: how many backlinks and referring domains do you point to your website?

These numbers may seem quite large at first glance, and, if you see similar numbers for your website, it may be enough to provide a small ego. However, unless you compare these numbers with competitors, they won't tell you much.

So let's do it. Here are the same statistics for Moz blogs:

Majestic blog:

#2. Look at the rate of backlink growth over time and compare this with competitors

Like, have we built continuous links over the years? Have things been flat for a while? Do our competitors have links faster than we do? Take a look at the interactive referral domain chart to find out.

This chart is cumulative, meaning the number of referring domains linking to us continues to increase over time, which is good.

# 3. Identify SEO attacks by shooting dirty backlinks

Everything is quite simple with our referring domain chart; We get the links at a consistent pace and no major spikes (or drops) over the years.

# 4. Look for signs of Anchortext Spam (important)

Most people will naturally link to you using branded anchor text.

If you see something abnormal from Anchortext pointing to the website, it means that you are being watched by the public with bad Anchortext 🙂

2nd tool: Majestic

Majestic offers a free account for anyone who registers with an email address, which comes with a very limited set of tools.

The preview of the website explorer is free, enter the URL you choose, and you'll immediately be provided with a full dashboard of backlink stats. However, you will need to register to see the full range of statistics, including any valid backlink quality metrics.

Majestic There are certain advantages, such as the ability to plug in some tools for further analysis. This is not a complete SEO service and so you can end up paying a decent amount for a tool focused entirely on backlinks.

Below, you can view the Summary tab. This is a snapshot of the topical links and citation streams. From there, you can access other tabs and see lost links, Anchortext, and referring domains.

My worth reading article about research from Majestic for PBN

3rd tool: Google Search Console - Webmaster level

Google's analytics center, Google Search Console, is a simple link analysis and testing tool. This is not the first thing you think of when you are doing backlink analysis, but this option might work if you have a budget or don't want to use another tool.

Doing an audit backlink through GSC is 100% free, but that's the most labor-intensive approach on this list.

You do this by first logging in Google Search Console. Then click Search network traffic and links on your network.

In the image below, you will see a list of the most linked sites. Open the full list of domain names and download the table.

You will get the full URL in different columns.

While GSC doesn't come with all the colorful charts and graphs you'll find with Monitor Backlinks or Majestic, performing regular audits will make it easy to do research on backlinks of yourself.

Finally, all of these tools give users the ability to get backlink details.

And you already know how to apply these backlink analysis tools to apply to Link building strategy (Link Building) for yourself yet?

Nguyen Diep

My name is Nguyen Manh Cuong. I was born in a poor village in Ba Vi district, HA NOI province - windy and sunny land. Currently

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