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There are nearly ... 100% of hosting services in Vietnam advertised as providing Cloud Hosting, Cloud VPS!

What is Cloud HostingThere is no shock because there are currently no organizations that certify or go to certify Cloud Hosting, Cloud VPS or Cloud Server.

Is deploying Cloud Hosting service really simple enough that anyone can provide it but that?

Where is the truth, where is the advertising between hundreds of hosting services on domestic and foreign markets?

VHW shares its experience to help you learn What is Cloud Hosting?

A. What is cloud hosting?

Cloud Hosting is a server-based deployment service Cloud Computing - Cloud computing.

When talking about Cloud Hosting, usually talking about Shared Hosting packages created on Cloud Server - Cloud virtual server.

To understand the difference between Cloud Hosting and Traditional Hosting, you need to understand Cloud Server and its advantages:

What is Cloud Server? Models - Technology & Features

Is Cloud Hosting difficult?

Shared Hosting Cloud Hosting is not as complicated as deploying Cloud Server.

Viettel Cloud ServerBecause you do not need to invest in deploying the Cloud Server system, you just need to hire Cloud Server and install the operating system & software to create and manage Shared Hosting on it - Cloud Hosting is available immediately.

Currently in Vietnam, corporations such as Viettel and FTP all provide Cloud Servers services on international standard Datacenter (Tier 3) in Hanoi, Binh Duong and Ho Chi Minh City.

  • You can rent cloud virtual servers from Viettel IDC, VNG IDC, ... for a few million / month and install an operating system for Hosting service CloudLinux to deploy Cloud Hosting.
  • More advanced, you can rent Bare-metal Cloud Server of SoftLayer (IBM Cloud) and install CloudLinux OS and self-deploy.

But the quality of Cloud Hosting is not always good - 100% uptime and safe as Ads because it depends on:

  1. Quality of Cloud Server containing Cloud Hosting packages (shared hosting)
  2. Technologies used to deploy Hosting packages on that Cloud Server
  3. Density of Hosting packages on Cloud Server

Technologies for deploying Cloud Hosting

There are many forms of hosting services on Cloud Server, from advanced forms to popular technologies.

VPS-based Cloud Hosting

VPS-based Cloud Hosting is Hosting created directly on Cloud VPS Advanced virtualization technology - hardware based KVM / Xen / VMware ESXi ..,

VPS-based Cloud Hosting

The provider will integrate features & technologies to help customers easily install & use on their own Control Panel instead of using the command line interface like VPS.

This type of cloud hosting has the same power as VPS, easier to use because it has its own Control Panel and can be further optimized by advanced acceleration and security technologies that VPS service itself is not available.

For example, Managed Cloud service of Cloudways. We will find out later!

Linux Container-based Cloud Hosting

Linux Container-based Cloud Hosting is a type of hosting deployed on Cloud Server virtual servers based on Linux container technology - Deployment technology Virtualization at the Operating System level most popular today.

Linux ContainerThe provider will either hire Cloud Server or self-deploy the Cloud Server system, then will provide Cloud Hosting packages as a Container on Cloud Server.

Each container operates independently, limited in resource usage similar to a small Cloud VPS package.

The vendor will deploy features and technologies to help customers install - manage easily with their own Control Panel.

The strength of Container-based Cloud Hosting is not equal to VPS-based Cloud Hosting because each hosting package (Linux container) is not allocated its own hard resources like the hardware-based virtualization method used in VPS-based hosting.

Compared to conventional Shared Hosting, Container-based Cloud Hosting still has superior strength and stability because of deploying on Cloud Server.

Services using this technology are Kinsta, SiteGround Cloud Hosting, DreamHost Cloud, Flywheel ... all of the big guys!

CloudLinux Hosting

CloudLinux Hosting is a hosting service that uses CloudLinux Operating System to deploy shared hosting packages, applying the same technology as OpenVZ VPS but can be deployed on regular servers or Cloud Server.

CloudLinux This is a type of Cloud Hosting service colon giang hai on domestic and foreign markets. Although it may be Cloud Hosting by nature or just as 'like' Cloud Hosting.

One thing Hosting providers 'abuse' is the term Cloud, most saying that CloudLinux is the operating system for cloud computing.

But CloudLinux can deploy on cloud server or traditional server.

What is CloudLinux?

CloudLinux is a paid operating system, based on CentOS and using an editing kernel from the OpenVZ kernel. CloudLinux is optimized for services that provide shared hosting.

Using a modified version of OpenVZ kernel, which allows CloudLinux to emulate technology similar to OpenVZ, CloudLinux calls it technology Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE) - or Lean Virtualization Environment.

What is CloudLinux

Each hosting package will operate similar to a Linux container, so CloudLinux has features that traditional Shared Hosting (usually using CentOS OS) does not have:

  • Environment independent: hosting packages on the same server are separated independently to protect and prevent the impact when some hosting packages have problems.
  • Limit resources per hosting package: CloudLinux supports setting resource limits for each hosting package. Avoid taking up resources that exceed the allocated limit. CloudLinux also helps control activities related to resource consumption.
  • High performance: the management of the usage resources of the hosting packages helps the performance of the server always be guaranteed, not overloaded like traditional hosting
  • Security: an independent environment that helps hosting packages to avoid cross-infection attacks - a problem of traditional shared hosting.
  • Backward compatible: CloudLinux is based on CentOS, so traditional shared hosting providers switch from CentOS to CloudLinux extremely easily.

CloudLinux OS is being used by low-cost Shared Hosting providers to bring their services to the cloud.

But Hosting quality of these services is not always good:

  • One is that they use CloudLinux to deploy shared hosting on traditional servers, low performance, poor availability.
  • Second, install CloudLinux on Cloud Server but the quality of Cloud Server they rent (or set up) is not high.
  • Thirdly, they use CloudLinux with high-end Cloud Server (eg Google) but create too many shared hosting packages (containers) so the actual resources of each hosting package are very low.

Hosting deployed with CloudLinux is similar to VPS OpenVZ, the published resources are only limited (Fake Resources), and the actual resources that can be used depend on the number of hosting packages created on the server, the more you create the less resources are used.

B. The best Cloud Hosting service today

VHW would like to introduce the best Cloud Hosting services currently on the market, the services actually deployed on Cloud Server, not just using CloudLinux and then called cloud hosting.

And, from high-end (Cloudways ...) to affordable budget (HawkHost, AZDIGI).

1. Cloudways - Best Managed Cloud Hosting

Cloudways is Managed Cloud Hosting service which is most appreciated in the high-end hosting market today.

Cloudways hostingCloudways model is also unique, providing Managed Hosting directly on Cloud VPS packages of Google, Amazon, Vultr, Linode and DigitalOcean.

In terms of strength, Cloudways Hosting is identical to high-end Cloud VPS, but they turn it into Managed Hosting by installing & managing features with Control Panel, allowing customers to use VPS as easily as using cPanel Hosting.

Cloudways ThunderStack

Cloudways builds its own technology solution to optimize speed - security for services - called ThunderStack:

  • Apache - uses Apache as a Webserver, taking advantage of Apache's flexibility over Nginx
  • Nginx - uses Nginx for stactic cache, which helps to speed up and reduce the load
  • Using PHP-FPM and MySQL / MariaDB: the specialized couple on VPS
  • Integrating 3 advanced caching acceleration technologies: Redis, Varnish Cache and Memcached
  • Integrated Firewall, Cloudways CDN & lots of security features, acceleration & 24/24 monitoring.

Advantages of Cloudways

  • Cloudways Hosting quality is the true quality of the VPS package you choose + the advanced optimization technologies integrated by Cloudways itself.
  • Cloudways is the easiest to use high-end VPS, they manage and support everything for customers.
  • For those who like to play, you also have deep access to VPS like regular VPS packages.
  • Because you own VPS of Google, Amazon, Vultr ... you can install as many websites as you like, the parameters are limited by the VPS package you choose, and Cloudways is not limited at all.
  • Cloudways offers a 3-day trial, just register your email, no need to provide payment information or a VISA card.

Cloudways Hosting costs

Cloudways is Managed Hosting, so in addition to VPS pricing, you have to pay for the support - management and proprietary technologies of Cloudways. So the price of each package is double that of the original VPS package from Google, Amazon, Vultr ...

This cost is really very cheap for users who are inexperienced or want to run Websites on high-end VPS without having to do anything related to technical usage or optimization:

Premium Cloudways Hosting

Promotion Cloudways Hosting

In the Black Friday 2019 season, Cloudways Hosting has a 40% discount for the first 3 months, it is worth to experience the world's No. 1 Cloud Hosting service:

Promotion Cloudways Hosting

Rival of Cloudways Hosting

The technology of deploying Hosting directly on 3rd party VPS of Cloudways is a breakthrough in the high-end hosting market, so there are not many direct competitors.

If we take into account the high-end hosting market segment for WordPress, then Cloudways may be a little shy WordPress VIP, the Automattic Managed WordPress Hosting service is limited to Automattic (WP owner) and another competitor is WP Engine.

2. Kinsta - Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress

Kinsta is the most popular name in the WordPress Managed Hosting market since 2018.

Despite being born only 2 years ago, Kinsta has a tremendous growth speed, now they are the service with the closest quality to Cloudways (Cloudways not only provides Hosting for WP).

Features of Kinsta Managed Hosting

Kinsta deploys service infrastructure based on three main weapons:

  1. Using high-end server infrastructure of Google Cloud - Google Compute Engine (GCE), with new generation Compute-Optimized (C2) VMs with dozens of billion-dollar Datacenter spreading around the world.
  2. Use Google's most advanced Network infrastructure - Premium Tier Network, for speed and stability superior to the Standard Tier Network.
  3. Deploy Cloud Hosting using LXC - LXD (Linux Container) technology, similar to OpenVZ VPS, however, each Kinsta Website will create a separate container, for performance and security better than VPS OpenVZ.

In addition, similar to Cloudways, Kinsta also builds its own technologies, supports Control Panel for users to install & use easily. Accompanied by technology that is built-in to optimize speed, security, scan malicious code ...

Compare Kinsta vs Cloudways

Kinsta was born a few years after Cloudways, and chose a technology solution including Google's Cloud Server + Container-based Hosting.

However, the quality, stability and support for both products are difficult to achieve. Just some of the different details are as follows:

  • Cloudways is essentially VPS, so there is no limit to the number of Websites per package and traffic. And Kinsta uses Linux Container technology, so they limit the number of Website, Traffic (Monthly Visits)
  • The power of Cloudways Hosting is the power of the premium VPS package you choose, and Kinsta Hosting depends on the actual resources that each Container is used. In general, Cloudways Hosting will be stronger than Kinsta if considered the same price.
  • Kinsta is easier to use, because Hosting technology is implemented on the virtualization level at the LXC / LXD operating system level, the management tools - supporting features are easier than deploying Hosting right on VPS packages. of Cloudways.
  • Kinsta technical support is better, because they only provide WordPress hosting so all features are almost built-in, users do not need to manipulate much.

Kinsta Price - Managed Cloud Hosting

Because of its ease of use - optimal integration for WordPress and the Cloud Cloud of Google Cloud, Kinsta has a higher price than the VPS Vultr, Linode, DO packages of Cloudways.

Kinsta also does not support Free Trial 3 days seniors:

Kinsta Hosting price

Opponents of Kinsta Managed Hosting

In the same segment and deployment technology (Linux Container), Kinsta's main rival is Flywheel (now acquired by WP Engine).

However, in terms of quality and optimal technologies for WP, Kinsta is still better than Flywheel.

3. SiteGround Cloud Hosting

SiteGround is a company from Bulgaria, they are the most popular Shared Hosting brand for WordPresss in the world 10 years ago.

SiteGround Cloud Hosting

SiteGround is not the strongest - quite expensive but their reputation lies in the quality always guaranteed & great support.

In the high-end Hosting segment for WordPress, SiteGround is still popular with users, while big competitors like DreamHost, BlueHost, .. are no longer among the prestige as in the past.

Cloud Hosting is a new service of SiteGround, to serve the high performance & traffic needs of loyal customers.IBM Cloud Server SoftLayerof them.

Similar to Kinsta, Flywheel, SiteGround deploy Cloud Hosting with Linux container technology, but they use the Cloud Server of SoftLayer - the world's largest Datacenter IaaS provider (now renamed to IBM Cloud after selling to IBM for 2 a).

The Managed Cloud Hosting packages at SiteGround have very high resources, and are integrated with their renowned acceleration technologies, not limited to Traffic like other Hosting Services of SiteGround:

SiteGround Cloud Hosting

In general, SiteGround's service quality is always very high, in the traditional Hosting segment they still retain excellent quality. And Cloud Hosting, with a high price, is mainly for loyal customers of SiteGround.

4. HawkHost Cloud Hosting

HawkHost is the cheapest Hosting service Vietnamese users like for many years. The price is very cheap, usually not limited to Websites or other parameters.

The great thing about HawkHost is that they are very supportive and cute. They also regularly launch great promotions, regardless of old or new customers like most other services.

In early 2019, HawkHost also started deploying a part of Shared Hosting packages to Cloud Computing platform.

HawKhost Cloud Hosting

If only run the Small website, light code and moderate traffic No vendors currently have price / quality compared to HawkHost.

Perhaps this is just the preparation stage, so the cost of Cloud Hosting is still equivalent to the traditional Shared Hosting packages.Cloud Hosting by Hawkhost

HawkHost Cloud Shared Hosting also uses SoftLayer Cloud Server (Hong Kong - Singapore, Los Angeles) and runs on CloudLinux operating system.

5. AZDIGI Turbo Cloud Hosting

In 2019, Thach Pham's hosting company also deploys old Shared Hosting packages (Standard Hosting) on ​​Cloud Server under the name Turbo Cloud Hosting.

AZDIGI Turbo Cloud uses Cloud IDC (Binh Duong) Cloud Server and is deployed with CloudLinux OS.

Similar to HawkHost Cloud Hosting, AZDIGI's Turbo Cloud Hosting also has the capacity to meet small and medium sites, light shops, etc.

Reference: Rating AZDIGI - Turbo Cloud Hosting


In addition to the 5 services detailed above, in each segment of high-end - middle, general & affordable there are many other quality services, but not too outstanding.

VHW also reminds that the use of CloudLinux OS does not mean that the service is Cloud Hosting. So to choose true Cloud Hosting service, it is best to consult the community.

Explore more:

Have fun!

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