10 good quality and cheap VPS for Wordpress. Compare 2020 details

If you're a web developer, app developer, or newcomer to the small resources that come with shared storage, unmanaged VPS SSD storage can save you the whole day.

There are 2 types of VPS you need to know VPS Unmanaged and VPS Managed

These are the best unmanaged VPS hosting companies, fast, cheap and reliable.

First, before comparing the facts, a few things you should know:

  • All suppliers are reliable. They have been in business for many years, they are very professional and they all have great reviews. We have to point this out because there are so many new hosting providers that are extremely cheap, but won't work offline after a few months from launch.
  • Not all of them are a true cloud provider. Most of them are only KVM / Xen virtualized VPS and allow hourly payment. They only use the cloud online as a marketing term. Anyway, more about this in another article.
  • All hosting packages include full root access (SSH).
  • You can choose your operating system / distribution. Most of them are only for Linux (for example: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian ...)
  • All are easy to use and have a VPS dashboard where you can upgrade your server with just one click. Setting up and provisioning a server will take no more than a minute. Some of them have 1-click installation solutions for applications like WordPress, Magento, etc.
  • Cheap does not mean low quality!

Comparison: the cheapest VPS

Ok, so now we will start with the packages storage

Linode$ 51 GB25 GB1 TBfirstFree $ 20
Vultr$ 2.50512 MB10 GB500 GBfirstFree $ 100
UpCloud$ 51 GB25 GB1 TBfirstFree $ 25
DigitalOcean$ 51 GB25 GB1 TBfirstFree $ 100
Ramnode$ 3.50256 MB8 GB1 TBfirstGo to the Home page
Dreamhost$ 4.50512 MB80 GBInfinitefirst100 GB free block storage
Kamatera$ 41 GB20 GB5 TBfirst30 day trial
ZAP-Hosting$ 4.272 GB25 GBInfinite220% for life
OVH$ 4.472 GB10 GBInfinitefirstAnnual bill discounted
Amazon LightSail$ 3.50512 MB20 GB1 TBfirstGet a free $ 3.5 plan for a month
Hostwinds$ 51 GB20 GB1 TBfirstDiscount 25% for life
Luna Node$ 102 GB50 GB2 TBfirst20% at a time
IO Zoom$ 51 GB20 GB1 TBfirstDiscount 50% for the first month
Skysilk$ 2512 MB10 GB500 GBfirst$ 10 free credit
Interserver$ 62 GB30 GB1 TBfirst$ 0.01 for the first month
ServerPoint$ 51 GB30 GB2 TBfirstDiscount 7% for life

Conclusion: which one is best for WordPress

  • Cheapest price, should test: Cloud Cone
  • Highest SSD performance: Upcloud
  • Maximum CPU performance: # 1 is Linode, # 2 is Vultr
  • The most secure: Amazon Lightsail

Which VPS is the best overall in every way?

You can always try it for free. Most of them have free trials by other users through credits, coupons or free money back guarantees. Linode and Vultr seem to be leading the pack in all categories (price, reliability, performance, reviews).

If you are new to VPS, which VPS should you choose?

As a new user of VPS to administer a WordPress website, priority should be given to it easy to use

Posts worth reading:

All four leading suppliers, such as Linode, Vultr, Upcloud and Digital Ocean, are the market leaders in this segment.

If you want to administer a WordPress website with a VPS, it is fully secure. Learn how to use large cloud platforms like

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Micosoft Azure

These giant vendors have systems that are suitable for their systems, for example, Amazon Web Services has Amazon Cloudfront (CDN), Elastic Load Balancing (Load Balancer), Amazon S3 (Storage) ...

Further reading:

Have you tried any of them? Do you have a proposal for another provider? Leave a comment below and share your experience

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