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Practicing to master a skill is probably the most boring and arduous period. Perhaps this is also the reason why we are attracted to the topics of lightning success.

For jazz musicians, the time to study theory and perfect the style of playing music is strongly expressed in the concept of "woodshedding": "Humility is essential, just like you need to cut wood before setting fire."

However, the above concept has a broader meaning than training. You need to dig deep inside, voluntarily obey discipline, focus on music. In the beginning, we will find practice boring.

Professional jazz composers understand that what they are doing also has "philosophical or religious things". John Coltrane practiced incessantly, defining himself as a spiritual principle.

Marsalis (famous jazz musician in the US) also mentioned a religious aspect in his writing: “When you practice, it means you are willing to sacrifice to improve. Spending time practicing is a professional ethic of a musician. ”

Practicing to become sports is a boring and arduous process. But "be patient, the good will come to those who both strive and wait".

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Nearly 12 ways to practice Marsalis are very effective, he asserts that "it applies to almost every activity, from music, sports to learning ...".

Therefore, let us learn about 12 ways to practice a skill of this famous music composer!


#first. Seeking guidance (seeking teachers)

When we first start, it is easy to fall into a state of "wandering around like a joke", not knowing where to start or not knowing what to do next.

If you find it difficult and find yourself unable to practice alone, look for mentors who will help you feel secure and go faster.

The instructor does not need to be the best but must be someone who knows how to pass on knowledge and fire to you. A good instructor will help you understand the goals of the training and show you the easiest and most effective way to practice.

#2. Write down your schedule

Marsales asserts that quality training is just as important as regular training. Writing a schedule will help you find a quality time to focus on practicing throughout the day.

Do not forget to mark important knowledge and spend time reviewing. In any skill, the basic knowledge is the complementary foundation for more complex knowledge.

# 3. Set short-term goals

Like writing a schedule, setting short-term goals will help you manage your time and development progress more effectively.

However, during practice, it is difficult to achieve the results as the original goal set.

But don't be in a hurry, just take it easy, if necessary, set your short-term goals again. You need to understand that we are in the training phase, not the deadline to achieve the results.

# 4. Concentrate

Spending 10 minutes of concentration practice is more effective than spending 60 minutes plowing in boredom and drowsiness. Important is quality, not quantity.

Focusing means that there is nothing distracting you like Facebook, Zalo, messages, friends, ... Everything is just you and what you are doing. If you find it hard to concentrate, it's normal because concentration needs practice too.

# 5. Relax and practice slowly

Don't rush yourself, give yourself time. Rome was not built in a day and the Covid epidemic - 19 could not be put out in one night.

The first time may take longer than you think, so slowly and gradually increase the speed faster.

# 6. Make time for the difficult parts

Don't be afraid to face your own incomplete parts. Take the time to practice things you can't do yet.

Practicing effectively means improving your shortcomings. It is not easy to face your own shortcomings, but if you bravely face and improve it, you will be very proud of yourself.

# 7. Practice with expressions

You may struggle to focus on playing techniques, but do not forget to add your attitude, emotions, and personality into it.

Practice everything with the "style" you think is right. If you're learning to play the guitar, add an "adventure" expression to your music style.

#8. Learn from failure

No one is perfect, so feel free to feel you're not doing well. If you realize that you are not doing well, analyze clearly where it is not, thinking about how to do it again and try again will help you learn many new things.

# 9. Be modest

When I just played a piece of music, I was very happy and wanted to run to show off the neighbors.

But my father said that "Darling, those who play the piano because they want to get praised, they only get it when they play.".

When you pursue tricks to gain recognition, you're just lying to yourself and others.

#ten. There is a stance

Success or failure depends on the ability to handle the situation, so do not live like a robot. Think independently, be confident, uphold your opinion, and develop your own judgment.

# 11. Be optimistic

Optimism will help you overcome your shortcomings and do better next time. You will have more endurance because an optimistic attitude will help you see things are going better in the front.

#twelfth. Search for links

If you self-discipline to acquire a certain skill, that discipline will support you in many other areas as well. The more you find the relationship between seemingly unrelated things, the wider your world will be.

The above are 12 ways to help you perfect your skills. Whether you want to learn a foreign language, cook or learn to communicate, persistence in practicing is the key to opening your doors to success.

I really like the views of Marsales: "Quality training is just as important as regular training. ”.

When you are patient and devoted, you will get a reward for what you have given. You just haven't received it yet, rest assured! You will not lose.

Lastly, I wish you the skills you want soon!

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